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Universal Controls


Dash / Backdash - 6.gif6.gif / 4.gif4.gif

Standard dash/backdash. Dash type varies per character though all backdashes have frame 1 invulnerability.

Jump - 7.gif or 8.gif or 9.gif

Inputting 7, 8, or 9 on the ground will allow you to jump in that direction. Similar to Melty Blood, while in the air you can slightly alter your position by holding either 4 or 6. After jumping you cannot block for 11F

Quick Forward - 2.gif Then 8.gif or 9.gif

Inputting 1, 2, or 3 on the ground then quickly up to 8 or 9 will allow you to super jump. You jump at a much higher and wider arc. You can only super jump forward, and not neutral or backwards. Any super jump input will always move you forward.


DFC-A.png - Weak Attack

DFC-B.png - Medium Attack

DFC-C.png - Strong Attack

DFC-D.png - Support Action

Recovery - DFC-A.png/DFC-B.png/DFC-C.png

While being combo'd hold A or B or C to immediately recover the moment you leave hitstun. Has full invulnerability until you reach the ground, unless you do any action while in the air (attack, move, etc)

Combination - DFC-A.png>DFC-B.png>DFC-C.png

Every character can perform chain combinations going from Weak to Strong attacks. Generally you cannot use two attacks of the same strength in one string except 5A/2A

Quick Combination - DFC-A.png>DFC-A.png>DFC-A.png

Like UNIEL, an auto combo that goes from weak attacks into supers. Quick Combination is not treated as the same as regular normals, for example during Trump it's possible to use 2A > 5B > 5C > 5AAA

Throw - 4.gifDFC-C.png or 6.gifDFC-C.png

Standard throw. Whiffing throw causes your C normal to come out instead. To throw from a dash, you must first stop your dash by pressing 4.gif. You cannot tech a throw while crouching.

Impact Skill - DFC-A.png+DFC-B.png or 2.gifDFC-A.png+DFC-B.png

An attack with frame 1 guard point that is punishable when not cancelled into another move. This is the closest attack to a reversal aside Climax Arts or Trump Cards

Impact Break - 4.gifDFC-A.pngDFC-B.png (follow up on hit with DFC-A.png/DFC-B.png/DFC-C.png)

A universal overhead attack with guard point during startup (not frame 1) that can be followed up for combos. Pressing either A, B, or C after the first hit will follow up into an air launcher to extend combos. If pressed immediately, the screen zooms in and there is no proration deduction and if delayed there is no zoom in and a heavy combo proration. The follow up is very punishable on block when not confirmed properly.

Trump Card - DFC-A.png+DFC-C.png (consumes one Trump Card icon)

After it is activated, the icon will turn into a meter that slowly drains. During this time, all normals are jump cancellable and the normal restriction of Combinations no longer applies. Support Cancels require no meter and you no longer have an animation when calling assists, which means you can call assists in the air. A red Trump Card indicates that it is an attack and a blue icon indicates a buff to the character. All Trump Card are air unblockable (excluding Taiga and Kirino) and overheads (excluding Kirino, who has an unblockable attack). All Trump Cards also have frame 1 invincibility except to throws and are usually safe on block. If you use a Power Up Blast while a Trump Card is active it will increase the length of the Trump Card. You regain one icon when you lose a round

Extend Action - Hold DFC-A.png/DFC-B.png/DFC-C.png

Changes the property of an attack by holding the button, or pressing it again in some cases (specific to characters and buttons)

EX Special Move - Special Move+DFC-A.png+DFC-B.png

Stronger versions of your character’s special moves which cost 1 bar of meter

Climax Arts - Specific inputs+DFC-B.png+DFC-C.png

Powerful super moves that cost 2 bars of meter. You can input A+C once or twice during the super flash for increasingly stronger versions, which will also cost 1 Trump Card icon per extra input in addition to the 2 bars.

Support - DFC-D.png or 6.gifDFC-D.png

Calls your support character and assists you with various abilities. Each command performs a different attack. You can also cancel an attack into your Support which costs 1 meter

Reflection Action - DFC-A.pngDFC-B.pngDFC-C.png (any two while guarding)

A push block to gain space from your opponent that costs half a bar of meter per push block. Push blocking immediately before an air unblockable attack causes it to become air blockable

Blast - DFC-A.png+DFC-B.png+DFC-C.png (consumes Blast icon)

The burst mechanic of the game. The lower your health is the faster your Blast Gauge recharges. There are three types of blasts which can be used:
Power Up Blast - Used in neutral (not in hitstun, blockstun, or attacking) The strongest Blast type of the game, it temporarily increases attack and defensive power, refills health slowly, increases fill rate of the Climax Gauge, and gives you one bar of the Climax Gauge and an additional bar if it hits the opponent. It has full invincibility during activation but not during the recovery. The Blast Gauge recharges fastest after using this type
Combo Blast - Used during your attack, launches the opponent to allow for more diverse combos. Holding forward will send the opponent forward and causes wall bounce in the corner
Escape Blast - Used while in blockstun or hitstun. An unblockable and invincible blast that pushes your opponent away, halting their offense. The Blast Gauge recharges slowest after using this type

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Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax



ShanaAsunaMikoto MisakaKirino KosakaShizuo HeiwajimaKuroyukihimeTomoka MinatoKiritoMiyuki ShibaTaiga AisakaYukina HimeragiRentaro SatomiAkira YukiSelvaria Bles


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