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This page lists the various changes between the final version of Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax and the new revision, Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition.

Added System Mechanics

Blast Character

Aside from the Support Character, it is now possible to choose a separate character who will strengthen the Blast. At first, Power, Combo, or Escape Blast will be displayed for a character, but it is possible to change Blast type by pressing Start. The strengthened Blast type has a greatly increased range (in addition to a bigger hitbox Escape Blast also has the ability to beat Combo Blast when used at the same time, without an Escape Blast Character, Escape Blast will always lose to Combo Blast). When the Blast recovers, a cut-in of the selected character will appear. Essentially, the player’s preferred character will inform him when the Blast gauge has recovered (characters are purely superficial and have no effect on gameplay, it’s the Blast type that is important)


At the end of every round, both players choose between Player, Support, and Blast, and for the remaining rounds the selected type will be strengthened

Player Character

  • Attack damage increased by 3%
  • Defense increased by 7%
  • White damage restoration speed increased

Support Character

  • Support gauge restoration speed increased
  • Support call recovery reduced

Blast Character

  • The Blast gauge will automatically be recovered by 50%
  • If still recovering from an Escape Blast or use an Escape Blast afterwards, the restoration speed will be increased. The restoration speed is still slower compared to a Power or Combo Blast

Double Ignition

If the same Ignition type is selected 2 times, Double Ignition will occur. This is indicated by the Ignition icon turning from blue to red. In addition to the previous buffs, the player will receive even more buffs as well as the ability to strengthen his Climax Arts [outside of using Trump Cards]

Player Character

  • Attack damage increased by 7%
  • Defense increased by 10%
  • All normal attacks become jump cancellable
  • During the start-up of a Climax Arts, press and hold A+C to strengthen the attack
    • Costs 1 Trump Card

Support Character

  • Possible to call Support Characters even while in the air
    • Costs 1 meter
  • During the start-up of a Climax Arts, press S to strengthen the attack
    • Costs 1 meter and Support Gauge

Blast Character

  • During the start-up of a Climax Arts, press A+B+C to strengthen the attack
    • Costs Blast Gauge

Miscellaneous System Mechanic Changes

After using an Escape Blast, the recovery percentage will be displayed in red (signifies the restoration speed of the Blast gauge is decreased)

  • If a Blast Character is selected during Ignition, the display will return to white

If the player has a health disadvantage a light will appear at the end of the health bar (signifies the ability to Reflection Guard without the use of meter)

Support Potentials

Only certain assists are confirmed to have Support Potential, which is activated when you see a cut-in of your assist, and the activation requirement varies per assist. Maou, Asama, and other assists also have cut-ins, but do not give any specific Status Effects unlike the characters listed. Also unlike any other Potential there is no limit on how many times a Support Potential can be activated

  • Tatsuya 6S (Strengthens Climax Art automatically when 6S connects on either hit or block)
  • Boogiepop 6S (Gives about 65% of 1 meter during the start up)
  • Ilya 5S (2 bowls of food give Status Up Lv. 1 for 10 seconds, 3 bowls gives Status Up Lv. 3 for 10 seconds)
  • Ryuuji 5S (Obtain 3 items, Status Up Lv. 1 for 10 seconds)
  • Holo 6S (Standing within the circle gives Status Up Lv. 1 for 10 seconds)

Character Changes


  • Potential activation changed to hit the opponent with 10 attacks [Multi-hitting moves like 214X only counts the first hit towards the 10 attacks]
  • Damage output slightly decreased
  • Combo routes increased
  • The follow up hit of 2AB floats the opponent. Easier to combo afterwards


  • Dash speed increased
  • 5AB reach increased. The horizontal distance covered is longer


  • 2B is jump cancelable


  • Cattle Mutilation is now chargeable. When released at the right time you get a bonus message [purely superficial and does not add damage]
  • Potential activation changed to hit the opponent with a Trump Card (If the Trump does not connect, potential will not activate. Does not activate until after the 2nd hit)


  • 2A startup is faster
  • 5[C] floats the opponent on block
  • j[C] added
  • If 2AB is blocked, it is now possible to cancel into Trump or Blast
  • Normal throw leaves the opponent closer to Shizuo
  • 236AB now beats regular projectiles
  • 214C hits airborne opponents
  • 214X can now throw the opponent out of Trump
  • Cancel timing after 214X is earlier
  • 214B throws the opponent in the opposite direction they were in
  • 214C does not hit grounded opponents, only airborne
  • 214AB starts up before the screen turns dark
  • j236AB floats the opponent on block
  • 41236BC damage does not decrease even when the opponent is close to Shizuo
  • Ranbu is now invincible
  • Ranbu wallbounds and gives hard knockdown [wallbound places the enemy close to Shizuo]
  • Potential activation changed to hit the opponent two times with either 214X or Ranbu, damage increased by 10%


