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-Pros and Cons-

+ All of her normals/specials have their uses
+ Good and safe rushdown when done correctly
+ Decent damage anywhere on the screen
+ Has no problems dealing with zoning due to Tragic Disparity
+ Has many defensive and offensive options
+ Selectable Command Grab and reversal super
+ Teleport recovers very quickly and is invulnerable all the way through until the end.
+ Majority of match-ups are even.
+ Great corner carry with meter
+ Fullscreen laser super for easy punishes
+ Metallic is the best Celia II Kai player

-Poor Health
-Oki is very basic
-Normals don't have much vertical reach
-Projectile isn't the best
-Mix-up isn't that great
-Damage is dependent on meter
-The only ground overhead she has, Hell's configuration, is very telegraphed and slow.

Run vs Step


Celia's booster wings come out of her back and she charges forward across the screen. Celia covers the entirety of the screen in about a second or so. The dash is normal, special, jump and back (pressing four) cancelable as any point during the dash. This can be used for fake-out approaches or what have you. This run is also used in many of her Bnb's, so as of right now it is the best option for Celia.


Celia hops forward a character length. This hop can be used to cancel normals on hit or block. Step is a legit option for Celia as she can actually extend her midscreen combos using Dodge(A+B) instead of 66. When combined with Core Of Death and Vanishing Pressure, if played correctly, she can be quite terrifying.

Move List

Normal Moves

Celia II has pretty good normals, her best being 2A, 5B, F.5C, J.D and J.A. Overall all of her normals have their uses.

5A - Mid. Cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: N/A

Short ranged poke. Can be staggered and cancels into itself.

2A - Low. Cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: N/A

Celia's hand turns into a drill and bores into the enemy's feet. Hits 2 times and can be linked into itself and chained into 2D for a knockdown as a small hitconfirm if you're outta range for something else. Stays active for a while, long hitbox, can still be chained into 2D even at max range. Very good.

5B - Mid. Cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: N/A

Celia's dress pokes out. Less range than 2B, so not as good as 2A for poking, seems to be actually punishable my some jabs

2B - Low. Cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: N/A

Celia throws out a kick towards the ankle. Low with slightly less range than 2A can be used for a quick low as to not prorate your combo

cl.C - Mid. Cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: Spin

A short ranged upwards swipe. Trades with a lot of stuff when used as a anti-air, so it isn't recommended as one.

f.5C - Mid. Cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: Spin

Celia attacks with a Mid ranged scythe swipe downwards. Hits from about 2 character lengths. Moves her forward a little.

2C - Mid. Cancelable. Air Blockable | Special CH Effect: Spin

A cannon fired from Celia's mouth. Hits about 2 character lengths.

5D - Mid. Not cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: Spin

An axe rotates around Celia's entire body. Moves her forward some, hits for about 2 character lengths. Doesn't deter cross-ups, the hitbox is only in the front of Celia.

2D - Low. Not cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: Knockdown state (OTGable)

Celia's leg turns into a saw and extends. Hits low, causes knockdown. You can pick up for a combo with 2B on Counter Hit.

j.A - High. Cancelable. Air Blockable | Special CH Effect: N/A

Celia's hand turns into a drill, just like her 2A. Very Good ranged air to air that hits twice, easily confirmable into J.5C > DJ.5BCD > Deadly Spark

j.B - High. Cancelable. Air Blockable | Special CH Effect: N/A

Celia kicks downwards whilst in the air. Not as good an air to air or jump-in as J.A and J.C respectively. This is mostly a combo-filler. Though useful when you SJ cancel backwards to IAD forwards again as J.C will whiff on crouchers in this situation and J.B will hit.

j.C - High. Cancelable. Air Blockable | Special CH Effect: Spin

Celia's scythe slashes upwards making for a not-too-bad air-to-air but great IAD on standing opponents as it cancels quickly into J.D to create a double overhead. Works best if you're somewhat 'deep' IAD'ing in, or against cornered opponents.

j.D - High. Cancelable. Air Blockable | Special CH Effect: Spin

Celia's scythe twirls about her waist, glowing red. Mainly used for AD cross-ups as the hitbox is all around her. Not as good as J.A as an air-to-air, but a good jump-in.

