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Basic Mechanics


As with most games covered on this wiki, Chaos Code uses numeric notation. If you aren't sure what means what, look at the number pad on your keyboard.




For instance, 5 is neutral, 2 is crouching, and 236 is a quarter circle forward ("hadouken") motion.


Dash/Run - 66 or 44

Depending on your selection, pressing forward twice will move your character forward in either a dashing state or a running state. A dash is a relatively short hop that moves the character forward with a bit of invincibility, while a run allows you to hold forward and continue moving the character. Some characters have special properties on their runs.

Jump - 7, 8, or 9

Pressing up or diagonally upwards makes the character jump. Character jump speed and distance are not standard.

High Jump - 1, 2 or 3 then 7, 8 or 9

A higher than normal jump.

Double Jump - 7, 8 or 9 after a normal jump

Pressing up or diagonally upwards again while already in the air propels your character again in a double jump. Unlike many fighters, you CAN air dash after a high jump.

Air Dash - 4 or 6 in the air.

While in the air, press forward or backward twice to air dash in that direction. Air dashes in this game generally are not as long or have as much velocity as those in most games with them. You cannot air dash after a double jump.

A+B - Roll

Both weak buttons will cause your character to slide forward for a bit. If you've ever played any of the numerous SNK fighters with rolls, they function pretty much the same way here. You are temporarily invincible to all but throws while rolling, but can be punished on recovery if you aren't careful.

A+B when recovering - Tech

When knocked down, press both weak attacks to get back up. You can tech both ground and air hits, but you can only tech straight to a neutral position, there is no forward/backward roll.


Chaos Code has four attack buttons, two punches and two kicks. The game features the magic series which allows you to chain A->B->C->D including any crouch versions. In general, A and B normals are cancelable along with close C and D normals. Far C and D normals are sometimes cancelable, but it depends on your character.

A+C - Throw

By pressing both punch buttons, you can perform a throw on your opponent. Naturally, this is unblockable. Throws are teched by inputting your own throw just after being grabbed.

6+C+D - Guard break

At the cost of a single bar of meter, you can instantly crush your opponent's guard. This is unblockable and does a lot of stun damage. If you blockstring into it the damage and stun of the guard crush will be reduced.

C+D - Tactical Guard

If you see an opponent's attack coming, press both kicks to repel it and get a free counter hit. Can also be done in the air. This does not work on projectiles and combos starting off a tactical guard are heavily scaled.

A+B or 6+A+B - Chaos Shift

A way to cancel the animation of your super, similar to RC mechanics from ASW games. A+B puts your in a neutral position, and holding forward lunges your character. A good mechanic for combo extension or to protect yourself if something goes wrong. Not all supers can be Chaos Shifted, which ones are shiftable when is dependent on the super, some can be chaos shifted even on whiff.

Special moves

Most special moves in Chaos Code have an EX version that can be performed for 1/2 a bar of meter. You can cancel into special moves or EX specials off most normals or command normals. For instance, your chain may look something like 5A, 5B, 5C, 6+C, 236+C.

Ultimate Chaos

Super moves, or Ultimate Chaos attacks as the game calls them, are performed at the cost of a single bar of meter. You can cancel into supers from any cancelable normal move at the cost of 1 bar of meter, and from most special or EX special moves for 2 bars of meter. In exchange for the extra bar, damage scaling on supers canceled from specials gets reset.

Destruction Chaos

At the cost of 3 bars of meter, each character can perform a very powerful super move. The properties and damage of each move depend entirely on the character.

Extra Skills

When selecting your character, you are presented with four attacks: two special and two Ultimate Chaos attacks. You can choose any 2 of those attacks to take with you for the match. Extra moves are often some of a character's strongest tools, so choosing which ones you want for a matchup is very important.

B+C - Exceed Chaos

At the cost of three stocks of super, you can perform an invincible "burst" that pushes opponents away and enter an enhanced mode that allows access to combos that are not normally possible. Despite looking like an ASW burst, you cannot use this to escape combos instead, you get to use super meter infinitely without restrictions, and will gain health passively. But, when the time runs out you will lose access to your meter until the overheat timer ends. Exceed Chaos can be cancelled into from any cancelable normal, or any special move.


Beneath the character's life bar is a purple meter that fills while the character is being attacked or comboed. When it fills, the character is knocked down and recovers in a dizzy state. Dizzy will slowly decay as you avoid being hit or blocking attacks.

Chaos Mode

Unlocked in collection is "chaos mode" which gives characters all of their extra moves in exchange for a 20% damage decrease on all of their attacks. Chaos mode will also prevent you from choosing run or step, instead you'll get a new super meter which gives step's meter gain and dashing will cause a run for all characters except MG Hikaru, Bravo, Ray, and Rui who will have their steps instead.

Chaos Code



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