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Name - The name of the move.

Notation - The command of said move.

Start up - These numbers describe the number of frames it takes for the attack to come out. From the beginning of the motion, to the last frame before the attack. Super moves have _+_. This tells you the number of frames before and after the super flash.

Duration - This tells you how long the attack is active.

Recovery - This gives you the number of frames to takes for the attack to completely return you to neutral.

With the above three figures, you can find the total number of frames in a particular move. The complete duration for any move move is [(Start up + Duration + Recovery)-1].

Advantage - This figure represents what situation you are in after an attack is blocked and by how many frames. If it is "+" you are at an advantage, if it is "-" you're at a disadvantage. Furthermore, there are two frames where one cannot do anything but block after guarding an attack, so you can only counter with a normal that has more than 2 frames over blocked move's advantage.

Properties - Hit properties are separated into Ground/Air. Ground determines the hitstun from the attack. It's separated in to [W]eak, [M]edium, and [S]trong. 10F, 15F and 20F respectively. Air determines the path you take upon being hit by said attack. There is: [U]p, [H]orizontal, [D]own, [N]ormal, [F]loat, Wallslam[Ws], Groundslam[Gs], [Sw]eep and Groundbounce[Gb]. Float has two extra properties, Vertical[Vr] and [Hi]-Float (the upwards fishtail spin). While these describe the general direction the victim moves in, the actual angle and amount changes per move.

Level - This determines how many frames of blockstun an attack will enforce on block.

Blockstun Levels
Ground 11 15 20 22 24
Air 13 17 24 26 29

Damage - How much damage an attack will inflict.

D.Prorate - Damage Prorate.

T.Prorate - Tech prorate. Different from 1 and 2, AH3 has prorate system for consecutive hits. The actual number is the ([T.Prorate+100%]xT.Time)

T.Time - Untech Time. The amount of time before you can tech. Sweep moves are recorded until you hit the flow once. Wallslam moves are until you hit the wall once. Hi-Float moves are recorded until you stop rising. You cannot air tech after a ground bounce until you hit the ground, so the untech time is from there

Guard - Statuses where blocking is possible. There is [St]anding, [Cr]ouching, and Air block. All means that any time of block is possible. [Un]blockable means that it doesn't what status you're in, you will be hit. For throws, the range of the throw (in pixels) is there. For air throws, its the horizontal range by the vertical range.

Cancel - How the move can be canceled.

Cancel Legend
Abb Type
C Cancels into self
c Cancels into self on hit only
Sp Cancels into specials
Su Cancels into Supers
ASp Cancels into Arcana moves
ASu Cancels into Arcana Supers
All Cancels into anything from Sp~ASu
J Cancels into jumps
HJ Cancels into Hi-jump only

Notes - The area below the vital data will divulge in factors not part of the categories above. For example, when clash, invincibility and counter hit frames comes into effect and etc. "Passive attributes" tells you when passive traits from your arcana come into effect. Mirror tells you the start up of the Mirror Arcana's "Deflectio." Charge will tell you how long your charge animation is.

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