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A war orphan separated from his sister during the Earth-Union war. Vein has come to believe that his sister abandoned him on that tragic day, and has lived on his own ever since. Now that he has discarded everything relating to his past, he has formed a strong resolve; to end the world filled with deception.

Run vs Step


Best choice for Vein overall, lets you do short dashes which makes his spacing alot stronger, dashing jump ins, maximum damage and meter gain combos, and midscreen to corner exceed/chaos shift combos.


Vein's normals aren't exactly that fast, doesn't really improve his mixup game much since he already has a teleport and he doesn't get much off of throws, and he has to spend at least 1 stock to get any decent damage off of command throw which he can easily setup tick throws for with run.


Vein combos follow this pattern: ground string -> launcher -> juggle(optional) -> air combo. So experiment and find out what combo routes work for you.

Juggle routes:

launcher>IAD j.B>j.D>hj.B>j.C>j.D>5A>air combo

This typically works from fireball air hit, 236AC, and trap super

launcher>IAD j.B>j.D>c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>air combo

Variation of the one above.

launcher>IAD j.C>c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>air combo

Another variation, depends on height.

launcher>(dash 2A/2B>)dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>air combo

This works from pretty much any launcher, I find this to be the most reliable route for me.

Aerial routes:


Highest damage aerial route, near corner-corner only but most combos carry from midscreen to corner so you'll use this often.


Simple good damage midscreen air combo, doesn't work in corner.

j.A>j.B>delay j.D>dj.B>j.D>(j.236A/C)

Alternative midscreen air combo, does about the same damage as above.


Most of the combos can be done from falling j.C>j.D, IAD j.B>j.D, IAD j.C, CH rising j.B>j.C/j.D, and any falling CH jumping normal

5A/2A>5B/2B>(c.5C/2C(1 or 2))>2D

Basic combo into sweep. Note 2A has longer reach than 5A does, and use your own judgement when you think you should throw in c.5C or 2C for some extra damage and meter. Safe setup for fireball oki.


Basic damage combo, in corner you can catch air techs with 5A and 6A pretty reliably into a small combo.

CH 623A/6A/2D/(214BD)>dash 2B>c.5C>6A(1)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Standard OTG combo that works anywhere, might be quite difficult for beginners due to the delays and links required. Dash 2B>c.5C>6A(1)>hj.C has to be all done immediately or else you'll get f.5C and/or hj.C won't connect if you dont hit 6A(1) close enough. 5A>j.A link is easiest if you hold 9 after 5A then press A after you're in the air. 214BD requires 0.5 stock. ~0.5 stock gain.

CH 6A/2D>236B/D>dashing falling j.C>c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Higher damage combo, pretty easy to hit confirm but requires more precision.

236B/D>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>2C>2D

Fireball crossup hit into knockdown for another fireball oki. Litte over 0.5 stock gain.

236B/D>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C

Good damage and corner carry route from fireball crossup. Little over 1 stock gain.

0.5 stock

(236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236AC>dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

EX fireball doesnt seem to get affected by meter gain cooldown(in training mode at the very least) so you can gain enough meter for another 0.5 stock special.

(236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236AC>dash c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Same combo as above but with a loop in it, very height and timing specific combo video type thing, you have to hit the first c.5C at the lowest height possible where hj.C will still connect while doing max delay j.Ds so the second c.5C and 5A will connect, adds a decent chunk of damage.

214BD>2A/2B>(c.5C>)6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

EX teleport starter, most of the time you'll be able to combo off it as long as you do it from around 236B distance away from them.

1 stock

(236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)>dash 2A>2B>[c.5C>5D(1)>6A(1/2)] or [2C(2)]>2141236A/C>(236B>c.5C>delay 6A(1)>neutral hjc>)IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C or 2D knockdown

Not exactly a very high damaging combo but the net meter is around 0 so you can typically start this combo around 0.5 stock and end with a full stock even if you opt for the easier combo route.

(236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236236B/D>[236B>dash>IAD j.C>] or [623A>]* or [c.5C>IAD j.C>]*c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Standard 1 stock trap super combo, * indicates routes for corner. 623A and c.5C in corner have to hit before the 6th hit of trap super

CH 623A/6A/2D/(214BD)>dash 2B>c.5C>6A(2)>236236A/C>(dash 2A)>dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Slash super combo, very distance specific, must be done around 1/2-1/3 screen from corner or else you'll have to use chaos shift to followup, very good damage though.

1.5 stock

6CD>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236AC>dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Guard crush combo, you gain the meter needed for 236AC during the combo, amazing starter and worth spending extra or even all your meter.

2 stock

(236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C(4 hit)>236236B/D>[236D>dash>IAD j.C] or [623A]* or [c.5C>IAD j.C]*>c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Extremely high damage chaos cancel trap super combo, * indicates corner only, does around 75-80%.

