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Stun: 90

Hermes is a sorceress working for Kurenai's anti-Earth Union group, joined in battle by elemental spirits of fire, lightning and ice. She has many options for controlling the screen and generally disrupting the opponent's game with her lightning traps, ranged attacks and nasty mixups (she's got several anti air options, low hitting attacks and even a command grab) to encourage creative play.

It's extremely important to note that you cannot cancel moves using the same spirit type and that you cannot use a spirit again until it disappears. This hurts her combo potential, especially compared to characters who have easily spammable one-hit supers.

Run vs Step


Hermes needs to be able to run to do her corner loop which is a source of considerable damage if you manage to start it and keep it going. Being able to Run is also important to be able to capitalize on situations like ice trap knockdown or comboing off of ice trap super. You're going to need all the damage you can get, so you're probably better off sticking with Run.


Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Mid. Cancelable.
  • Basic standing chop that doesn't chain into itself and seems pretty slow. Can occasionally be used to catch aerial opponents but 2C is much better for the job.
2A - Mid. Cancelable.
  • Better, faster, longer than 5A. It has a similar range to 2B and the two can be alternated due to their speed. A decent poke, but mostly used to catch falling opponents when they're close to the ground and 2C won't get them in time.
c.B - Low. Cancelable.
  • Awkward shin kick that can be used in place of f.B in some combos, but only because you just happened to be too close at the time. It's faster than it looks and will link from 2B, but you'll only want to use it in the middle of combos and not as a poke.
f.B - Mid. Cancelable.
  • Flapping heel kick that moves slightly forward and has the longest range of all Hermes' normals except 6B. A very respectable poke and an easy damage option if you pick the 214+A/C extra special move. Just beware of its mostly horizontal hitbox and try not to eat an IAD combo because of it.
2B - Low. Cancelable.
  • A decent low poke that chains into itself and can easily be converted into damage. If your opponent is in the corner, feel free to add a number of 2Bs to your combo just to add damage or get the perfect spacing. This will also link after c.D and can be used to extend corner combos or even start a loop.
5C - Mid. Cancelable.
  • Hermes swings her arm up in the air as if she's dancing or something. While it looks goofy as hell, this move has pretty solid range for a cancellable C normal and has a pretty good vertical hitbox as well. This is mostly used in combos when you're out of range for c.D and still want some decent damage.
2C - Mid. Cancelable.
  • Hermes stands and swats upwards leaving a trail of yellow behind. Your best anti-air and an okay poke if you're trying to keep the opponent from jumping. This move is often used with c.D to pick up the opponent to start air combos as it pushes them up, rather than forward.
c.D - Mid. Cancelable.
  • Hermes bends over and throws a high kick behind her. This move can be used as an anti-air but 2C is more effective as you won't have to worry about how close your opponent is. After 2C, this move is great for starting air combos as it's high damage and does a good job of putting the opponent higher into the air.
f.D - Mid. Not cancelable.
  • Spinning forward kick that has more range than 5C, but less than f.B. It can be used as a poke occasionally but you'll probably see this more often if you misjudge the distance required for c.D. While it's not exactly a terrible move, it's not cancelable, so it's usefulness is quite limited.
2D - Low. Not cancelable.
  • Basic hard knockdown sweep with slightly more range than 2B. This is mostly used for ice trap setups on oki.
j.A - High. Cancelable.
  • Circular sleeve swat that you'll rarely ever use. It has SLIGHTLY more horizontal range than j.C and probably something you could use in a pinch, but it won't be often.
j.B - High. Cancelable.
  • A downward kick that comes out pretty fast and is your go-to air combo starter. It makes an alright jump-in and an okay air-to-air, but you'll probably use j.C more often due to its high number of active frames.
j.C - High. Cancelable.
  • Triangular sleeve slash that hits twice and looks a lot like Charlotte's strong air slash from SamSho. This move is typically used for jump-ins and as an air-to-air because of how long it stays active and has pretty decent range to boot. It can be cancelled on the first hit into specials or j.D which is something you'll typically do in air combos.
j.D - High. Cancelable.
  • A downward heel stomp that looks awfully familiar. Hits more below Hermes than j.B and comes out fast enough to hit a standing opponent on neutral jump. This move is typically used in the middle of air combos to add damage and not very often on its own.