Command Normals

6A - Drill Mid. Cancelable. Air Unblockable | Special CH Effect: N/A

Celia's hand becomes a bigger drill and hits three times. Each hit is cancelable and the third hit pushes the opponent back 2 character lengths on block.

Special Moves

Raging Tomahawk - 236A/C
  • A ver | Special CH Effect: Cannot induce Counter Hit state

Celia flings one Tomahawk across the screen at a medium speed. Recovers decently on block due to push-back.

  • C ver | Special CH Effect: Cannot induce Counter Hit state

Celia flings two Tomahawks instead of one. Start up is longer, blades seem to be a bit faster, but recovery is longer.

  • EX ver | Special CH Effect: Cannot induce counter Hit state

One giant tomahawk is thrown at a 35 degree angle. Start up is very quick, but you can't move until it's left the screen.

Deadly Spark - 623A/C
  • A ver | Special CH Effect: Float

Celia spins around horizontally on fire, similar to Bison's psycho crusher. Useful as a combo ender or ballsy way to cover space.

  • C ver | Special CH Effect: Float

Celia spins about 3/4th screen, crossing the enemy (On block) up if they are within this distance. More damage, seems to start-up about the same as A version.

  • EX ver | Special CH Effect: Cannot induce Counter Hit state

Celia's spins horizontally and turns purple instead of red, shooting towards the opponent. Very fast start-up and recovery.

Hell's Configuration - 214A/C
  • A ver | Special CH Effect: Spin

Celia hops off the ground and forward a third of the screen, bringing down her scythe along the way. This move is a quite slow overhead.

  • C ver | Special CH Effect: Groundbounce

Celia hops off the ground about a half screen distance, bring down her scythe in the meantime. This is an overhead as well that causes an OTGable knockdown.

  • EX ver | Special CH Effect: Groundbounce

Celia once again hops about a half screen, covered in flames. This move hits three times and can OTG on it's own. It is an overhead and causes knockdown.

Tragic Disparity - 214B/D
  • B/D ver | Special CH Effect: N/A

Celia surrounds herself with a green force field. This field utterly says 'Fuck your projectiles'. Against Celia I, this will make intense zoning game redundant as it even sends her dolls back once they fly forward. On top of that, this aura seems to have invuln frames as it can be activated pretty late and still reflect projectiles without harm.

Extra Specials

Tricky Vision - 214/236B+D

Celia's turns into pixels and teleports forwards (236) or backwards (214). The additional input of 6B+D or 4B+D will move you forwards or backwards again respectively. This move invincible through the entire thing, but there is recovery at the end. If someone is mashing an A button at the point you teleported and you pressed a button, you'll be hit.

Core of Death - 632146B/D

Celia grabs the opponent and blows them into the air in front of her. Untech time is amazing, and you can get pretty decent damage off of it and it's even comboable. The downside is that, like most command grabs in this game, if this is whiffed, you're open for punishment. Very open.

Ultimate Chaos

Burning Gaze - 236236A/C

Celia fires a green laser fullscreen, can be used to end combos, though you'll be wanting to use your meter for better things. Both versions are the same.

Refusal Missile - 236236B/D

Celia fires a missile from her mouth, which on contact causes the opponent to pop into the air, unable to act until they hit the ground. B version fires right in front of her and D version fires exactly halfscreen distance in front of her.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Cruel Ascension - 214214A/C

Celia forms a giant tornado up in the sky made of flames. The opponent is send flying through the air. Decent damage, fast start-up and potential as a reversal. Can follow-up with 2B afterwards to continue your combo.

Vanishing pressure - 6321463214B/D

Celia bring out two frying pan looking things and sandwiches the enemy between them before throwing em into the air. Can follow-up afterwards without much issue if you Whiff 5A, as it'll help with the timing for continuing the combo. Comboable, better used in combos as ticking this is iffy.

Destruction Chaos

Separation.KAI -2363214A+C

Celia creates gigantic sword and swings it at the enemy. The sword is unblockable, costs three bars and takes out 50% of the opponents health. The set back is that it's sickeningly slow but the range is pretty damn good.


