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BX-02 Blodia


Blodia has a strong rushdown and mixup game that utilizes his 8 way air dash and power charge canceled normals, and the luxury of having a meterless invincible reversal option forces opponents to be a little more cautious when running their own offense than they might be against other VA's. His general attack patterns and combos are simple and easy to pick up, so he's a recommended VA for newer players that also offers some serious rewards for being a long time dedicated veteran.


  • High damage easy combos from lights.
  • Gameplan is simple, and the initial execution requirements are low. Easy to use character.
  • Strong triangle jump thanks to his 8 way air dash. This gives him good mixups and great okizeme options.
  • Meterless reversal that can be done even without his arm.
  • Can be relentless with pressure and mixups if he can control the pace of the match.
  • High skill ceiling top end. If you want to dedicate yourself as a Blodia specialist, there's payoffs for doing so.
  • Decent health, damage taken modifier is 1.00, as expected of the main character VA.


  • Can be easily zoned and can have a difficult time locking down other VA's from neutral.
  • While he does have a meterless reversal, it's very punishable on block, so many VA can do 50% on you for doing a bad one.
  • Only two Boosts in the air can make it difficult to keep up with more airborne VA's.
  • Very tall crouching hitbox makes him susceptible to instant overheads.


5L - Pretty fast standard jab, chains into 2L, 2L2H, H, 2H, or LH which can be followed up with a special for a big combo.
2L - Crouch Jab. Special cancelable.
5H - Machine gun punch, fully cancellable. Usually used as part of a chain rather than a standalone move, although it can be a somewhat effective anti air. Unsafe on hit and block, so be sure to cancel it with a special or charge cancel.
2H - Sweep. Blodia’s only low attack. Has decent range and speed, decent mixup from 5L if opponent is afraid of triangle jumps. Knocks down on hit. Charge canceling this will make it plus on block, and allows for quicker followups on hit.
j.L - Drop Kick. A fast air kick, used for tridash pressure. Can be a crossup.
j.H - Beam blade. A slower meatier jump-in move, large hitbox, but only extends about half the length of the beam blade.
j.2H - Knee spike, can cross up, bounces on hit, used for OTG follow-ups (ex: H throw into j2H into H throw).
Dashing L- Dashing low drill, hits four times, first two hits are cancelable. Doesn’t hit low, despite how it looks. Extremely minus on block and hit, so be sure to cancel during the early hits. This move will follow the direction of the dash you were doing when executed.
Dashing H- Dashing shoulder charge. This hits once and knocks down on hit. Should be power charge canceled to stay plus on block. This is a decent tool for advancing in with a hitbox. This move will follow the direction of the dash you were doing when executed.
Weapon Off 5L/H - The same as the second hit of Blodia's LLH chain. Pretty slow startup, you're in a bad spot if this move is coming out, and it's doing nothing to help you out.


Normal throw range - 37
L throw - Pretty unique hold. If you mash properly, this converts to his command grab Direct Press, although there isn't a consensus on the best way to trigger the follow up. Can be used as an OTG throw unlike other L throws, but will give an H throw when it connects as an OTG.
H throw - Standard toss, should buffer a special move or power charge cancel in case your throw attempt fails and you get stand H.
Arm Ripper throw - Standard arm ripper, range is 32.


Assault Satellite (bit).
Shoots a small laser burst across the screen in one of a few directions. Because it's a laser it can't be destroyed en route by non projectiles like missiles can.
Blodia's weapon has three versions on the ground. Horizontal at around head height (4/5W), horizontal along the ground (1/2/3W) which will OTG, and and diagonal up forward (6W). All of these can be used while dashing.
Also has three versions in the air. Horizontal (4/5/6W), down forward (1/2/3W) this can OTG, and up forward (7/8/9W)
Blodia's bit is significantly slower to start up than Jackal's, but it is still quite good for establishing a presence on screen behind which you can have some freedom to advance. Charge canceling the recovery of this move is a beneficial and common technique you should get used to doing as it allows you to follow behind the projectile faster and apply more effective offense.


41236L or H - Break Shaft. Capture move. Comes out slow, capture point is relatively close distance. Causes knockdown if capture point is hit. Does a small hit if the capture point is missed. Mostly useless move, luckily it doesn’t overlap with anything important.
623L or H - Full Metal Charge. Dragon Punch. The L version is invincible through the early active frames, the H version stops being invincible before active, so you can’t use it as a reversal. The L version is one hit, the H version is 4 hits. Causes knockdown. This move travels quite high in the air and does a lot of chip damage on block. Against opponents guarding it in the air, it will push them back up in the air, allowing you to land safely most of the time, this puts your opponent in a situation where they must either try to move and avoid a second DP, which you can react to, or try to land quickly, which will get them pushed back up if you opt to DP again. If an opponent finds themselves blocking a DP in the air after they have expended all their Boost gauge, you can trap them in the air with DPs continuously until they take a hit and get knocked down. These post air guarded DP mixups are quite common in Blodia matchups, especially against VAs that like to float around in the air a lot.
214L or H - Gatling Rod. Combo tool. Generally this is the move you will want to hitconfirm into provided you don’t have meter for a super. L version is 4 hits and remains stationary. H version is 8 hits and moves him forward, further cementing it as an excellent hitconfirm tool. Knockdown on hit.
63H - Direct Press. Command throw, range is 32. Knockdown real close to you on hit, which allows for quick follow ups.
28L or H - Needle Press. Pursuit move. Peculiar in that there are very few if any other pursuit moves in the game (Can only be done on the other opponents knockdown state).


236236L or H - Planet Smasher. Ranbu Super. Blodia runs at the opponent and hits them repeatedly, finishing with a DP. Causes knockdown on hit. Combos from his chains (both LH and LLH). Has a large amount of invincibility on startup (40 frames), and is active for the duration of his dash forward. Touching Blodia at any time during the active frames will trigger the whole animation.


Blodia's most used combo is L>L>Hx214H. This will give you a nice 40-50% chunk of damage on most VA's. It can also be fairly safe on block if you do it from a good range and your opponent is not adept at guard canceling.
OTG combo ender options: 28L or H, j2H, Grounded 2W, j2W, L and H throw both OTG and give his H throw when done as an OTG.
Standard OTG combo is j2H into throw, however this is character specific. Some VA's bodies will push you out too far to combo the throw, and so you can instead do multiple j2H, be forewarned you don’t want to be too close to their body on wakeup.
The weapon OTG options force wakeup almost instantly.

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