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Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! is the third revision of Arcana Heart 3 released for arcades on December 4, 2014. On July 2017, Examu launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring AH3LMSS to PC. It met its funding goals and a few stretch goals successfully. The game was subsequently released on Steam on December 12th, 2017. On April 24, 2019 an update called Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! XTEND was announced.

Wiki Roadmap

25% complete
Completed To-do
  • Characters with full movelists (the majority of these need more strategy info):
  • Angelia (WIP)
  • Clarice
  • Dorothy
  • Fiona (WIP)
  • Elsa
  • Heart
  • Kamui
  • Kira
  • Lieselotte
  • Minori
  • Nazuna
  • Petra
  • Pistrix (placeholder)
  • Scharlachrot
  • Weiß
  • Yoriko
  • Zenia
  • All templates have been updated to make use of the global MoveData template.
  • All pages and newly uploaded sprites have been categorized.
  • Missing character pages:
  • Akane
  • Catherine
  • Eko
  • Konoha
  • Lilica
  • Maori
  • Mei-Fang
  • Saki
  • All Arcana pages need frame data and move descriptions. This doc from Examu is a good starting point.
We can copy some pages from AH3LM wiki but they're all missing their Arcana Eclipse.
  • Need to finish migrating the following pages to the current namespace
  • Contributors are adding new translations from JP wiki but double checking of info is very much needed.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!!

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