Many of Celia's combos are continued using the Run movement option into 2B > f.5C for midscreen OTG. Doing this off of throw is kinda tight, but it's easy once you get the timing and practice down. As of right now, using Step Celia doesn't seem to allow you any particular advantages over Run besides the norm of canceling and meter differences.


Celia's combos involve a lot of delays, some links and tight timings once they reach the advanced levels. She has decent corner carry without meter and her corner carry only grows once she gets her meter up and a nice starter. Her damage is pretty good and a lot of hit confirms can lead into pretty good damage and lead to Oki. Her damage/carry is meter dependent which isn't much of a surprise considering this game.

== Beginner Combos == No delays


2A > 2B > 2C > 2D - You get a Knockdown and a mix-up after this since 2D knocks down Visual

2A (2A, 2A) > 2D - The other 2A's are links into the 2D. If you choke up a confirm, at least get a knockdown. Visual

2A > 5B > 5C > 6A(3) > 623A (Deadly Spark) - This is your BnB when meterless. Easy peasy stuffs. I won't type up all the variations. Visual

== Intermediate Combos == Delays

In these combos, you'll want to delay your 5C after 2B so you will get f.5C instead of c.5C. f.5C hits them while they are lower, so you can Super Jump Cancel on hit into J.B into delayed J.C and delayed J.D so you can once again pick back up with c.5C and continue the combo. (d) will be put where delays are required. 2B after 66 after throw is usually tight and must be done right after she slams the opponent down to connect.


Throw (5/6/4A+C) > 662B > (d)5C > Sj9.B > (d)J.C > (d)J.D > c.5C > Sj.BCD > J.623A Deadly Spark - Midscreen that moves them to the corner. Visual

IAD J.CD > 5C > 6A(1) > 63246B/D Core of Death > 214C Hell's Configuration > 662B > (d)5C > Sj9.B > (d)J.C > (d)J.D > c.5C > Sj.BCD > J.623A Deadly Spark Visual

IAD J.CD > 5C > 6A(3) > 214 EX Hell's Configuration > 662B > (d)f.5C > Sj9.B > (d) J.C > (d) J.D > c.5C > Sj.BCD > 623A Deadly Spark Visual

2A(2) > 2B > 2C > 236236B Refusal Missile > 662B > (d)5C > Sj9.B > (d)J.C > (d)J.D > c.5C > Sj.BCD > J.623A Deadly Spark Visual


632146B/C Core of Death > 214C Hell's Configuration > 662B > (d)5C > Sj9.B > (d)J.C > (d)J.D > c.5C > Sj.BCD > J.623A Deadly Spark Visual

(Back to corner) 8j.BD > 5C > 6A > 214A/C Hell's Configuration > 662B > 214A+C EX Hell's Configuration > 662B > (d)5C > Sj9.B > (d)J.C > (d)J.D > c.5C > Sj.BCD > J.623A Deadly Spark - Goes fullscreen to corner for 1 bar.

IAD J.CD > 5C > 236C > Raging Tomahawk > 2B > 5C > 236C > 236236B Refusal Missile > 214C Hell's Configuration > 2B > 2C > Sj.9 > J.B > J.C(d) > J.D(d) > 5C > Sj.9 > J.BCD > 623A Deadly Spark Visual

(Back to corner) 2A(2) > 5C > 6A(3) > 236236B Refusal Missle > 66(Here, you dash -under- the opponent, which puts them in the corner) > 2B > (d)5C > Sj9.B > (d)J.C > (d)J.D > c.5C > Sj.BCD > J.623A Deadly Spark Visual




Your goal in neutral is the usual. CH fishing and trying to score that hit. Celia's Abare is pretty good where she can convert any hit into decent damage and meter gain isn't that bad, either. Her Abare just becomes even stronger when she has meter to spare. When Celia has meter, she can carry you right off to the corner if she's close enough. So, take advantage of any situation where your opponent is slacking.