2.5 stock

(CH)214BD>(2A/2B/c.5C>)623A>236236B/D>[236B>dash>IAD j.C] or [c.5C>IAD j.C] or [623A]>(2A/2B>)c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

Not guaranteed on normal hit, same rule as 0.5 stock EX teleport combo pretty much, does around 80%.

3 stock

6CD>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C(4 hit)>236236B/D>[236B/D>dash>IAD j.C] or [c.5C>IAD j.C] or [623A]>(2A/2B>)c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)

High damage guard crush combo, will stun some chars, can start from 2 stock.


6CD>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C(4 hit)>BC>(dash)c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C

Midscreen to corner guard crush 100% exceed combo using imitsuki loop, it should kill everyone and is pretty practical since there's a couple setups for unblockable. Walk back c.5C can be omitted and you can just do walk back 623A by itself, but I find that c.5C helps with timing.

Any ground string>236C(4 hit)>BC>(dash)c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C

Same combo as above, does around 90-95% with any starter pretty much.

632146A/C(3 hit)>BC>f.5C>236C(4 hit)>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C

Command throw straight into imitsuki loop, high damage with no risk.

Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Mid. Cancelable.

Short range jab, whiffs on crouchers, go to move when it comes to catching air techs since 6A is a bit slow, not that reliable though but good if you have them blocking in air already so stuff like j.B>5A is really good.

2A - Mid. Cancelable.

Pretty good range crouching jab also his fastest startup normal and fast recovery making it one of his best pressure tool.

5B - Low. Cancelable.

Standing low kick, think Ky's 5K from GG. Rather slow startup and recovery with a mediocre hitbox(reach is slightly longer than 2A), pretty terrible normal.

2B - Low. Cancelable.

Crouching low kick, better than 5B in pretty much every way except it has about the same horizontal reach and some parts of its' vertical hitbox, links into 2A on hit and can be used for tick throws or pressure reset.

c.5C - Mid. Cancelable.

Short range hook, high damage normal with alot of knockback on block. Gattles into 5D, 2D, and 6A, mainly used for combos and possibly fuzzy j.B if blocked high.

f.5C - Mid. Not cancelable.

Long range slash, decent startup, pretty long recovery but not punishable on block. Very good hitbox, hits crouchers but is not air unblockable. On counter hit ground hit, you can followup with EX teleport or dash 2A(if you hit closer up) into a combo.

2C - Both hits mid. Both hits cancelable.

Two crouching slashes, 1st hit has about the same reach as 2B, pretty quick startup and decent recovery. Quite a bit of knockback on hit so use this for proper spacing when going for 2D knockdown into fireball oki.

5D - Both hits mid. 1st hit cancelable, 2nd hit Not cancelable.

1st hit is a kick with pretty fast startup, 2nd hit is a long range forward kick with a great hitbox. 2nd hit blows back on hit and is air techable, 1st hit can cancel into 6A for damage combos.

2D - Low. Not cancelable.

Vein moves forward a bit and sweeps with both feet, long reach but slow startup and recovery. Knockdown only on ground hit, gives you enough time to set fireball oki but be wary because they can roll through it on wakeup.

j.A - High. Cancelable.

Quick startup short jab that cover up and forward area, is active for quite long.

j.B - High. Cancelable.

Pretty quick startup diagonal downward kick, very good jump in move and possibly used for fuzzy guard.

j.C - High. Cancelable.

Kinda slow slash that hits around him, hits behind him also so you can use it for crossups, but has to hit a bit late for you to combo off it.

j.D - High. Cancelable.

Faster than j.C and hits down and forward area, has long reach so it's pretty good air to ground.