Command Normals

Charming Step - 6+B

  • Short hopping kick with upper body invincibility. While Hermes is off the ground, she is considered airborne and can cancel into aerial specials. After she lands, she can cancel the recovery frames into ground specials.

Special Moves

Humiliating Bind - 632146+A/C
  • A command grab that disables the opponent from using special and super moves, air dashes, and Exceed Mode. Cannot be cancelled into, but has a slight amount of invincibility. Curse effect lasts for about 7 seconds. Damage from this command throw is pitiful, although it can be super cancelled but is generally not worth it.
Flaming Desire - 214+B/D
  • B ver: Hermes places a sphere of electricity in front of her. This sphere will be used for the D version of this move as well as for a few other specials. You can have a maximum of three spheres onscreen at any given moment. Can cancel in midair from 6B. Stays on-screen for about 10 seconds before exploding on its own for small damage.
  • D ver: Hermes summons a ball of electricity in front of her. If you have any spheres placed from 214B, the ball will travel to each sphere in the order you placed them, like a projectile. Otherwise, it just explodes immediately. Can cancel in midair from 6B. Basic air combo ender.
  • ex ver (EX): Hermes summons three balls of electricity in front of her, which explode. This move is amazing. It has a ton of active frames, is usable midair, and has a deceptively wide and tall hitbox. You'll get a wallbounce on counterhit for a big combo, otherwise you'll get a hard knockdown to set up your oki. Can cancel in midair from 6B. Overall a good use of meter and rather effective anti-air.
Singeing Sensation - 236+A/C

Crack that whip! Give the past a slip! ... I say whip it! Whip it good!

  • A ver: Hermes lashes out directly in front of her with the fire spirit's whip. Solid range, unfortunately only has one super cancel that doesn't work except at close range anyway, largely defeating the purpose.
  • C ver: Hermes lashes out diagonally above her to hit airborne opponents. There are two hits, the flame and the whip, of which only the whip is untechable.
  • ex ver (EX): Similar to the A version, except with a large ring of fire surrounding the whip. Hits 3 times and brings the opponent closer to Hermes. This can only be comboed into with a counterhit. Vacuum effect does not work on block.
Awakening of Gaia - 22+B/D
  • B ver: Hermes calls the ice spirit to lay a trap in front of her. If the opponent touches this, they are knocked down. This is your go-to oki option, also good against rush happy characters to force them to face your dangerous array of anti-airs. Stays on-screen for 4 seconds.
  • D ver: The ice spirit delays a bit, then pounds the ground to create a low hitting, respectably fast projectile that causes a short amount of stun. Can be hit-confirmed for an easy follow up with 236A, 236236P, or dash f.B depending on distance.
Piercing Thunder - 623+B/D

Hermes calls the lightning spirit to summon a lightning bolt. Simultaneously, all spheres on screen will be detonated, creating additional lightning bolts at their location. Very similar to Rachel's Sword Iris. The button used will determine the location of the initial bolt.

  • B ver: The lightning bolt appears directly in front of Hermes. Not particularly useful unless you have spheres out.
  • D ver: The lightning bolt appears about a half screen distance away. This version IS quite useful for controlling space, even without spheres on the screen, but take care because it is ridiculously easy to punish.
  • ex ver (EX): Hermes calls a wave of lightning down in front of her, which hits 5 times. Inflicts a massive amount of stun damage, especially when used along with 3 orbs, but otherwise has no noticeable advantages over the B version.

Extra Specials

Blazing Jealousy - 214+A/C

  • A ver: The fire spirit flies out in front of Hermes for a bit, like a short ranged projectile. Relatively safe and easier to combo into from 6B.
  • C ver: Hermes and the fire spirit charge toward the opponent together. Super cancels into certain moves, but is harder to combo into from 6B unless you space it perfectly. Air unblockable. Floats high in the air on counter-hit for easy combos.