Your tools in neutral are:

236A Raging Tomahawk- This is the version with one blade and the least recovery on it. This is your tool simply when you want to keep your opponent still for a moment or two. C version isn't recommended unless you're using it at a certain range or against zoners since if your opponent IAD's over it, you're gunna get CH and die.

J.A- This is your air to air. Depending on how you use this, you can easily confirm into just a Deadly Spark or a Double Jump combo.

Tragic Disparity- You can use this to reflect your opponents own projectiles back at them. If you do this at a suitable range, you can turn the opponents tools in your own tools and try getting in.

2C- Pretty long range, great for counter fishing as it induces Spin state, making it really easy to confirm for big damage.

2A- The range is pretty good and it'll always go into 2D, thus you'll get a knockdown even at max range. Getting that knockdown takes things from neutral and puts you in control for the moment.

J.C/J.D- These are normals you can also use for getting in. J.D for cross-ups off of SJ cancels and J.C for getting an overhead in from a certain range. Do it semi-deep as if it whiffs, you're open to punishment.


Celia has good defensive options coupled with her rolls, though lacks a solid anti-air. As an anti-air air, she'll have to either properly just f.5C or use Tragic Disparity. Depending on how close the opponent is close to the corner, Tragic Disparity will just return things to neutral and you won't get anything off of it. If they're in the corner, you can confirm into Cruel Ascension and continue from there.

Your defensive tools are:

Tragic Disparity- Iffy Anti-Air and use as a DP since it's invuln on start-up.

Tricky Vision- Your two-part teleport that is invulnerable all the way until the end. It recovers pretty quickly and can get you outta bad spots.

EX Tragic Configuration- Reversal and Corner carry tool. You get a full combo off of this and can be used as an anti-air if done correctly.

Cruel Ascension- Reversal Super, very decent damage and you can combo off of it in certain circumstances..

SEPARATION.KAI- Unblockable lvl3 Super Sword. If your opponent can't dodge within range, they're getting hit. Period. 50% damage from full life and catches you in a lot of places.

Roll- Your basic A+B roll. You can be grabbed out of this.

Parry- Your basic Parry. Don't get mashy with it. That meter will do you good in other places as well.


Your offense will be a mix-up of safe rushdown and spacing. Up close your mix-up game isn't much to be feared. All of your things can be blocked low, so you'll be needing to mix-in super jumping canceling, tick grabs, guard breaks and the command grab if you run it. Celia's Oki is basic. What I mean by basic is that she doesn't have something like Herme's lightning puddle to set down on a knockdown opponent to set up unblockables, or get in free mix-up. You can get your shit parried and you could be killed. So, you want to mix up between these things.

  • Empty jumps into low, grab, Core of Death
  • Baiting parries and reversals
  • Deep jump-ins or deep IAD's
  • Forward jump IAD Back into J.D
  • Cross-up J.D after knockdown or SJ-Canceled normal

There are many other options and gimmicks that you can figure out on your own.

Your offensive tools are:

2A- Long ranged poke, low, cancleable. Chains into 2D and 2B for more lows.

2D- Very long ranged and causes knockdown

2C- Mid ranged canon shot from the mouth, good to use when CH fishing. SJ cancleable

f.5C/6A- Big hitboxes and air unblockable normals

EX Hell's Configuration- Reversal, full combo off of it.

Core of Death- DO NOT WHIFF THIS BITCH.... Seriously, do not. You're left -wide open- for whatever starter your enemy wants to smack you with. This is great for ticking and keeping your opponent scared while you're rushing them down. You get decent damage off of this and once you instill the fear of it into your opponents mind, the mental game should even be in your favor.

Tragic Disparity- Reflects your opponents projectiles or even negates them.

Universal Unblockable- Add this into your mix-up for a free combo if they like to respect you.


Notable Players


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  • PS3 Version: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
A Button B Button C Button D Button
R1 + A Button R1 + B Button R1 + C Button R1 + D Button
  • A Button:
  • B Button:
  • C Button:
  • D Button: Metallic
  • R1+A Buttons:
  • R1+B Buttons:
  • R1+C Buttons:
  • R1+D Buttons:
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