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Gameplay Glossary

This section contains definitions of terms that are commonly used in gameplay discussions.

  • Anti-Air - an attack that can reliably hit opponents out of the air.
  • Chip Damage - damage incurred to a player's life meter when blocking an attack (often special, EX or Level 3); guard FX is orange in this case.
  • Combo - a series or sequence of attacks such that when the first hit connects, the subsequent attacks cannot be blocked or avoided.
  • EX moves - powered up special attacks, that do considerably more hits and damage (if any) and may as well sport additional properties; require 1 super stock to perform.
  • Guard Crush - a state in which the player is temporarily unable to act after their guard meter has been depleted because of guarding too many attacks.
  • Guard Damage - same as Chip Damage.
  • Juggle - a special type of combo that allows the player to combo the opponent while they are airborne.
  • Level 3 - nickname for a super move, unique to each character, that requires 3 super stocks and a unified A+B+C command (in most cases) to perform.
  • Normals - same as Normal Attacks, the least damaging attacks in player's posession, usually deal no chip damage, so the guard FX is blue.
  • OTG (Off The Ground) - ability to hit a downed opponent, thus extending a combo.
  • Overhead - an attack that must be blocked while the character is standing.
  • Tick Damage - same as Chip or Guard Damage.
  • Tick Throw - a maneuver used to throw an opponent immediately after their hit stun or block stun has ended.
  • Throw Break - a common technique, that allows a player to escape opponent's ground throw after it's been initiated; is performed with the same input as opponent's throw.

Story Glossary

Terms here describe only the game's background story, and are in no way related to gameplay. Most of theme come from official Words page on Blitzkampf's site. Corrections are welcome.

  • 266X A.D. (紀元266X年) - Year 266X since the enthronement of a legendary Japanese emperor Jinmu. In Chrisitan Era it's actually 200X A.D.
  • Akatsuki (アカツキ) - Codename, originating from the military ship fleet, nicknamed "Dawn Unit".
  • Black Child (黒孩子, "Heihaizi" in chinese) - A child, born without registration in accordance to "One Child Policy", who therefore doesn't make it into family register and is considered illegitimate.
  • Black Hand (黒手会) - Hong Kong Mafia, that took the opportunity to advance over the continent when the city was returned to China. Name comes from assassins' black gloves. Is unrelated to Serbian "Black Hand Army".
  • Blitz uniform, sixties standard (六○式電光被服) - Standard of the year 2660, or the one, adopted in 2000 A.D.
  • Gesellschaft (ゲゼルシャフト) - Originally means "society". Formerly, in a jargon it was pointing to "Association Researching German Ancestors' Inheritance in the name of True History", commonly referred to as "Ahnenerbe"
  • Hired Assassin (職業兇手) - A professional killer.
  • Hibernation Control (冬眠制御) - A technology used to control metabolism by lowering the body temperature. Improved immunization may also be expected.
  • Holder of the 8th license (8番目の許可証保持者) - Strongest agent, with a license to kill.
  • Single military mission (遣独軍事使節団) - In the time of War, Japan and Germany have exchanged technology using submarines. Before the War had began, an "Indian Ocean - Cape of Good Hope" route was used, but at War's end those cruises were nearly impossible. (probably explains why Akatsuki's submarine was going through the Arctic Ocean)
  • State Council (国務院) - Chinese government.
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