Bursting Desire - 236+B/D

  • The lightning spirit appears and summons a large burst of electricity in front of Hermes, hitting 5 times. Visually similar to 214+D, but functionally quite different. If done too close to the opponent only one hit will connect. If you have sphere traps set, they will grow to be the same size as the lightning ball. This move inflicts the most stun damage out of all of Hermes' specials, especially with 3 orbs set, but it's very unlikely you'll ever be able to utilize such a situation.

Ultimate Chaos

Infernal Conflagration - 236236+A/C
  • Hermes and the fire spirit fire a massive beam of flame that hits three times. Successfully super cancels from 5C, 22B/D, 236+B/D, 214+BD and 623+B/D.
Shaking Lightning Storm - 236236+B/D
  • The lightning spirit appears and surrounds Hermes with a giant barrier of electricity. Super cancels from almost all of Hermes's specials, making this good combo fodder. Be careful about throwing it out raw, as if the opponent is not in the middle of something REALLY unsafe, they can hold back during the startup and block the move as it comes out.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Scorching Pleasure - 632146+B/D
  • Hermes kicks directly in front of her. If the move connects, she will stomp the opponent to the floor as the fire spirit punishes them with a vicious whipping. The move has slight invulnerability on startup, but don't rely on it too much as a reversal. Successfully super cancels from 6B, 236+B/D and 22+B/D.
Raging Blizzard - 214214+B/D
  • The ice spirit lays a much larger trap shortly in front of Hermes. If the opponent does not step on it it eventually fades away. However, if the opponent is hit Hermes is still active, allowing you to choose whether to go for the mixup or to try and increase your damage.

Destruction Chaos

Purifying Brilliance - 2363214+AC
  • Hermes summons an earth spirit that slams its hand down to create a highly damaging energy wave. Super cancels successfully from 6B. In spite of its lengthy animation, it can be comboed into quite easily and can also be comboed out of before the opponent touches the ground.


  • 2AB, 5CD, 214+C, 236236+B/D
  • 2AB, 5CD 6+B, 214+A
  • 2AB, 5CD 6+B, 2141236+B/D
  • 22+B, 623+B
  • 22+B, 214+C
  • 22+B, 2C, cl.D, hj.BCD, 214+D or BD
  • 5ABC, 623+BD, 236236+A/C
  • 5ABC, 214+BD, 236236+A/C
  • 2AB, 5BC, 236+B/D, 236236+A/C
  • 5ABC, 236+B/D, 2141236+B/D
  • 5ABC, 214+C, 214214+B/D
  • 5ABC, 6+B, 2363214+AC
  • 2B, 5C, B+C, 236236+A/C, A+B, 2C, 214+BD, 214214+B/D, 236236+A/C, A+B, 2C, j.BCD, j.214D
  • Throw, 236+C
  • Throw, 236+B/D, 236236+A/C
  • Throw, dash up, 2C, cl.D, hj.BCD, j.214+D or BD
  • Throw, IAD j.BD, cl.D, hj.BCD, j.214+D or BD
  • Throw, IAD j.BD, 5C, 214+BD (wallslam), 236236+A/C
  • Throw, IAD j.BD, 2C, cl.D, 236+C(one hit), 2A, 5BC, 214+BD (Corner only)
  • 2B, 5CD, 2BB, 5C, delay 6+B, 214+C (Corner only)
  • 2AB, 5CD, 6+B, 214+A, 214214+B/D (Corner only)
  • 5ABC, 236+B/D, 214214+B/D (Corner only)
  • 2B, 5CD, 2B, 5C, 214+C, B+C, cl.D, 214+BD, 214214+B/D, 236236+A/C, A+B, 5CD, 214+BD, 214214+B/D, 2C, hj.BCD, j.214+D (Corner only)



  • PS3 Version: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
A Button B Button C Button D Button
R1 + A Button R1 + B Button R1 + C Button R1 + D Button
  • A Button: Normal version
  • D Button: KOS-MOS (Xenosaga)
  • R1+B Buttons: I-no (Guilty Gear)
  • R1+D Buttons: Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)
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