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What the hell? Why is there no netcode? Dead game! Dead game!

There's netcode as of the PS4 release!

These translations are pure garbage.

FK Digital has translated everything on their own, without any third party assistance. They aren't native English speakers, and it shows. The only answer I can give you is the translations will be hopefully get better in the future, for Arc System Works will be on board for the international releases.

The music loops aren't fluid for some stages. Is there a reason for this?

I honestly don't have an answer for this. But if it makes you feel better, it was also this way in the arcade version to an extent. So don't worry...your money wasn't spent on an inferior product.


I'm pressing X and I keep ending up at the title screen! Help!

The only region Chaos Code has been released to at this time is Asia. O is confirm, and X is cancel.

Tactical Guard activates as normal, but misses the opponent. Why is that?

TG hitboxes are just like any other hitbox, they can be avoided with good spacing.

[Insert glitch here] is happening. Game is unplayable.

FKD has taken a very old school aproach to balancing chaos code. Whenever some kind of glitch pops up they lean twords just leaving it in unless it's actually game breaking. Since the game has been out for around 5 years, most of these glitches are known already and are just considered part of the game.

How do I select MG Hikaru?

You should notice an arrow to the left of Hikaru's character select box. Simply highlight him and press left to select MG Hikaru.

How do I get Ending B anyway?

Finish two of the first three fights of arcade mode with super cancels, and you will fight your rival after stage 3. As long as you complete arcade mode successfully beyond this point, you will get ending B.

What are EX options?

EX options are mostly just fun unlocks to spend points on, the tournament standard for this game is the default, so you don't need to worry about grinding them out.

What's the difference between regular, EX, and boss characters?

Regular characters are normal. EX characters do less damage, but have access to all their extra moves at any given time. Boss characters are special, purposefully broken versions of the main cast. To unlock EX characters go to the bottom of the 4th page in collections and buy it for 10,000 points after clearing arcade mode twice. To buy boss characters, clear arcade mode once with the character who's boss version you want, then go to the 4th page of collections below extra colors.

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