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Rui Mishima lived her whole life trapped in the country longing for a chance to get out and make it big. After seeing the town's magical artifact up for aution Rui was overcome with a sudden surge of hometown pride and sets out to find the chaos code and use it's unlimited power to destroy capitalism.


Health: 30000 Stun: 100

Rui's style of play is fairly straightforward, much like Hikaru's, and is well suited for new players. She excels at rushdown and functions best in the close-mid range space. Rui can be played with either a focus on shorter low damage meter building combos and high damage exceeds to seal games, or with more consistent average damage routes that use small amounts of meter.

Her only real weakness is her lack of options for dealing with characters that excel at controlling screen space, particularly Kudlak. She can't get in that easily when she's being pushed out by fireballs or traps, and she doesn't have very many answers for them, either, so knowing when to try and go in and when to wait is important as a Rui player.

Run vs Step

Both bounces have their own advantages, so it's mostly a matter of preference when it comes to which one you want to use.


Run is better for mobility, as it is with most characters. Rui lacks long range options, so being able to close gaps quickly and safely is especially nice for her. Having microdashes can also help out in some combos, and makes stagger pressure a bit stronger.


Because Rui's air aproches are so good, she doesn't mind losing ground mobility so much in favor of the faster meter build of step. Having more meter is always good, and since rui has pretty strong exceed combos it's even better.

Move List

Normal Moves


Rui does a short jab with her leading hand.
Properties: Mid, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui does a crouching short jab with her leading hand.
Properties: Mid, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui uses her lead foot to kick the opponent's shin. Very poor horizontal reach, but good for confirms or to catch an opponent out of a slow attack at very closer range.
Properties: Low, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui goes for a high kick. A decent anti-air tool.
Properties: Mid, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui kicks the opponent in the shin with her leading foot.
Properties: Low, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui does a 2-hit backhand with her leading hand. Integral to some BnB routes as well as the only viable starter for 41236B combos.
Properties: Mid, Cancelable (on either hit), Air Unblockable


Rui jabs both hands outward, hitting the opponent with the ends of her tonfa.
Properties: Mid, Air Unblockable


Rui does a low, scooping swing with her lead hand. Good for confirms at midscreen but pushes enemies away enough that some combos have to omit hits that a cl.5C(1) starter could keep.
Properties: Low, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui uses her rear leg for a high kick. Also useful as an anti-air if you can get it to come out.
Properties: Mid, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui uses a rolling kick that moves her forward a little bit.
Properties: Mid


Rui kicks the opponent with her back leg, knocking them down.
Properties: Low


Rui jabs downward with her lead hand, hitting with the short end of her tonfa. A good jump-in normal, but it lacks range.
Properties: High, Cancelable


Rui kicks forward with her rear leg, keeping it horizontal. Good for air-to-air shenanigans.
Properties: High, Cancelable


Rui swings outward with her lead hand, hitting with the long end of her tonfa. Also useful for air-to-air.
Properties: High, Cancelable


Rui does a heel drop with her front leg. Even better as a jump-in normal than j.A in certain situations, as it has much better reach.
Properties: High, Cancelable

Command Normals


Rui performs a spinning backfist with her rear hand, stepping into the blow. Great for use in combos.
Properties: Mid, Cancelable, Air Unblockable


Rui kicks out behind her with her rear leg, similar to Iori's j.4B from KOF. This move has no hitbox in front of Rui, being used instead exclusively for cross-ups. Gives enough hitstun on hit for combos to continue easily afterward.
Properties: High

6 or 4D -

A 5D that moves forward (6 version) or backward (4 version).
Properties: Mid

Special Moves

Mega Swing Attack - 236P (follow-up two more times)(EX O.K.)

Rui's staple move, a three-part rekka series that consists of a starter, a follow-up, and an ender. It can be started with A or C, and you can freely switch between the A and C follow-ups at each rep of the command (e.g., 236C > 236A, 236C). This series of moves is important to her combos; most of the time, you will want to use 236C starter and 236C followups only, since Rui moves forward far enough to catch the opponent at any range and 236A starter might miss. The A followups do still have use in some combos though.

  • A starter

Basic rekka starter, consists of an upward tonfa swing.

  • C starter

Similar to the A version, Rui slides forward before the strike; the tonfa's swing and hitbox are bigger.

  • A follow up

Rui follows up with a downward swing of her tonfa.

  • C follow up

A large upward swing proceeded by another big step.

  • A ender

Ends with a downward swing with both tonfas.

  • C ender

Rui jumps and smashes downward with her tonfa. Knocks the opponent down.

