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Bravo is an Italian chef who is enamored with Chinese cuisine, seeking Chaos Code to save his restaurant. He's a powerhouse with comboable grabs and solid range, setting him apart from the majority of poverty game grapplers.

Run vs Step

Run Neutral

Step Tick Throws


  • 5ABC, 6+A, 632146+A/C, 236326+A/C. Make sure you super cancel at the right moment (After Bravo flips the opponent over) and not too late or the table will whiff completely.
  • j.2+C, 2AB, 5C, 214+A/C, 6321463214+A/C
  • j.2+C, 2AB, 5C, 214+A/C, 6321463214+B/D
  • j.2+C, 2AB, 5C, 6+A, 214+C, 6321463214+A/C
  • j.2+C, 2AB, 5C, 6+A, 214+C, 6321463214+B/D
  • 22+B/D, 623+B/D


  • 6+A, 29, j.2+C, 5ABC, 6+A, 214+C, 236236+B/D


  • 6+A, 29, j.2+C, 5ABC, 6+A, 632146+A/C, 6321463214+B/D

Exceed Combo Pieces

  • 632146+A/C, BC, 214+C, 236236+B/D By far one of the most reliable exceed combo starters.
  • 236236+B/D (2 hits), AB, 22+C (4 hits), 236236+B/D
  • 236236+B/D (2 hits), AB, 5C, 6321463214+A/C

Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Mid. Cancelable.

2A - Mid. Cancelable.

cl.B - Low. Cancelable.

5B - Mid. Cancelable.

2B - Low. Cancelable.

cl.C - Mid. Cancelable.

5C - Mid. Cancelable.

2C - Mid. Cancelable.

cl.D - Mid. Cancelable.

5D - Mid. Not cancelable.

2D - Low. Not cancelable.

j.A - High. Cancelable.

j.B - High. Cancelable.

j.C - High. Cancelable.
j.D - High. Cancelable.

Command Normals

Bear's Paw - 6+A

  • Slow overhead punch that can be comboed into. Similar to command normals in King of Fighters, it has different properties when cancelled into. A raw Bear's Paw imparts massive hitstun and okay dizzy.

Noodle Press - 2+C in midair.

  • The essential grappler body splash. Good crossup material and combo starter.

Special Moves

Welcome Spin - 22+A/C
  • A ver: Every Street Fighter player should be familiar with this move, the infamous Zangief lariat. The A version is shorter and has very little startup.
  • C ver: Has a bit of startup, lasts a bit longer and moves slightly forward.
  • ex ver (EX): Bravo creates a tornado around himself as he spins around for about 3 seconds, hitting each time and ending with a punch that knocks down. By holding left or right, you can move Bravo in that direction.
Subliminating Frying Pan - 632146+A/C
  • Comboable command grab with solid range and relatively fast startup when close and okay-ish range. Does not cause a hard knockdown.
Passionate Thunderous Soup - 214+B/D
  • B ver: Traveling command grab similar to Zangief's powerbomb/suplex. This version has Bravo travel a fairly short distance.
  • D ver: Identical to the above, except Bravo travels a longer distance.
  • ex ver (EX): Bravo travels about half the screen's distance to grab his opponent.
Tornado Sausage - 214+A/C
  • A ver: Bravo slides forward a bit and smacks his opponent with a salami sausage. Does not knock down. Relatively safe on block.
  • C ver: Same as the above, but Bravo slides forward for a much greater distance and hits twice. Less safe on block
  • ex ver (EX): Identical to the C version, except it sends the opponent spiraling away from Bravo.
Inviting Dining Table - 236+A/C
  • A ver: Bravo lays out a dining table directly in front of him that knocks the opponent away from him. Comes out surprisingly fast.
  • C ver: After a bit of delay, Bravo lays a dining table out from underneath his opponent. This is a solid anti zoning tool, but beware of the slightly lengthy startup. Can also possibly be used as an oki tool.

Extra Specials

Flying Wrapped Dumpling - 623+B/D
  • B ver: Anti air grab that has Bravo jump slightly upwards above him and slam the opponent down in a gigantic dumpling. Good to use if they are close to you attempting a jump in.
  • D ver: Bravo jumps a large diagonal distance to grab the opponent. This version of the move has shocking range and can potentially catch people from half screen away! Make them scared to air dash with this.
Explosive Soup Dumpking - 22+B/D
  • Bravo hops forward and attempts a grab. If it connects, it sends the opponent into a falling state that allows you to combo afterwards. It's free damage if it hits, but it can't be comboed into and isn't very reliable.

Ultimate Chaos

Get Rage! Evil Ways Fast Food! - 236236+A/C
  • Infuriated by the soulless corporate processed meals of McDonalds, Bravo FLIPS a fucking table at his opponent. This can super cancel from his command grab or his 214+A/C, or juggle from 22+B/D. Does pretty respectable damage.
To The Sky! Subliminating Frying Pan - 6321463214 - A/C
  • Super command grab that does very large damage. Can be successfully super cancelled from 214+A/C on grounded opponents.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Kneel! Three Sacred Treasures - 236236+B/D
  • Anti air command grab without much range. If Bravo connects with it he will beat his victim with various meats (get your mind out of the gutter). Unfortunately, does not successfully super cancel off his basic command grab.
Shock! Crisis in the Restaurant - 6321463214 - B/D
  • Terrifyingly fast traveling command grab that goes the entire screen's distance and does solid damage. Can be comboed with a super cancel for ever MORE damage!

Destruction Chaos

Extreme Astonishment! First-Class Price - 2363214+AC
  • Bravo stomps forward and brings his fist down. If this connects, his hapless opponent will be bombarded by a swarm of customers. Mysteriously, it doesn't seem to successfully super cancel out of much and it's both blockable and short ranged, but I guess it makes a decent reversal?



  • PS3 Version: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
A Button B Button C Button D Button
R1 + A Button R1 + B Button R1 + C Button R1 + D Button
  • A Button: Normal version
  • D Button: Mario (Mario Bros)
  • R1+A Buttons: Alex Louis Armstrong (Full Metal Alchemist)
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