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Fuzzy 5A

A technique where 5A is timed so that you will block against jump in attacks, and in the case where a jump in is not used (ie. double jump, empty jump low/throw etc.) 5A will come out

  • Loses to delayed jump in attacks (ie. Asuna j.236C, Kirito j.236X, etc) and moves with invuln upon landing

Fuzzy Jump

A technique where jump, then immediately crouch, is timed right when the opponent would throw

  • The input is 171
  • If the opponent throws, you will jump
  • If the opponent attacks, you will block
  • It is also possible to input 17BC1
    • If you mis-time the fuzzy jump and the opponent throws, you will tech the throw
    • If you do not mis-time the fuzzy jump you will get 7j.C
    • If the opponent attacks you will pushblock
  • Loses to staggers
  • A high risk/high return technique

Late-Stand Guard

A technique used to deal with multi-hit jump ins (Shana, Kirino, Yukina, characters in Trump State etc.)

  • Do not stand guard until right before you have to block the opponent's jump attack
  • If it is successful you will only have to block one jump attack, or the opponent's attack will whiff
  • Risky to attempt because if timed incorrectly you will eat a combo

4AC Throw OS

  • If the opponent throws, you will throw tech
  • If the opponent goes for 4AB, Trump will activate
  • If the opponent attacks, you will pushblock
  • You want to delay the input as long as possible because it will lose against delayed throw attempts
  • This OS costs a Trump Card so be weary when using it

4B~C Throw OS

Effect is similar to 4AC Throw OS, but will also catch opponents using jump to throw bait

  • In the case of 4AB clashing against 5B, you can Trump, AB, Blast, etc. on reaction
  • Very effective for characters with an anti-air 5B
  • Loses to frame traps


Used to deal with AB from the opponent

  • The input is A > A or B > AB (Standing or crouching attacks does not matter)
  • On hit or block you will get A > B
  • If the opponent uses AB you will get A > AB
  • With the proper resources and reactions, the opponent can punish the clash attempt with Ranbu, Combo Blast, or Trump Card

Safe Jump Ranbu OS

Used to deal with almost every reversal option in the game

  • The input is any jump normal > 63214BC
  • This OS does not work for any character with a j.214X attack
  • Against reversal AB the safe jump will clash and you will block the attack
  • Against reversal Power Blast, Red Trump Card, or backdash, you will get Ranbu (in the case of a Blue Trump Card the jump in will whiff)
  • An overall very safe OS, but costs 2 meter

Safe Jump AB OS

  • An alternative to the Ranbu OS mainly used for punishing reversal backdash
  • The input is any jump normal > 5AB
  • This will work for most 5ABs that have good horizontal range
  • For some characters with multi-hitting AB attacks, this OS can also be used against reversal Power Blast

Safe Jump Trump OS

  • Another variation of the Safe Jump OS, mainly used for punishing reversal Power Blast without 2 meter
  • The input is any jump normal > 5AC
  • Most effective when used with Red Trump Cards, but it's also possible to use Blue Trump Cards then 5AB
  • Does not work for Kirino
  • Slightly more riskier because if the opponent backdashes, depending on your character the Trump Card can whiff
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