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Formerly, as an officer within the organisation, that did researches on inheritance of their German ancestors, organisation, better known as "Ahnenerbe", he participated in excavation of Thibet's ancient heritage, but, upon the discovery of an ancient city of Agartha, he uses this superficial science for his own ambitions. (from character selection screen)


A more "shoto" - esque alternative to Elektrosoldat, Adler is fairly rushdown oriented with some shorter range and slower versions of many of Soldat's specials. Some of his normals function similarly, but Adler has far more of a high/low mixup game and better damage output in exchange for suffering greatly outside of optimal range. Unsurprisingly, he and Soldat are not far from each other in terms of tiers.

  • Armor Ratio = 1.025
  • Walking Speed = 5.5 dots/frame
  • Retreating Speed = 4.5 dots/frame


5/4/6+A+B: Adler does a series of gut punches before throwing. This move's significance is that it doesn't throw the opponent very far away, like most other throws do.

j.5/4/6+A+B: Adler performs a backbreaker ala Guile by slamming the opponent's back onto his knee. This throw is untechable.

Normal Moves

Adler's pre-made colors

5A: a quick punch. Cancels into anything except C's

5B: generic kick in the face. Can be cancelled into any command normal or special.

5B (close): gut punch. Can be cancelled into any command normal or special.

5C/[C]: a turnaround kick, holding the attack button adds an overhead 4C kick, that knocks down. Both are uncancellable.

5C/[C] (close): heavy "uppercut" punch, attack button kept pressed adds a second punch. Normal C is cancellable into any command normal or special.

2A: another quick punch. Cancels into anything except C's

2B: kick with a decent range. Can be cancelled into any command normal or special.

2C/[C]: a knockdown kick, holding the button adds another that doesn't combo or even connect on most characters. Neither of the kicks are cancellable.

j.A: overhead knee kick that can cross up.

j.B: overhead kick.

j.C: heavy overhead punch that will slam an airborne opponent to the ground.

Command Normals

6B: a flying kick, travels about half screen

4C: heavy overhead kick, knocks down

Special moves

ブリッツクーゲル - Blitzkugel - 236+A/B/C: Adler shoots a purple projectile, that disappears after travelling a certain distance or after hitting the opponent.

  • A version is the smallest and fastest, traveling for about 2/3 of the screen before dissolving.
  • B is bigger and more damaging, but goes slower and disappears at halfscreen point.
  • C is the biggest, the toughest and the slowest, dissipating after covering 1/3 of the screen.
  • Aerial versions have the same properties, but are less damaging than their ground counterparts.

フラクトリット - Flak Turret - 214+A/B/C: an anti-air flash kick with a built-in followup where Adler quickly descends foot first, great for starting loops and performing combos.

  • The auto follow-up may hit on its own, and in both cases knocks down.
  • A version makes Adler rise straight up and then descend at a steep angle, it also has a longer untechable time, making it possible to combo into another special or EX. Unlike the other two, the first hit of this version will not hit crouching opponents.
  • B version's rising part moves forward and doesn't go as high, thus making the whole move to go for about 2/3 of the screen.
  • C is the farthest (almost fullscreen), lowest and the most damaging version.

ブリッツボンベ - Blitzbombe - 22+A/B/C: a lesser version of Soldat's level 3 super - Adler freezes with his hands into the ground while discharging an electric attack.

  • Can hit the opponent above.
  • Each version has more range and damage.
  • Can be comboed from almost any normal attack.
  • All versions knock down.
  • OTGs

EX and Super Moves

特攻ブリッツクーゲル - EX Blitzkugel - 236+B+C: Adler fires a huge purple ball.

  • The ball goes even slower than C version of normal Kugel, but reaches half-screen and/or does 4 hits before dissipating.
  • Unlike normal versions, aerial EX Kugel does the same damage as ground one.
  • You can have three of those on screen at the same time and keep shooting normal Kugels.

特攻フラクトリット - EX Flak Turret - 214+B+C: Adler does three flash kicks in a row, then adds a follow-up.

  • Goes fullscreen, knocks down.

特攻ブリッツボンベ - EX Blitzbombe - 22+B+C: Adler freezes and discharges a powerful electric attack.

  • Does more damage and has more range (~1/3). Knocks down.
  • Like normal Bombe, EX variation can be easily comboed into.

ブリッツガイスト - Blitzgeist - A+B+C: Adler poses and a purple ball starts circling around him, damaging the foe upon impact.

  • Disappears after 5 full circles (no matter if it hit the opponent or not).
  • While the ball is out, you won't gain any super meter.

General Strategy

Adler tutorial video.

Adler is a character who needs to get into the opponent's face. He has some decent damage output and a workable projectile, but doesn't have many tricks before really getting in. He's also one of the only characters who needs to worry about standing/crouching confirms, as he has BnBs for both. Adler players will need to remain vigilant to succeed as him.




Midscreen Combos

  • 2AAA2B 214C / 214B+C
~1700 dmg (2200 w/ j.C) Staple midscreen combo. Knocks down and sets up for oki.
  • 5B 214A, 5C 6B/214C
~2500 dmg (~3300 w/ j.C) Harder to confirm and requires a standing opponent. Will still score a knockdown and land you a
  • 2B, 6B/236A/B/214C
~1500/2200 dmg. Even more difficult combo to confirm due to Adler's 2B being a cancellable low that doesn't chain into anything.
Going into 6B won't score a knockdown, but is much safer if blocked.
236A won't score a knockdown either, but will do more damage in exchange for being less safe. 236B won't combo but is safer
214C will knockdown but you'll eat it's blocked. You can reflector if you expect them to mash for a punish, or go for grab to try to throw break a throw punish.

