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Angelia Avallone



  • Archetype: small rush-down character with good offensive and defensive tools. Can use B+C to cover her approach on her opponent's wake-up. Once charged enough, dropkick gains some invul and can guard break.
  • Easy to pick up: average. Has [4]6 and [2]8 charge motions. Dropkick is performed by holding down A, B, or C for a while, then releasing the button. Holding a button to tech during a combo can result in an accidental wake-up dropkick if the button is released after the combo is over.
  • Simplest combo: 2A 2B 2C (2 hits) [4]6A (optional 8A follow-up) j236A+B
  • Offensive tools: B+C(glitter) is great for extending pressure, and controlling space

You can alternate buttons to keep drop kick charged, and it does more damage the longer it's held. the only thing you cant do is efc.

jC is a great button because of how active it is, and how it hits around her.

  • Defensive tools:

drop kick out of block strings

guard cancel drop kick

drop kick on wakeup

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