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Kagari, a secret agent for the anti Earth-Union organization 'KURENAI', lost her parents when she was a child due to the war the Earth Union had caused. Because of this, she formed a deep hatred for the Earth Union.

After her parents' deaths she was adopted by Kurenai, who is the leader of the self titled anti-Earth Union organization. Kurenai had given her unconditional love, that of which her parents would have given her.

She decided to work as an agent to repay Kurenai, and to avenge her parents' deaths.


Health: 28000 Stun: 75

Kagari is a very versatile character, with solid rushdown tactics, good damage, plenty of mobility, and defensive options that include her DP, her teleport counter, and air shuriken. On top of such, she is an easy character to pick up. The trade off is she's not the best at everything, but with the right decision making, she is a very dangerous character.

Run vs Step

Run - Kagari has a very fast run speed, making it a good choice for tech chasing and aggressive styles of play.

Step - Supplies faster meter gain and generally creates more damage opportunities.


old combo archive based on the old version of the game, probably most don't work, but might be worth looking at anyway

for all combos ending in airthrow > 236A you can buffer a 5A afterwards to catch no tech. If the opponent doesn't no tech you can jump up to chase their tech. If you don't want this tech trap and would rather have more standard oki you can just ignore the ending 236A and take the knockdown off air throw.

"These are the combos you need to play like Greats" - Greats


video example

2A > 2B > cl.C > cl.D > 3B > 214C > 214C > 214C

Confirm into rekka, the string of normals before the rekka isn't super important, but you need to confirm that you're close enough for the rekka to connect.

2A > 2B > 2A > 2B > 2A > 2B > 5C > 236B

236B will work when you push yourself out in the confirm, or if you just start a string far away.

Throw > 5A/2A (whiff) > 3B > sjc > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > land > jump > j.A > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > Air throw

Throw combo, use the whiff to make it easier to get the 3B to hit (don't forget that chaos code has an infinite buffer for held normals). Also, the first air series needs to be delayed a bit so that the opponent doesn't get floated too high for the rejump.

Throw > 236D > 2C > cl.D > sjc > j.B(1) > j.C > D > land > jump > j.A > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.C > j.D > j.236A > air throw > 236A

Corner only throw combo. The j.236A isn't needed, so just ignore it and go straight into airthrow if you didn't take that extra move.

CH 623A(1) > 2B > 2C > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > air throw

Combo off DP. The situation may seem unlikely, but A DP will trade in a lot of situations and most trades will lead to this combo.

EX combos

video example

2A > 2B > cl.C > cl.D > 3B > 214AC > 214P > 214P > 2B > 236B

simple confirm into EX rekka, will carry to the corner and let the opponent air tech out.

2A > 2B > cl.C > cl.D > 3B > 214AC > 214P > 214P > 2B > 236BD > jump > j.A > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > 236A > air throw > 236A

ex rekka into ex mugen, full screen corner carry for 1 bar into an air throw.

2A > 2B > cl.C > cl.D > 3B > 214AC > 214P > 214P > 5B > 2C > sjc > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > land > jump > j.A > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 236A > air throw > 236A

Corner combo off ex rekka

2A > 2B > cl.C > cl.D > 3B > 214AC > 214P > 214P > 5B > 2C > 236BD > jump > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.C > j.D > 236A > air throw > 236A

Corner combo using ex rekka and ex mugen, bit more damage for 50 more meter, also easier since it avoids the rejump.

Super combos

video example

Throw > 5A/2A (whiff) > 3B > sjc > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > land > jump > j.A > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > 214214D > land > 2A > 2C > sjc > j.A > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > air throw

throw combo into divekick super.

2A > 2B > cl.C > cl.D > 3B > 214AC > 214P > 214P > 5B > 2C > 236BD > jump > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.C > j.D > 214214B > oki

after the super you can jump and input an air shuriken to meaty the opponent back into the corner.

2A > 2B > cl.C > cl.D > 3B > 214AC > 214P > 214P > 5B > 2C > 236BD > jump > j.B(1) > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.A > j.C > j.D > 236A > air throw > 236A > 214214D

for damage, it doesn't really matter what you start with, just know that you can cancel air shuriken into divekick super to kill for 2 bars

Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Mid. Cancelable. Standing chop.

2A - Mid. Cancelable. Crouching chop. Appears to be faster than 5A.

cl.B - Low. Cancelable. Side kick.

5B - Mid. Cancelable. Side kick. A pretty quick move, good for catching people when in range.

2B - Low. Cancelable. Fast crouching low kick with decent range.

cl.C - Mid. Cancelable. Two hit sword slash and stab. Can be jump and special cancelled after either hit.

5C - Mid. Cancelable. Sword thrust, seems to have good range.

2C - Mid. Cancelable. Sword swipe anti-air. Moves Kagari forward a bit.

cl.D - Mid. Cancelable. Standing knee attack.

5D - Mid. Not cancelable. Kagari leans to the floor and angles a kick up high. Anti-air looking move.

