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Maori Kasuga



  • Archetype: Setplay monster, decent zoner and mid range aggression.
  • Easy to pick up: Extremely difficult. Do not pick this character as a new player.
  • Simplest combo: 5A 5B 6B 2C 421A+B
  • Offensive tools:
    • 421C will guard crush and lead to a combo. Remember this, it is very useful in conjunction with her other moves
    • 2E, 5E, 421X, 623X are all air unblockable
    • 22A is an extremely fast overhead that is near unreactable.
    • Combine the above with 3A/623C for lows. 623C EFC 22A/623C is a very strong and fairly safe mixup to setup.
    • j.623X leaves a delayed projectile on the ground that won't go away on hit, which can provide some amount of insurance.
  • Defensive tools:
    • j.B is very disjointed and helps to cover the space in front of you and keep people from homing in.
    • 5C upper-body clash during start-up, allowing you to anti air fairly safely.
    • 421A is extremely fast and guaranteed to come out, it will also move maori out of the way very quickly. Just be careful since it doesn't hit that high up, and she is very vulnerable after!
    • 22A is also guaranteed to come out after some time, albeit hits in a smaller area and is not invuln. It can be a worthy alternative to 421A in the right circumstances.
    • 421A+B is full invuln on startup and guaranteed to come out. When in a pinch it makes for a fairly good reversal, especially with 6GC 421A+B.
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