Command Normals

Special Moves

Demon Slaughter - 236+A/C
  • A ver: A dash followed by a series of slashes that causes soft knockdown on the final hit. 2 hits. Has a decent startup as it can combo from any normal but you probably won't use it much.
  • C ver: Dash goes further than A version and is 4 hits. Soft knockdown on final hit. Slower startup than A version. Basic meterless combo option.
  • ex ver (EX): A series of slashes that will cross the screen. 4 hits. Launches on final hit. Startup is about the same as A version. This is one of your basic launchers for air combos.
Heavenly Enchantment - 623+A/C
  • A ver: Fairly standard Dragon Punch, although it has no invincibility. Hits once and launches but can be teched. It can be blocked in the air but still has some anti-air utility under the right circumstances. Used in conjunction with 236+B/D, it can discourage air-dashes and build meter. Also used in imitsuki loops.
  • C ver: Turning hit followed by a rising slash. Like Setsuna's strong DP in LB2. Hits twice on the ground and twice in the air, which makes the first two hits air unblockable. No use as an AA, but does slightly more damage than 236C in combos. It can be supercancelled on the first and second hit.
  • ex ver (EX): A fast DP that travels further forward than the A version, hits twice (if you're close enough), and can cause wallbounce.
Lightening Insanity - 236+B/D
  • B ver: Grounded fireball. Hits roughly 2 character lengths away from Vein. Upon inputting the fireball, it appears then becomes active about half a second later, hitting 3 times. It also blocks most projectiles. The move is also cancellable into B or D teleport. Very useful for preventing zoning and oki.
  • D ver: Grounded fireball. Hits roughly 3 and a half character lengths away from Vein. Upon inputting the fireball, it appears then becomes active about half a second later, hitting 3 times. It also blocks most projectiles. The move is also cancellable into B or D teleport. Very useful for preventing zoning and oki.
  • ex ver(EX): Grounded fireball. The ex ver. tracks the opponent unless they are completely fullscreen away. Hits 3 times, and is cancellable into teleport. Good for oki and pressuring a passive opponent.
Illusive Darkness - 214+B/D
  • B ver: Vein's teleport. The B version goes the exact distance of the D fireball. The move is not invuln, so be careful as you can get hit out of it. Despite that, it's a great all around tool due to the fact that you can cancel his teleport into this.
  • D ver: Vein's teleport. The D version goes almost fullscreen. Not invuln, but still useful in a variety of situations due to the fact that it can be done out of his fireball.
  • ex ver(EX): Ex teleport is one of Vein's best moves. Hits almost fullscreen, low profiles many projectiles, and leads to a combo as long as you hit them from a certain distance. This move can be used to punish people not being very careful from across the screen, as it's near instant. It's punishable, but you can space it to be safe if careful. If you have the meter to use it, they should be on watch. Make them scared of this move.

Extra Specials

Scorching Purple - j.236+A/C
  • An air fireball. A version goes downwards diagonally, while C version goes horizontal. Picking this gives you a fast way to keep people in check from about midscreen distance, makes many of your confirms easier as you can just end buttons in fireball to be in a good situation, and also lets you have access to the ... 6a(1) > sj.b > j.236a combo ender (only works on a standing opponent). An okay choice for an extra special, but the pit and the command grab are honestly more worth it unless you need the extra space control for specific matchups.
Infernal Devotion - 63214+A/C
  • Vein's command grab. This move is really, really good. Both A and C versions of this move are the same. Hitting the opponent with them once puts them in a state where their movement and specials are all locked off. It pushes them away to about B fireball distance, and the only options they have to stop you from running your game are to mash out normals or parry. In addition, you can't move them back by hitting them, so when you connect an attack you can chain 2a > 2b about 7 times into itself for a lot of meter before you do your actual combo. If they block your mixup, you can tick into the throw again, and if the effect of the initial throw is still on then the second throw will do an explosion for some damage. You can also exceed cancel any of the three hits of the grab and do an exceed combo, or just have them block a b fireball after the initial grab and it's an unescapable unblockable setup. To be honest, enough good things cannot be said about this move. The versatility of Vein's pressure game combined with a command throw of this strength is completely ridiculous. Pick it.

Ultimate Chaos

Grievous Madness - 236236+A/C
  • Vein slashes his sword in an upwards crescent that hits the entire area above him. This super has a lot of invinicibility, comes out very quickly, and is quite hard to punish. This is a fantastic reversal super to call out any crossup attempts that would normally make your dp whiff. On hit the move wallbounces, but with the recovery it has you will still need to cancel to get a combo.
Saka Manji Raikou Ha - 2141236+A/C
  • Vein sends out a shockwave about two and a half character lengths away from him that pulls the opponent toward him on hit. On block, the opponent stays in place and you recover fairly fast, so it's advantage but not really worth it for a full meter. The move is also lacks a good use in neutral because what it does is done better by EX teleport. Overall, a good move for combos and resets into unblockable, but not much else.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Fatal Finale - 214214+A/C
  • A reversal super that issens the opponent twice, then throws them behind Vein and will wallbounce near the corner. It will catch all types of strike attacks (high, low, mid) and even supers, but it will not work against projectiles. A failed attempt will put you in counter-hit state. One of the most interesting properties of this move is that it will activate during a super cancel as long as you are slightly closer than throw distance and the opponent is still standing.
Guilty Darkness - 236236+B/D

Destruction Chaos

Lunatic Butterfly - 2363214+AC



  • PS3 Version: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
A Button B Button C Button D Button
R1 + A Button R1 + B Button R1 + C Button R1 + D Button
  • A Button: Normal version
  • D Button: Vergil (Devil May Cry)
  • R1+C Buttons: Kuroh Yatogami (ieKKei / (Project) K)
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