  • EX version

Rui does a series of hits on her own, the last hit wall slams, but too low to combo off of without a super cancel of some kind.

Fighting Gear Kick - 623K (Air/EX O.K.!)

Rui's DP, a set of up-kicks. If you have the meter and you land a B or a D DP, you can easily cancel into 236214K (see the "Ultimate Chaos" section below for more info), leading to big damage opportunities.

  • B version

A moderate vertical ascent with very little horizontal movement; 3 hits total. Leaves the opponent airborne after the last kick.

The aerial version is two kicks only.

  • D version

A much lower, more horizontal attack; 3 hits total. It has slower start-up, and the coverage of the space directly above her suffers a little bit.

The aerial version has more horizontal coverage than the aerial B version, but not as much as the ground D version.

  • EX version

Essentially a faster D version that travels nearly full-screen; 3 hits total. It ends with a drop kick that will either put the opponent toward the wall or slam into the wall. You can follow-up the wall slam if you're close to the corner.

The aerial version is simply four upward kicks.

Titanic Star Slide - 214P (EX O.K.!)

Rui slides along the ground and knocks down the opponent on hit. A quick and easy knockdown from most combos, but not very safe on block.

  • A version

A fast slide that covers about half the screen.

  • C version

A slightly slower slide that covers about 3/4ths of the screen.

  • EX version

A quick slide followed up by two more hits; the last is a big swing that knocks the opponent up and sends them flying. This move goes nearly full-screen thanks to that, and it's possible to get a number of combo opportunities out of it.

Dodge and Bullet - BD

Rui performs a dodge in place, allowing her to evade non-throw attacks for a short period of time. She can cancel into this move from any cancelable normal on the ground, and it has four follow-ups, one for each attack button; if you presses nothing, she'll land without doing anything.

  • BD~A

A faster version of her 6A backhand, which retains its cancelable properties so that you can combo out of it with special moves. Extremely useful in even her basic combos.

  • BD~B

Rui uses a faster version of her 4D, putting some space between her and the opponent. Tends to stop offense a little cold on both your side and the opponent's, though it is useful for getting breathing room if the kick hits.

  • BD~C

Rui steps in with a powerful overhead elbow attack; must be blocked high.

  • BD~D

Rui performs a low sweep kick; must be blocked low.

Extra Specials

Guardless Disruption - 41236K

Rui steps in and swings her fist upward, aiming for the chin. On whiff you will only see the initial hit; on hit, you will see both strikes, and the second will put the enemy into a crumple state, allowing you to do a variety of things afterward. This move is unblockable.

  • B version

Much quicker start-up. You can only combo into it if you use a very close-range, heavy normal, like cl.5C(1) or cl.5D.

  • D version

Starts up much slower than the B version, enough so that you won't combo into it off of anything. If you've been landing a lot of B versions, you can use this to psyche an opponent out if they're expecting it to come out faster, but it's risky.

Rising Orbit - 214K

Rui does a somersaulting spinning flip forward. This move has four follow ups (A, B, C and D), and is used in combos as well as in neutral. If the player does not input anything, Rui will return to neutral on landing with no extra recovery.

  • B version

More vertical range than horizontal.

  • D version

More horizontal range than vertical.


  • 214K~A

Rui swings her tonfa upward. It has good combo utility if you can do the flip command quickly enough to catch up with an opponent that's been knocked back.

  • 214K~B

Rui performs a diving kick. The angle of descent is wide enough to catch people directly in front of her. Can also be used for a cross-up if your flip has gone slightly over an opponent, although it's harder to space than the D version.

  • 214K~C

Rui grabs at the air in front of her; if she manages to grab the opponent, she pulls them to the ground with her, launching them up for an air confirm. The air grab is very fast and will very rarely lose to an air normal.

  • 214K~D

Rui does a backwards divekick, mostly used for cross-ups but you can space it such that hits on the same side too. Same properties as the B version.

  • 214K~nothing

Rui lands and does a sweep, much like her BD~D. Can be useful if the opponent is expecting you to come down with a divekick or whiff an air grab.

Ultimate Chaos

Rainbow Drop Combination - 236214K (Air O.K.!)

When this move is used on the ground, Rui jumps into the air and performs a dive kick; in the air, she just dives. If the dive kick connects, she pulls the opponent to the ground with her, grabs them, and continues to combo, ending with a strong kick that sends the opponent to the wall. Does less damage than fighting gear special in most situations, but it works well as an air ender and can be chaos shifted in the middle to restand your opponent.

  • B version

Shorter, narrower dive arc; less reliable than the D version, but is still usable if you're really close.

  • D version

Wider dive arc; tends to be better to pick up random hits, and is probably the version you want to use the most.

