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Happy go lucky first boss from Suguri. As of 1.1 a solid character, but has some troublesome matchups.

Normal Moves


Tornado Cymbal

  • WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 120×n
    • Ammo Use: 40%
    • Creates a ring of 36 shots around Saki that each do 120 damage. Your main anti-ballistic move.

Stardust Cymbal

  • Dash + WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 100×n
    • Ammo Use: 10%×4
    • Creates four small wisp-like shots that waver while tracking Saki loosely. After a second or two the shots double in size and begin tracking the opponent instead. You can mass a lot of these by quickly dash canceling the start-up pose and performing another, then repeating very rapidly. Alternatively, after doing the first one, you can hold down the D and press A to get more. You can do this while stationary or moving normally as long as you keep D held down.


Tambourine Boomerang

  • WB [Direct]
    • Damage: 25×n
    • Ammo Use: 40%
    • A large tambourine that flies out and comes back. Huge hitbox and huge hitstun now, in fact the hitbox extends past where you actually take damage. Meaning you can get "hit" by this move while taking no damage. As of 1.1 this move will knock back opponents after a certain amount of hits, thus preventing her old infinite. The boomerangs still return, however the knockback sort of defeats the purpose, you have to chase them now to combo off them.

Maracas Grenade

  • Up or Down + Hold WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 55or200×n
    • Ammo Use: 5%×8
    • Eight maracas that fly up slightly in an arc before coming down. The arc can be controlled by holding up or down, holding up results in a higher arc, holding down results in the maracas going diagonally downward immediately. There is some weird locational damage modifier with these where a non-direct hit near a wall will curtail some of the explosion damage. A note about this move is that it will always travel one direction, that is downwards, so using these at the bottom is not a good idea. Another note is you can always throw at least one maraca, even with zero ammo left.


Maracas Hammer

  • SP + WA [Direct]
    • Damage: 200 (350 on explosion)
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • A wack with a Bowling pin grenade. Chance of explosion feels much less than before.

Maracas Swing

  • Dash + SP + WA [Direct]
    • Damage: 100×6 (100×5+250 on explosion)
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • Saki spins around with her bowling pin. Destroys missiles and is a surprisingly good approach against other melee, just it is very linear and you are a sitting duck afterwards. Last hit has a chance to explode for 250 damage. Your preferred combo ender. Also sideswitches with the opponent, which is useful for dragging opponents off walls or throwing them back into a Sunshine Bell and Tambourines.

Tambourine Blade

  • SP + WB [Direct]
    • Damage: 25×n
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • Can be cancelled on hit into SA as soon as the blade lights up. One interesting thing to note is that you can dash cancel the tail end of this move as if it were a projectile. So you can do dash SB, wait, DSA and it will count as a cancel. As of 1.1 this also has knockback after more than two repeated hits to prevent her melee infinite.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Cyclone Cymbal

  • WA + Hyper
    • Damage: 120×n [Beam]
    • Creates a thick ring of 190 energy shots similar to Tornado Cymbal around her.

Hyper B: Galaxy Bell

  • Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 40×n [Beam]
    • 18 Stardust Bell shots deploy immediately. Many of the shots will quickly grow to phase two and track the opponent. There is a fairly often odd occurrence where every single shot will hit but you will only deal 16 hits worth of damage.

Hyper C: Sunshine Bell

  • WB + Hyper(Holdable)
    • Damage: 25×n [Direct]
    • Creates a energy sphere above Saki's head which tracks the opponent. The longer you hold the hyper button the larger the Sunshine Bell will grow and the longer it will last. Automatically releases after it grows to maximum size, hits while growing as well, meaning you can dash under someone in hitstun from B and just grow a ball on their hitbox. Absolutely amazing map control, just be careful as everyone will use whatever beam invulnerable moves they have (supers, neutral shields) to get around it. If they don't have meter it is hideously easy to trap their escape lanes with DSB. Combos forever.

Hyper D: Rolling Tambourine

  • SP + Hyper
    • Damage: 25×n [Direct]
    • About 10 Tambourine's deploy in a small circle around Saki. Preferred sequence is DSB>SH>A>B>etc.

Accel Hyper: Big Bang Bell

  • SP + WB + Hyper
    • Damage: 1333 [Direct]
    • Creates a huge energy ball like Sunshine Bell overhead which has a vacuum effect, it then quickly explodes and inflicts damage. A waste of meter, you could have three Sunshine balls on the screen instead.


vs Suguri: Triple slash is the only thing you really have to worry about here of her normals, and you can outrange or trade with it with B. Be careful of her dash cancelling out of beam rifle super as she will have invulnerability and go through B on approaching you. Her missiles are much worse than Sora's, they're almost not a threat. You have time in this fight to setup DA spam for approach. Against Sunshine Ball she can't beam rifle super you on reaction at all and her rush super is easily telegraphed.

vs Saki: Both of you will constantly be throwing Sunshine Balls on reaction to the other's Sunshine Ball, while fishing for Bs. A sort of has no place in this matchup unless the other Saki likes using [B], which is pretty unlikely. Spam DA and B and use DSB to close escape gaps.

Vs Iru:

Vs Nanako:

Vs Kae:

Vs Kyoko:

Vs Hime:

Vs Sora: Her missiles have been slowed down and her laser hyper's startup time is twice as long. You need A for the missiles but be sure to dash cancel it as she can rifle you through it easily. Laser super fishing isn't as powerful anymore but you no longer have long combos against her. Beware of neutral shield rushdown or melee super fishing straight through Sunshine Bell.

Vs Alte: Without her bit, Alte is very weak, you can farm meter easily off her missiles with A and her B lasers are pretty terrible. A also blocks her machine gun as it is ballistic. When she has her bit, Alte becomes a bit more of a threat. Her missiles becomes useful as all six will home in on you, getting hit by stray machine gun fire usually leads to you eating 20+ missiles. Try to kill the bit ASAP, keep up A use for meter build and alternate with doing Sunshine Balls through missile walls to reverse momentum. Alte really doesn't have an answer to DSB closing her escape paths, her melee requires pretty hail mary reads to get around Sunshine Balls on the field.

Vs Tsih:

Vs Mira:

Vs Sham:

Vs Nath:

Vs Star Breaker: With nothing to block homing stickies this matchup's dynamic is sort of odd. More or less you must be able to dodge stickies. If you do you can actually rush down Starbreaker with impunity, along with Sunshine Bell setups. The second you are hit by stickies this becomes a lot harder as you will be interrupted constantly and B's hitstun (on return) seems much weaker. Trying to keep your heat low in this matchup is sort of a lost cause because of sticky spam.

Vs Sumika:

Acceleration of Suguri 2

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