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Game ROMAsuka 120% LO
EmulatorMednafen (+ SNES rom)
Discord ServerAsuka 120% LO & Asuka Series

Asuka 120% LimitOver BURNING Fest.

Asuka 120% LimitOver BURNING Fest. is an anime fighting game developed by Fill in Cafe for Sega Saturn and published in September of 1998 as an update to their previous release (Asuka 120% Limited BURNING Fest., published by FamilySoft in October of 1997). It is set in a ‘90s anime high school full of girls whose idea of school festivals apparently involves beating the crap out of each other with clash combos and all-caps explosions.

Beginning in 1994, the Asuka 120% series inspired Arc System Works (Guilty Gear), French Bread (Melty Blood) and Examu (Arcana Heart) as a forerunner of anime fighting games, making prominent use of dodge mechanics and even inventing clashing altogether. It boasts a total of 9(!) titles; Asuka 120% LimitOver is the 7th game of the series and the last to be developed by Fill in Cafe themselves.

Asuka 120% LimitOver’s chaotic neutral is comprised of heavy air footsies and deep clash/dodge/guard cancel mindgames. It has many of the staples of later anime fighters such as running dashes, double jumps and gatling combos, and is in general designed to be quick to pick up and play.


Asuka Honda Ryuko Yamazaki Torami Houjyou Megumi Suzuki Kumi Ookubo Tamaki Shindou Karina Toyota

Nana Owada Kiyoko Mitarai Cathy Wild Shinobu Kawasaki Tetsuko Ougigaya Genichirou Shindou

Asuka 120% LimitOver BURNING Fest.