Fighting Gear Special - 236236K

Rui does a 2-kick version of her DP. If it hits, she does another 2-kick version, then goes into a 3-hit version that ends with her j.D, knocking the opponent to the ground. Since the vertical trajectory on the initial DP is not very high, it's not a super-reliable anti-air unless you're attempting to beat a very deep jump-in attack, and even then you might trade hits with your opponent. It'll combo off rekkas with a super cancel at almost any spacing and has good utility in exceed combos.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Counter Crush: Code C - 214214P

Rui takes a step and spins her tonfa. If she's hit while doing so, she counters with her BD~C, a kick that launches the opponent up, and a quick 214K~C. Unlike the regular 214K~C move, the opponent lands moderately far away from Rui, so it can be used to make space instead of staying in on the opponent if you so choose. You can also manually activate the counter by hitting A or C while rui is spinning her tonfa, giving this move some use in combos.

Guardless Explosion - 6321463214K

Rui performs a command grab. On hit, she generates a large energy sphere that blows the enemy back; on whiff, it behaves like her 41236B. This move is unblockable, but since it has the speed of 41236B when starting up, you can combo into it from any combo that you would use to set up for 41236B. In the corner you can follow up after the energy blast. Looping this in the corner is what gives rui high damage exceed combos.

Destruction Chaos

Ultimate Summarization - 236214AC

Rui travels full screen with a rushing dash; on hit, she continues into a combo that ends with a 4-hit DP and a tonfa strike that knocks the opponent down. Does fairly good damage, but most of Rui's real strength comes from Exceed Combos, so this doesn't see that much use.


Video example of the below combos


all of these combos will also work in the corner

2A > 2B > 2C > (6A) > 236C×3

A pretty basic combo that leads to a midscreen knockdown and respectable damage. After the last rekka you can use a 214A to slide right up to an opponent and then use 2C to meaty. If you do both as soon as possible the 2C will be perfectly meaty. After the 2C you can hold down 2A which will catch opponents who roll out of 2C or link off of the 2C on hit.

2A > 2B > 2C > (6A) > 236C×3 > 236236D

Same as above but using a super cancel to unscale damage. This costs 2 bars but it does a lot. You want to get the super cancel before the opponent hits the ground, otherwise you won't unscale to 100% and it wont really be worth the meter.

2A > 2B > 2C > (6A) > 214C

Same as the previous combos, but uses 214C instead of the rekkas for when your confirm puts you too far away for rekkas to connect.

2A > 2B > 2C > (6A) > 214C > 214214C~C

Combo using the counter super. You need to hit C after the flash to activate the counter without taking a hit first. This wont do as much damage as the above combo, but it looks cooler.

2A > 2B > 2C > (6A) > 214AC > 6A > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623D

A basic midscreen combo using ex 214P, you can use 2363214D as the ender instead (or cancel 623D into it) if you want more damage

2A > 2B > 2C > (6A) > 214AC > jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623B

Easier version of the above for those who don't like super jump canceling. 623B should always get 1 hit, that's intentional to get a soft knockdown as opposed to an air tech. Substitute with 623D if you want better damage at the cost of letting them air tech.

2A > 2B > 2C > (6A) > 214AC > 6A > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > land > j.A > j.B > j.C > j,D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623B

Rejump combo, you need to delay the first air series such that j.C hits with rui as close to the ground as possible to have enough time to rejump. Then you want to delay the final air series just a bit such that only 1 hit of 623B connects which will force a soft knockdown for oki instead of an air tech. The timing on a 1 hit 623B is really finicky, but it's also not super important, so you can choose to not worry about if you want. If you do the full rejump it should carry corner to corner.

214K~C > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623B

Combo off air grab

(chain until near max 2B range on a crouching opponent) > 6D > 5A > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > land > j.A > j.B > j.C > j,D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623B

Meterless launch from a crouch confirm


2A > 2B > 2C > 6A > BD~A > 236C×3

A variant of the first midscreen combo, with 6A > BD~A added since the extra proximity to the corner will make it easy to land.

B+D~C > otg 2B > 2C > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623D

Easy combo off of overhead starter

B+D~C > otg 2B > 5C > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > land > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623B

Combo into rejump off of overhead starter. You have to delay the first air series just like with every rejump.

623BD > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > double jump (8) > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623D

Combo off of EX DP in the corner, you can also confirm into this if you want but doing a 214AC combo is usually better

41236K Combos

These combos can be done with 41236D as well, but you will not be able to start off with a point-blank cl.C; you will have to land the 41236D raw.

