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This is our page for keeping track of what has been done and what needs to be done to update (or rather create) the Arcana Heart 3 Love Max wiki. The format of the wiki is outlined in this post on dustloop: If you want a live demo of how your page is supposed to look check the Heart page. We do not have a working frame viewer at the moment so do not ask.

The following is a list of all of our characters and a status of the page.

Akane - Partially complete? Needs special moves finished it appears.

Angelia - Not started.

Catherine - Mostly complete. Needs to be moved to the current formatting.

Clarice - Not started.

Dorothy - Lots of info, needs normal move descriptions.

Eko - Mostly complete. Needs a beginning breakdown of the character and other intro stuff.

Elsa - Not started.

Fiona - Started, needs some normals and all specials finished.

Heart - Almost complete, I (tigre) need to fix a few things and add descrptions for some specific specials.

Kamui - Not started.

Kira - Good intro information! Needs move descriptions. All of them.

Konoha - A few combos listed, nothing more.

Lieselotte - I see some joke move descriptions? Nothing else filled out. I believe we still need to decide on a notation for doll normals that's sane.

Lilica - Nawp, nothin.

Maori - See Lilica.

Mei-Fang - Very complete

Nazuna - Nothin

Petra - Petra can dodge all she wants this page is empty tho

Saki - There's enough info here to fill out an encyclopedia on pantyhose alone, but we need to move this to the current format lol

Scharl - Blank

Weiss - This is actually a lot more complete than I remember it being. Maybe I have memory problems.

Yoriko - idk go yell at nadakai to finish.

Zenia - We got some comboz. Nothing more.

Honestly, we can just dupe the old pages and add the new moves. I guess we need to check the values for some stuff and update the ratings (Things like Thunder aren't as strong anymore, all that jazz). These all need to be done so until we start I'm not listing them.

System Pages:
We probably need to add the Arcana Eclipse and Arcana Blast inputs and descriptions. Pls help

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!!

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Specific Mechanics

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