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Lupinus is a member of the earth union military who wants to use the endless power of the chaos code to get senpai to notice her.

Lupinus has really strong movement options and good range thanks to her extendo arm. She can run away very easily and force the opponent to come in on her terms. If she takes wall cling she gets one of the strongest corner mix-ups in the game. That all being said, lupinus has some of the worst defensive options in the game and often has to rely on strong defensive reads to carry her through a match.

Run vs Step

Run Lupinus has one of the faster runs, and that extra mobility is nice, but honestly she doesn't need it. What she does need though, are midscreen combos, and microdashes help out there a lot. This is the more common choice among Lupinus players.

Step Because lupinus's walk speed is so good having to commit to a step isn't a big deal, if she doesn't want to she can just walk. Her step is relatively fast and it's airborne, so you can use it to avoid grabs and possibly some lows. Most characters like step for step canceling normals into tick throws, but lupinus just has a command run so she doesn't care so much for that.


Corner j.D > 5A > 5C > 623B > 2A > 5C > sjc > j.A > j.B > j.C > land > super jump > j.C > j.C > land > super jump > j.C > j.C > land > super jump > j.C > j.D > j.214C > exceed > 63214B > 236236P > chaos shift > 5D > 63214B > 236236P > chaos shift > 5C > 63214B > 6321463214P > 63214P > 236236P

Corner combo using 623B going int an exceed. video


Some of these might be off a bit, still needs to be checked, you can always reference the video if something seems wrong.

2D 5ABC 624B (corner) 5B sjcC,C jC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender 5AB 5AB etc

2C sjc j.214C 5AB sjcABD jABC (corner) jC,C jC djcBD ender

parry 5C iadC run jABC jC,C jC djcBD ender

back to corner parry 5C run under 5A sjcC,C jC,C jAC djcBD ender

CH jC 5B sjcABC run jABC 214A

CH jC 5A 624B (corner) 2A 5C sjcC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender

(corner) CH jC 2B 5C sjcC,C jC,C jAC djcBD ender

5ABC 624D 426BD dash 5A sjcABC run jABC (corner) jAC djcBD ender

5ABC 624D 426BD dash 5AC 624B 2A 5C sjcC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender

624624C~624C dash 5AB sjcABD jABC 214AC 2B 5C sjcBC 5A sjcC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender

corner whatever 236236D A+B 236C 5C sjcC,C jC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender

whatever 236236D A+B 624B (corner) 2A 5C sjcC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender

whatever 236A~A super

j214C B+C 624B 236236D A+B 236C 236236D A+B 236C 236236D

j214C B+D 214A 236236A(?) A+B 214A 236236A A+B 214A 236236A (corner) A+B 5C sjcC,C jC,C jAC djcBD ender

whatever 236A~A BC (uppercut?) 624B 236236D A+B 236C 236236D A+B 236C 236236D

CH 236236A iad jD 5AC 624B (corner) 2A 5C sjcC,C jC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender

corner CH 236236A 5C sjcC,C jC,C jC,C jC djcBD ender (can exceed into 2C into whatever combo

623D walk 5A sjcABD jABC 214A B+C 426B 236236A etc

Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Mid. Cancelable.

2A - Mid. Cancelable.

cl.B - Low. Cancelable.

5B - Mid. Cancelable.

2B - Low. Cancelable.

cl.C - Mid. Cancelable.

5C - Mid. Not cancelable.

2C - Mid. Not cancelable.

5D - Mid. Not cancelable.

2D - Low. Not cancelable.

j.A - Overhead. Cancelable.

j.B - Overhead. Cancelable.

j.C - Overhead. Cancelable.

j.D - Overhead. Cancelable.

Command Normals

162nd Gata = Sparrow (Suzume) - 3C - Mid. Cancelable. Good anti-air.

Special Chaos Combo - 2D>5D - Target combo, the version of 5D you get here is different than if you do it raw. Mid. Cancelable.

Special Moves

650th Gata = Nighthawk (Yotaka) - 214P

96th Gata = God Hammer (Tetsui) - j.214P

69th Gata = Heaven's Sword (Tenken) - j.623P

R6th Gata = Regulus (Shishi) - 41236K

1128th Gata = Striker (Gekitesu) - 63214B

1127th Gata = Vanguard (Kiba) - 63214D

67th Gata = Hydra (Orochi) - 236A

67th Gata Mushiki = Zero (Rei) - 236C

Extra Specials

M31st Gata = Gale (Hayate) - 623K

Command grab. Seems to have some invun, but not all the way through.

1st Gata - 43rd Shiki = Falcon (Hayabusa) - 4B+D or 6B+D

Wall cling. Has 4 followups depending on stick direction.

Ultimate Chaos

92nd Gata = Claymore (Juuken) - 214214K

Places a claymore on the ground that sends out 3 shockwaves at regular intervals. Can be used for set-play, to control ground space in neutral, or to do really cool looking combos.

89th Gata = Berserk (Sentora) - 6321463214P

Has 2 followups: 63214P and then 236236P

Extra Ultimate Chaos

91st Gata = Saint's Arrow (Koushi) - 236236K

Can be used as a reversal due to invun, good in exceed combos.

81st Gata = Jupiter (Raijin) - 236236P

Has invun but doesn't connect reliably against grounded opponents so only really useful as an anti-air in that respect. Useful in exceed combos.

Destruction Chaos

M270th Gata = Mars (Ikusagami) - 2363214PP

Lupinus walldives at the opponent. Whiffs near the corner. You can combo off the wallslam at the end.

Chaos Code



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