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Sumika thinks Sumika's move names are the bestest of all!

Normal Moves


Sumika Pretty Swords

  • WA [Direct]
    • Damage: 120x(2/4/6)
    • Fires up to three waves of swords depending on the length the button is held. Each wave is placed further from Sumika. Ignores other projectiles. Can be dash canceled early. Pretty much identical to Hime WA.

Sumika Feather Fantasy

  • Dash + WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 150xn (blue lasers), 100xn (red lasers)
    • Consumes no ammo. Sumika fires feathers from her wings toward the opponent, which then fire a single laser before returning to Sumika. Oddly enough, a single laser will not cause hitstun; two or more laser hits are required to stun an opponent. This probably exists to lessen its usefulness as a defensive move, as feathers can easily shoot the opponent midcombo.


Sumika Heartful Arrows

  • Press WB [Direct]
    • Damage: 120xn
    • Spawns dozens of bows behind Sumika, which fire arrows. Nearly identical to Hime's WB. Interestingly, will not stun unless three or more arrows hit.

Sumika Marbles

  • Hold WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 200xn (ranged), 55xn (point blank)
    • Sumika tosses eight marbles, four to her left, four to her right. Fairly similar to Saki's Maracas Napalm. Just like Maracas Napalm, the marbles are much stronger at a distance than they are point-blank.


Sumika Shiny Feathers

  • Press SP + WA [Melee]
    • Damage: 150xn
    • consumes no ammo. Sumika's feathers fly from her wings and stab at the opponent. On hit, blue feathers drain meter, red feathers add heat. If a feather misses, it will stay on the field momentarily before returning to Sumika.

Sumika Happy Barrel

  • Press SP + WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 300
    • Sumika lobs a large whitish orb. If the opponent comes in contact with it, they are trapped inside momentarily before the orb explodes. Holding Up or Down during input will influence the trajectory of the barrel. Though a very devastating attack, the high ammo consumption (read: all of it) and low speed of the projectile make it difficult to properly utilize.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Sumika Mystic Blast

  • Execution: WA + Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 50xn (max 13?)
    • Two orbs of light appear in front of Sumika and fire lasers while spiraling outward. Sumika can move slowly while the lasers are firing, though she can't redirect the attack.

Hyper B1: Sumika Over-Limit

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 0
    • Sumika sprouts a second set of wings, providing her with twice as many feathers to use. The feathers on the second set of wings disappear after being used for attacking five times.

Hyper B2: Sumika Feather Heaven

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper (while Hyper B is in effect) [Beam (lasers), Direct (feathers)]
    • Damage: Variable due to heat gain, appears to be about the same as Dash+WA and SP+WA
    • Sumika instantly deploys all her feathers from every wing in a flurry of lasers and stabs. Does very high damage (2000+).

Hyper C: Sumika Tropical Balls

  • Execution: WB + Hyper [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 300xn
    • Throws six beachballs that bounce off the sides of the arena. Beachballs target toward the opponent after each bounce.

Hyper C2: Sumika Coquettish Sword

  • Execution: WB + Hyper (during SP+WB) [Direct]
    • Damage: 60x21
    • Identical to Hime's close-range Inviolability. Resets the detonation timer on SP+WB.

Hyper D: Sumika Angel Wing

  • Execution: SP + Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 130xn (max 14, usually 7)
    • Same as Hime's Accel Hyper, except smaller and weaker.

Accel Hyper: Sumika Pretty Justice

  • Execution: SP + WB + Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 90xn
    • Spread-out rotating lasers. Damage tends to not exceed 1200.

Accel Hyper 2: Sumika Eternal Feathers

  • Execution: SP + WB + Hyper (while Hyper B is in effect) [Direct]
    • Damage: 160x16
    • Powered up version of Hyper B2.


Sumika's modus operandi is heavily reliant on tossing out dash-cancelled Pretty Swords (WA) and Shiny Feathers (SP+WA) while saturating the field with Sumika Marbles (WB Hold) for defensive purposes. Almost all of her damage comes from her feathers, so finding the opening to toss them out is your main objective. They will land on occasion on their own (particularly against melee-happy opponents), but you'll have better luck using Pretty Swords to hitconfirm into them, or catching the enemy with them if they get stunned by a wayward Marble or a clutch Happy Barrel.

Regarding Hypers, prioritize Over-Limit (Dash Hyper) and Feather Heaven (Dash Hyper during Over-Limit), with occasional Mystic Blasts (Neutral Hyper) if your opponent at high heat but won't let you get close. While Sumika is somewhat capable of functioning without using her hypers (since her hypers are in effect just upgraded forms of her normal attacks), using all 16 Over-Limited Pretty Feathers into a full Feather Heaven has the potential to end even a slightly heated enemy from a single successful repetition (dealing 4500 damage on a 0% Heat opponent).

Regarding Coquettish Sword (WB Hyper during Happy Barrel), its damage is far lower than that of Feather Heaven and has a barrel prerequisite, so you may find that it is better to simply combo into several Feather Heavens while using Happy Barrel as a link. Tropical Balls (WB Hyper) usefulness is limited due to its ease of being sweeped and slow travel speed, and Angel Wing (SP Hyper) is only useful as a shielded counter-melee ability (you may find that Shiny Feathers serves the same function without costing meter...).

In terms of positioning, you will want to be slightly below your opponent at all times. This is primarily due to Sumika's lack of sweeps outside of Marbles (which only work when used below the opponent) and Heartful Arrows (WB, which tend to only be used for specific match-ups), but it is also for an offensive purpose: Happy Barrel (SP+WB)'s firing angle is such that it works best when used directly below or diagonally below an enemy.

Sumika's biggest problem is facing burst-happy or ballistic-heavy characters, especially those that know how to get around Sumika Marbles by attacking from below. In addition, Sumika's effectiveness against characters that can deny use of Shiny Feathers is severely diminished, as it is limited then to Pretty Sword / Mystic Blast poking with minor support from Feather Fantasy (Dash WA).

Also worth noting: Both Feather Heaven and Eternal Feathers (Accel Hyper during Over-Limit) can be evaded by simply dashing; make sure to hitconfirm them with Pretty Swords or Shiny Feathers or they have the capacity to whiff. Finally, Feather Heaven can combo into Happy Barrel if you have enough ammo for it; doing so successfully with proper timing allows you to repeat the entire Swords -> 16 Feathers -> Dash Hyper -> Barrel loop until it is bursted, you run out of meter or Over-Limit expires.

TL;DR: Flowchart Sumika: Spam WA, SP+WA and WB Hold. Use meter on Over-Limit Dash Hyper, hitconfirm with the WAs into Feather Fantasy Dash Hyper for big damage. Poke with Neutral Hyper if they're hot and you can't get close. Throw random barrels for funsies.

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