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  • Archetype: standard rush-down character with fantastic normals and one of the best DPs in the game. Can also play defensively vs other rush-down characters by using her superior air normals to stop their approaches.
  • Easy to pick up: easy.
  • Simplest combo: 2A 5B 5C 236B (2 hits) 623A+B
  • Offensive tools:
    • 2B, 2C, 4B lows.
    • 5B jump-cancellable.
    • 5C super-jump-cancellable.
    • 5C, 5E, 2E air-unblockable. 5A 5C most common air-unblockable blockstring.
    • 632146A command grab that links into dash 2A after.
    • j5D jB to approach air-to-ground.
    • j5D j4B to approach air-to-air.
    • 236C (EFC/6HC on block) to approach on the ground.
    • 5B IAD jB jC pressure reset and fast overhead if equipped (22A).
    • 5B IAD jE land dash jump forward jC (1 hit) j5HC jB instant overhead combo.
    • 5B IAD jC (2 hits) land dash into same as above. Only works if they block the 2nd hit of jC high.
    • Neutral jump j6D cross-up jB/jC (1 hit) slow cross-up.
    • j5D whiff jE land throw or command grab.
  • Defensive tools:
    • 4B unthrowable and lower body invul, but seldom used for these properties.
    • 236A+B has upper-body invul and beats almost any jump-in.
    • 623A/B/C and 623A+B are all invul DPs. The first hit is air-unblockable.
    • Rising jA and j4B anti-airs.
    • Wake-up 236C to escape the corner.
    • Wake-up super-jump block.
    • 6GC 623A/C (1 hit) EFC 5A/5B while blocking leads into a full EF combo.
    • 6GC 2A.
    • EF Blast.
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