Corner Combos

  • In the corner, Adler can combo after a 214A with a 5C6B, with a followup. If the opponent is crouching and you set up 214A to only hit on the second hit, you can do this twice. Otherwise, you can generally only do it once, ending with 2AA2B22C.
  • You can also tack on ~200 more damage to your corner combos if you catch your opponents getting hit by a 236C, as it's very easy to follow up with due to its long hitstun.

Standing Opponents

  • 2A2B 214A, 5C6B, 2AA2B 22C (22B+C)
~2900 dmg (~4300 with super). Staple corner combo against standing. Meterless, decent damage, sets up for oki
  • j.C 5C 214A, 5C6B, 2AA2B 22C (22B+C)
~4200 dmg (~5500 w/super). Most damaging combo with starter, for only one bar. You'll want to go for this against standing opponents when you have the meter.

Crouching Opponents

  • j.C 5C 214C(1) 236B+C, Airthrow, 22C, 22C (22B+C)
~4400 dmg (~5550 dmg w/super). Simple, damaging combo against crouchers. Since 214 won't combo properly, use this instead. You'll generally want to cancel into the 236B+C as close to the ground as possible to allow ample time to go for the airthrow.
  • j.C 5C 236B 214B+C
~4800 dmg. Costs one bar as well, but shorter and just as easy to confirm. You can also go into 236 for an easier confirm and a negligible damage drop. Better combo than the above, but doesn't look as cool.
  • [CHARACTER SPECIFIC] j.C 5C 236B 236B+C, 214A, 5C6b, 5C6B, 2AA2B 22C (22B+C)
~5000 dmg. Still testing.

Reflector Combos


  • Reflector, 2B6B
~1600 dmg. Simple. Knocks down, knocks them away
  • Reflector, 214C.
~1700 damage. Requires a bit of a delay to connect both hits.


  • Reflector, 5B6B, 5C6B, 2AA2B22C (22B+C)
~3000 dmg (~4300 w/super). You'll want to change up the normal you use to chain into 6B based on distance. If you're too far from the corner after the reflector, use 2B. If you're still too far from the corner that after the first 6B that you get far 5C instead, use 5B.

3 meter combos

  • Adler's Level 3 lets you get some nasty corner 6B loops for a sizable chunk of damage. Despite the effort required compared to other characters' Level 3s, Adler's is still worth the meter.

Corner, Standing

  • j.C 5C A+B+C, 5AB6B, [5AAB6B]*3, 5C 214A, 5C6B, 2AA2B 22C
~7550 dmg. Strong combo with the usual finish
  • j.C 5C 236A, A+B+C, (slight step forwards) 5AB6B, [5AAB6B]*3, 5C 214A, 5C6B, 2AA2B 22C
~7750 dmg. Slightly harder version with an extra fireball thrown in early.
  • j.C 5C 236B A+B+C, (step forwards) 5AB6B, [5AAB6B]*3, 5AAB 214A, 2A5B6B, 2AA2B 22C
~8050 dmg. Adler's highest damage potential. Hardest version requiring a very tight spacing to properly combo.

Corner, Crouching

  • j.C 5C A+B+C, (wait) 5AB6B, [5AAB6B]*2, 5AAAB 214A, [5C6B]*2, 2AA2B22C
~7550 dmg. Crouching variation. Slightly less damage, similar result. For the wait, you'll need to pause for the ball to circle slightly past Adler's leg, as going into the 5A too early will cause the combo to drop, as the ball won't circle around in time.
  • j.C 5C 236A, A+B+C, (slight step forwards) 5AB6B, [5AAB6B]*2, 5AAAB 214A, [5C6B]*2, 2AA2B22C
~7800 dmg. Crouching w/fireball variation. Not much harder.
  • j.C 5C 236B, A+B+C, (slight step forwards) 5AB6B, [5AAB6B]*2, 5AAAB 214A, [5C6B]*2, 2AA2B22C
~7900 dmg. Absolute hardest variation, that doesn't work against some characters (UNTESTED). Generally best to go with the more reliable one above.

Frame Data

KD - Knockdown Data's still unfinished

                       |     Frames      |  Frame Advantage  |
               Attack  | Total | Startup | On Hit | On Block | Notes
             Specials  ---------------------------------------
                236+A  |  46   |   11    |   -5   |    -9    | 
                236+B  |  46   |   19    |  -13   |    -1    |
                236+C  |  46   |   27    |  +11   |    +7    |
                214+A  |  48   |    7    |   KD   |          |
                214+B  |  50   |    7    |   KD   |   -12    |
                214+C  |  50   |    7    |   KD   |   -12    |
                 22+A  |  42   |    5    |   KD   |   -16    |
                 22+B  |  46   |    9    |   KD   |   -12    |
                 22+C  |  50   |   13    |   KD   |    -8    |
       EX and Level 3  ---------------------------------------
              236+B+C  |  26   |    9    |  +25   |   +21    |
              214+B+C  |  88   |    4    |   KD   |          |
               22+B+C  | 108   |    9    |   KD   |   -18    |
                A+B+C  |  16   |    6    |        |          | superflash 60F


  • The term Adler, the German word for the bird of prey "eagle", is both the last name of many people and an emblematic bird (notably in heraldry, bannistics, numismatics etc.) featured on many blazons since the feudal age, including the Nazi flag and the present German Bundeswappen and at times on the flags of Austria and Germany. (from Wikipedia article)
  • Ahnenerbe was a real Nazi-era government study group that billed itself as a "study society for Intellectual Ancient History". It was developed to research the anthropological and cultural history of the Aryan race, and later lent itself to experimentation and voyages intent on proving that prehistoric and mythological Nordic populations had once ruled the world. (from Wikipedia article)
  • Agartha is a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth's core. It is related to the Hollow Earth theory and is a popular subject in Esotericism. (further reading)
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