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Petra Johanna Lagerkvist



  • Archetype: can be played as a zoner and/or a rush-down character. Has mid-ranged normals and very long-ranged specials. Her B+C dodge, though throwable, is one of the best defensive options in the game.
  • Easy to pick up: average. Some of her normals take time to get used to, e.g. timing jump-ins with homing j2B. She has to frequently reload bullets with 22A/B/C or 22A+B to have access to her amazing specials. Mashing B+C to dodge and C follow-up is very effective vs novice players.
  • Simplest combo: 2A 2B 2C (optional 236x (consumes bullets)) 623A+B
  • Offensive tools:
    • 5B, 2B jump-cancellable. 3C double-jump-cancellable.
    • 5C, 6C super-jump-cancellable.
    • 5E, 2E, B+C A follow-up air-unblockable.
    • 3C, 214A+B overheads.
    • j236A/B/C have huge range, especially the last hit of j236C if you have 3 bullets.
    • j5D j2B or jE to approach air-to-ground.
    • j5D jB to approach air-to-air.
    • EFC 3C land 623A+B during blockstring for a fast overhead.
    • EFC 214C B follow-up during blockstring for a fast left/right mixup.
  • Defensive tools:
    • B+C has physical invul (throwable) and A/B/C follow-ups have upper/mid/lower-body invul, respectively.
    • 214A+B is invul but slow.
    • Wake-up super-jump block.
    • Wake-up B+C.
    • Mash B+C while blocking.
    • 4GC j236A/B/C while blocking.
    • 6GC B+C.
    • 6GC 2A.
    • 6GC throw.
    • EF Blast.
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