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Nazuna Inuwaka



  • Archetype: long-ranged zoner with good pressure, fast mix-ups, and good comeback ability. She is relatively fast despite her large size and long range.
  • Easy to pick up: average. 2B is her anti-air so she must start combos with 2A 5B. She cannot spam her specials: their use is limited by her spirit gauge.
  • Simplest combo: 2A 5B (1 hit) 5C (3 hits) 236BB (or 236A+B)
  • Offensive tools:
    • 5B jump-cancellable.
    • 2B, 5E, 2E air-unblockable.
    • EFC jump forward jC for a fast overhead during a blockstring.
    • (EFC) jump forward air backdash jB for a fast overhead in the corner.
    • IAD jB can cross-up, but difficult to combo from unless you're in EF.
    • 632146A+B (press A during super flash) to summon 4 wolves which can help lock down the opponent and set up cross-ups.
    • Critical Heart prevents the opponent from doing specials or supers and slows them down for a while, making your offense very hard to stop.
  • Defensive tools:
    • 2B very good anti-air.
    • 5C upper-body clash during start-up.
    • Rising jA and jB anti-airs.
    • Wake-up 623C has some invul.
    • Wake-up super-jump block.
    • 4GC 236A+B is a good 2-bar option while blocking.
    • 6GC throw.
    • EF Blast.
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