2D - Low. Not cancelable. Standard sweep.

j.A - High. Cancelable. Jumping horizontal chop like 2/5A.

j.B - High. Cancelable. Two hit jumping move, one kick goes straight and the other slightly up.

nj.C - High. Cancelable. Sword slash below.

j.C - High. Cancelable. When jumping away or towards j.C becomes a sword stab move. Strong move, seems to be active a very long time.

nj.D - High. Cancelable. Kagari does the jumping splits.

j.D - High. Cancelable. When jumping away or towards j.D becomes a standard horizontal kick.

Command Normals

3B - Low. Cancelable. Kagari scoots up a bit then does the splits. Combo extender, and can pick up wallbounces as well.

A+C - Airthrow. Combo ender, and can leave you in a knockdown position (or rather close to one) in the corner.

Special Moves

Kasumi Nagi - 214A/C (follow up two more times)

This is her three part rekka series. Very useful in combos, and your go to meterless combo tool. If you have a stock of meter, you can follow up the last hit with j.214214B.

  • A ver - ends in a teleport
  • C ver - ends with the opponent in the air (they can tech)
  • EX ver (EX) - ends in an OTGable knockdown
Shuriken - Senkou - 236A/C

The ever useful shuriken. Useful for zoning/spacing and general annoyance. Builds a bit of meter when it hits, and a tiny bit on block.

  • A ver - slower projectile.
  • C ver - faster than the A version.
  • EX ver (EX) - hits 3 times and goes real fast
Mugen - 236B/D (hold D for low attack for D ver)

Kagari runs forward and either swipes or hops with her sword. Builds meter on whiff but risky doing so. Could be useful for whiff punishing.

  • B ver - Kagari runs forward and swipes upward. Builds a fair amount of meter on whiff. Two hits and builds lots of meter on hit, and less on block.
  • D ver - Kagari runs forward and hops with a j.C attack. Builds lots of meter on whiff, and a lot on hit. Holding D will make her go low. On counterhit, the high will lead to an easy combo. The low version on counterhit will lead to a small pickup for a combo.
  • EX ver (EX) - Kagari does a similar animation to B Mugen, but ends with an overhead. Launches if OTG state was already used midcombo. The input can be held down for a knockdown instead.
Mugen - Utsuroi - 214B/D

This is Kagari's command dash which helps her make up space, and useful for mixup on opponents who respect it. Does not build meter.

  • B ver - Kagari dashes on the ground and can go through the opponent.
  • D ver - Kagari dashes on the ground and can pass through the opponent, but jumps straight up at the end. Doesn't cover as much distance as the B version.
  • EX ver (EX) - Kagari dashes forward a much shorter distance than her B ver. Faster startup than both versions. Capable of crossing up into the corner.
Genjin - 623A/C

Typical Shoryuken attack. A version can give combos on trade. Both versions build roughly the same amount of meter.

  • A ver - Kagari jumps straight up with her sword, good anti-air. Two hits.
  • C ver - Kagari steps forward and jumps up with her sword. Three hits.
  • EX ver (EX) - Kagari steps forward and jumps up with her sword. Hits 3 times, deals a stack of poison damage on the second hit.

Extra Specials

Shuriken - Rakurai - j.236A/C

A very useful special move to pick at character select do to the fact it gives Kagari more spacing control, and helping her build meter on hit while doing so.

  • A ver - Kagari throws the shuriken almost straight below her, at a very slight angle. Can be used for oki setups as it can cross up easily.
  • C ver - Kagari throws the shuriken at about a 45 degree angle.
Kawarimi - Oboro - BD/j.BD

This is a counter move. When hit during the animation Kagari will teleport into the air behind the opponent. Once in the air she has access to all of her air options.

Ultimate Chaos

Ougi - Rasen - 236236B/D

Kagari dashes forward to kick the opponent up in the air, following up with the beloved Izuna drop. Both versions seem to do the same amount of damage.

  • B ver A shorter dash than the D version.
  • D ver Kagari will dash a bit more forward that the B version.
Ougi - Manji Senkou Ha - 2141236A/C

Kagari creates a wave of energy with her sword. This super is a good combo extender. This move almost goes full screen. Both versions seem nearly identical.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Ougi - Harinezumi - 236236A/C

One of the selectable supers. This one Kagari uses her "robo dreads" to pierce and punch the opponent and inflicting poison. A good combo ender as the poison will keep damaging the opponent durring your following pressure/mixups.

Ougi - Ryuusei Kyaku - 214214B/D (midair also)

Probably the more popular super to choose, due to the fact that it's a great combo ender, Kagari can continue a small pickup combo afteward. Both versions seem to go the same distance, unless done in the air.

  • B ver - This version works more in combos.
  • D ver - This version when done in the air travels further and can hit full screen.

Destruction Chaos

Hi Ougi - Ura Rasen - 2363214A+C

Her most powerful super, it uses all three bars of meter. Kagari turns around and back bumps the opponent, and a seal appears while her armor disappears. She carries the opponent up and slams them against the walls for eight hits before coming down again.

This super is a very good punish at close range, and very easy to combo into. Don't be afraid to use it to get ahead and win.



  • Console Versions: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
A Button B Button C Button D Button
R1 + A Button R1 + B Button R1 + C Button R1 + D Button
  • A Button: Normal version.
  • B Button: Eva Unit 02 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • D Button: Nirvash (Eureka Seven)
  • R1+B Buttons: Hyaku Shiki (Zeta Gundam)
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