  • Dash speed increased during Mode Blue
  • Recovers health automatically during Mode Green
  • 41236BC during Mode Green is treated as a command throw (if outside of command throw range it is treated as a regular strike throw)


  • 5B vertical range increased, is able to clash against 4AB
  • 5C moves Tomoka forward
  • Potential activation changed to have all of Tomoka's teammates appear on screen at least once


  • The follow ups of Kirito’s special attacks changed while in Trump. It’s now possible to follow up after 5AB and 2AB as well
  • Potential activation changed to use 7 special attack follow ups while in Trump [not mentioned in the wiki, but Kirito’s potential also changed and now lengthens the amount of time during Trump state]


  • 214AB and j214AB number of hits changed. Possible to combo off air hit
  • 236X now able to OTG
  • 2[C] added, wall bounds on hit


  • 2C changed from a mid to a low
  • 2B is jump cancelable
  • After air dashing, Miyuki retains all air options, or can use an additional air movement between moving upward, downward, forward, and backward


  • Can jump three times (cannot block after the third jump)


  • It is possible for Trump attributes to stack. In addition to faster movement, defense values are also lowered when stacked


  • 66B distance decreased (round start 66B does not reach the opponent)


  • Extend Action added after 236X (excluding 236AB) Each button corresponds to 214X attacks
  • 214A untechable time increased. No changes to Extend Action version
  • Potential activation changed to use Trump. Unlike Kirino, it is not required to hit the opponent

Assist Changes

A universal change to all counter type assists is if a counter assist successfully counters, the cooldown time is reduced. In addition, the original cooldown time seems to have been increased. Characters not mentioned are assumed to have remained the same from the previous version.


  • 5S tracks the opponent
  • The time required for both 5S and 6S to always come out has been shortened


  • Kuroneko turning into Kamineko during 6S now has a fixed probability.
  • Counter range increased


  • 5S damage increased
  • 6S will always appear within the screen


  • 5[S] added. Applies a marker on the opponent, when the opponent is hit Haruyuki will automatically attack.
  • Does not have the ability to deny the opponent’s assist call like Enju


  • 5S startup is slightly faster
  • 5S launches the opponent upward and is air techable
  • When 6S hits against airborne opponents, it seems to float slightly lower than before


  • 5S untechable time increased
  • 6S damage increased. On block it deals 500 damage, and 1500 white damage
  • During the startup of 6S, you gain about 65% of 1 meter [Boogiepop’s Support Potential]


  • Changing into Demon form now only requires to hit the opponent once, or twice on block

Innocent Charm

  • Restraint time increased when hit by either 5S or 6S [Cannot block, and defensive option is limited only to Escape Blast]
  • 6S cooldown time decreased


  • 5[S] added
  • Appears behind the opponent and walks towards him and attacks exactly like 5S [However the attack does not have a hitbox unless the opponent is already in hitstun]


  • 6S cooldown time increased


  • 5S startup decreased.
  • Both 5S and 6S cause hard knockdown.
  • The amount of cats that travel back and forth from 6S increased from one to two.
  • They will travel to the edge of the screen behind the player and turn around, then travel to the other end of the stage


  • 5S stays out for a longer period of time
  • After 6S comes out, Erio returns again after leaving the screen (does not attack again)
  • Once Erio returns on screen, if the player hits her with his own attack, she’ll attack again (Can repeat up to 3 times)


  • When hit by 5S, the opponent's options are restricted to throw teching, blocking, and Escape Blast. The opponent is susceptible to command throws [and any other unblockables such as Kirino’s 41236BC]
  • The range of 6S is greatly increased, now hits against airborne opponents


  • The time it takes for Ryuuji to leave the screen when using 5S has been shortened drastically, the item is also guaranteed to appear after startup


  • 6S cooldown time increased


  • 6S cooldown time increased


  • If the opponent is hit while Last Order is out during 5S, she’ll disappear
  • The opponent can air tech after the last bounce of 6S


  • The attack portion of 5S is now slower
  • If the counter is triggered by an A attack, it is possible to recover and block [still dependent on speed of the attack]
  • 5S damage decreased
  • 6S cooldown time increased


  • 6S hitbox increased, now launches the opponent higher
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