2A > 2B > cl.C(1) > 41236B > cl.5D > microdash > cl.B > cl.C(1) > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623D

A fairly simple combo off of 41236B. You can super cancel the 623D at the end with 236214D. or just use 2363214D in place of the DP if you don't want to spend 2 bars.

2A > 2B > cl.C(1) > 41236B > cl.5D > microdash > cl.B > cl.C(1) > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > land > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > j.623B

Extended version, you need to delay the first air series a bit. Also you want to delay the 623B at the end a bit so that only 1 hit connects, if you don't feel like doing that just use 623D for more damage.

2A > 2B > cl.C(1) > 41236B > cl.D > iad > j.C j.D > land > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > j.623B

Alternate version of the above combo.

2A > 2B > cl.C(1) > 41236B > 2C > j.A > j.B > j.C > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 623D

Easier version if you don't like super jump canceling or don't feel confident in microdashing

2A > 2B > cl.C(1) > 41236B > delay > iad j.C D > j9.A B C > air combo

Harder version for slight extra damage and meter. Delay is required to keep them low after the IAD, but not too low.

(on crouching) 2A 2B clC(2) > 2A 2C 6D > 5A > sj9.A B C > land > air combo


2A > 2B > 2C > 6A > 236Cx3 > exceed > 214A > 236236B > chaos shift > 214C > 236236B

Very simple exceed, works from anywhere. You let all the hits of 236236B hit, chaos shift at the top of the screen and then do 214C right when you land. It looks tight but is pretty easy once you find the timing.

2A > 2B > 2C > 6A > (236Cx3 or 214C) > exceed > 214C > 6321463214D > 2C > 214C > 6321463214D > 2C >214C > 6321463214D > 2C > 236A > 236C > 236C

Only works in/near corner but does a lot of damage. You need to slightly delay the first super cancel if you use 236C, but after that you want to just mash them out asap. If you use 214C instead of 236C every super cancel can be done with the same timing. You can end with a 5A > cl.C > SJC > air combo if you want, but the damage difference isn't very noticeable since everything will porate to ~10 damage by the end so taking the knockdown is generally preferable.

2A > 2B > 2C > 6A > (236Cx3 or 214C) > exceed > 214C > 6321463214D > chaos shift > 623B > 214C > 6321463214D > chaos shift > 623B > 2363214D

Midscreen exceed using guardless explosion. you want to chaos shift as soon as possible, you can hold down the AB input to help with that. Then you want to DP as soon as possible too. It doesn't do much damage but it'll help you time the slide.

Counterhit OTGs

Unless specified otherwise, these combos are to pick up from an opponent who's been counterhit and is lying on the ground in an OTGable state. The assumption is that you will only hit them once their face is fully on the ground. This will stabilize the height of the combo.

CH > run to point blank > 2C > cl.D > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > ender

(in or near corner) CH > 2C > 6A > 623BD > j.A > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > ender

For this combo you will have to adjust your jump directions depending on positioning. In the corner, you will have to jump back. If you carried them to the corner, you will have to jump forward. If you are somewhere inbetween, neutral jump is probably best.

(in or near corner) CH (big groundbounce) > run up point blank > BD~B > 2C > 6A > 623KK > [7] > j.A > j.C > j.D > double jump towards > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > ender

Same as the above combo, but it gives you something to do with your big groundbounce. When midscreen just skip this extension and go straight into a more basic combo. Both BD~C and the final hit of 236C rekka can cause this counterhit.


  • VS Bravo

You can whiff punish bravos 22PP with Rui's 214PP even if you're right next to him. 22PP can be called out point blank by doing dodge -> A followup as a whiff punish (timing takes some practice. If he does it at fullscreen, 214P works just like 214PP would, but this isn't that useful). Level 3 can be used similarly do 214PP.

If he's using hcb,f+P, or hcf+K command grabs, you can easily 4D them.

  • VS Cerberus

You can punish Cerberus's 214PP with 214A or level 3 on block (you must hold it so that it happens first frame). From there, you can cancel into a super or exceed for more damage. You can also very easily dodge and use the A followup into a combo if you make a read.

  • VS Vein

If he's using command grabs, you can easily 4D them.



  • Console Versions: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
A Button B Button C Button D Button
R1 + A Button R1 + B Button R1 + C Button R1 + D Button
  • A Button: Normal version.
  • B Button: Makoto Nanaya (BlazBlue).
  • C Button: Cute (Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos).
  • D Button: Lunamaria Hawke (Gundam Seed Destiny).
  • R1+B Buttons: Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid 2).
  • R1+C Buttons: Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell).
  • R1+D Buttons: Ranka (Macross Frontier).
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