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Ex-Army Heroine of the Past.

Normal Moves


Beam Rifle

  • Press WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 180
    • A single beam. Fast and useful.

Charge Rifle

  • Hold WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 120 + 80x
    • Similar to Suguri's Charge Rifle, although it trades damage in favor of more hits. Will generally do 360 damage over 4 hits, although this can vary with positioning and similar factors.

Spread Rifle

  • Dash + WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 60x6
    • Fires a spray of small beams over a short range. With such a wide spread, it can be used to either blast away ballistics or just poke at your opponent.


Launcher (Homing)

  • Press WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 150x7
    • Fires seven missiles that fire in a relatively straight arc, will home in on the enemy's position from long range. The speed of the missiles has been decreased as of 1.1.

Launcher (Delayed)

  • Hold WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 250x4
    • Creates four missiles that will hang around for about a second and then home in on your opponent.



  • Press SP + WA [Melee]
    • Combo: SP + WA (180) + SP + WA (60) + SP + WA (120)
    • Combo: SP + WA (180) + WB (240) + WA (120 + 80x)
    • A beam sword not unlike Suguri's. Will combo into itself for three hits with a total of 360 damage.

Cutting Away

  • Press SP + WB [Melee]
    • Combo: SP2 (240) + WA (120 + 80x)
    • A dash-by sword attack that is similar to Suguri's Thrust attack, however it deals more damage in exchange for less speed and less attack frames. Can be cancelled into a charged beam shot.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Hyper Spread

  • Execution: Hyper or Dash Hyper
    • Damage: 10x
    • A series of smaller beams that hit in a straight line. They're usually grouped tightly together but will occasionally stray, missing a couple of hits. The Dash Hyper version has a wider spread, but often results in missing unmoving targets at long range. As of 1.1 this attack has 18f startup, the laser animation actually appears 9f before it actually hits, giving opponents time to react. It is still a decent hyper that can be comboed in and out of.

Hyper B: Hyper Launcher

  • Execution: WB + Hyper
    • Damage: 200x10
    • Maxes out at 2000 damage over ten hits.

Hyper C: Cutting to Shreds

  • Execution: SP + Hyper
    • Damage: 100+50+50+50+50+50+200
    • Maxes out at 550 damage over seven hits.

Accel Hyper: Unlimited Charge

  • Execution: WA + WB + Hyper
    • Damage: 110x + 160x
    • Can vacuum and damage the opponent before firing. Actual shot does more damage. Hits possibly up to fourteen times total.


Missile and beam mixups. Sword as end combo, if possible. SP + WB -> WA, combos into itself three times before running out of ammo.

Common Hyper Setup: Launcher (Delayed) 2x, into Hyper Launcher (only at 2 or 3 bars), into Dash Hyper (hit confirm once missiles begin to move), into SP + WB -> WA (melee loops 3x).

vs Suguri:

vs Saki:

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Acceleration of Suguri 2

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