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A reverse trap ninja with a good variety of versatile tools and amazing meter gain that allows her to play very differently depending on the situation. Her ability to choose how and where to engage her opponents makes her extremely solid in a wide variety of matchups. Her weakest point is definitely her melee.

Normal Moves

  • All moves with a ★ can only be done with at least one Senrin ring left.


Scorching Beam Shurikens (Shakunetsu no Beam Shuriken)

  • WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 200
    • Ammo Use: 15%×6
    • Throws a left and right shuriken out in front of Mira in an arc where they intersect about half a screen away. Holding WA down throws more shurikens and actually isn't a bad missile clear because you can still move around, albeit slowly. The shuriken trajectories also change depending on which direction you move. Going toward an enemy makes the shurikens intersect closer to Mira, while moving backwards makes the shurikens intersect farther away. Moving left and right (assuming an enemy is straight above you) make the shurikens curve to the right and left respectively.

Flashing Caltrops (Senkou no Makibishi)

  • Dash + WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 1 or 50
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • Throws out a set of 13 stationary caltrop projectiles. Costs nothing, can clear some ballistics.


Flashing Kunai (Issen no Nagekunai)

  • WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 150
    • Ammo Use: 30%
    • Throws a set of three kunai directly in front of Mira. This move is repeatable up to three times. The kunai have delayed travel times, they are initially stationary before moving forward. This move is odd in that holding a direction while repeating the move will special dash cancel the move a set distance up to two times. Each special dash cancel raises your heat by 30% and can not be manually dash cancelled nor can other attacks be used in the middle. Not all that great but it's your only direct projectile.

Counter Knives (Gyakushuu no Kiri)

  • Hold WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 160
    • Ammo Use: 15%×4
    • Puts out two sets of four knives on the left and right perpendicular to Mira. The knives are initially stationary before traveling, however they bounce off the walls of the stage. An AMAZING setup move and very hard to see, love it and use it. If low on ammo you will be able to put out less sets of knives. Builds substantial meter.


Rapid Slash (Jinsoku no Zangeki)

  • SP + WA [Direct]
    • Damage: 120>80>60
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • A short range teleport slash with limited invulnerability. If this hits, pressing WA again will make Mira teleport to their back and slash, and one more WA will make Mira dash slash through their back. Do not be deceived by the invulnerability on this move, it is terrible. The main weakness is every step of the target combo is hideously slow. The initial attack's range is way less than something like Sora/Suguri's initial melee slash. In addition, it is quite possible to get interrupted by any stray projectiles on the stage when teleporting to their back on the second slash. These two facts combined make Mira's target combo one of the worst in the game. Smart opponents will actually rush you down with melee once they realize that Mira's initial slash is depressingly slow. This even applies to characters traditionally not thought of as melee-centric, such as Nath stage 1 or Iru (using "melee" mines). Do not entertain any notions of meleeing a character approaching straight at Mira, she can not outmash most of the cast's dash melee with her own. Also, when comboing into her melee, make absolutely sure there is nothing left on the field that could interrupt you.

1000 Wind Flowers (Hayate no Senrin) ★

  • SP + WA [Direct Rings, Beam Red Balls]
    • Damage: Rings 20, Red Balls 80
    • Ammo Use: 1%×84
    • Raises your heat by 50% per attack.
    • If out of ammo there will be no red bullets, but you can still dash melee with the rings.
    • Mira does a short dash forward with her Senrin Ouroboros up. With four rings up this move has amazing range, spread, meter build (on hit), plus it leaves a wake of red bullets in its wake. However keep in mind to not get too eager spam dashing this against certain characters, it is quite easy to trade disadvantageously if your heat is high as the rings don't do that much damage. If you catch someone with Tornado super this is the followup to use, provided you had set up Senrin already.

Binding smokescreen (Sokubaku no Enmaku)

  • SP + WB
    • Damage: 0
    • Ammo Use: 30%
    • Throws a smoke bomb a short distance away from Mira that slows down the opponent but deals no damage. This is your lifesaver and answer to getting rushed down. Because Mira's melee is so bad, it is almost always in your best interest to instead backdash and throw these against an approaching enemy, rather than risking a mash war. Even when slowed down it is risky to attempt meleeing an opponent, as they can still mash while in the cloud and outrange or outmash your melee. It's better to usually throw another smoke bomb on them and then set up some kunai, alternatively if you have the meter you can go for Tornado or Senrin setups into combos.

1000 Flying Flowers (Hishou no Senrin) ★

  • SP + WB [Direct Rings, Beam Red Balls]
    • Damage: Rings 120, Red Balls 80
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • Throws a ring of the Senrin Ouroboros at the opponent. The ring leaves a trail of pink bullets in its wake. It is sort of sad you lose smoke bomb for this, however this move cuts the field into zones like no other. If you've hit someone with a SA (Senrin) or two the hitstun lets you combo into this, it is too slow usually off Tornado. Only throw them all at once inside a combo, it is in your better interest to space the throws so the bullet lines are spread out over the map. You can try using these in a long distance attrition war but they are easy to dodge full screen and it builds as much meter for you as the opponent if he can shoot them down. I like saving one ring at the end if I intend to fish with SP Hyper (Senrin).

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Imperial Wrath's Tornado (Gekirin no Tatsumaki)

  • Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 35×16
    • A perpendicular nongrazeable tornado appears at the enemy position. This hyper is FAST and its perpendicular vector is extremely important when you are playing attrition Mira. Because the active frames are so long the invulnerability this move gives you will outlast a ton of other hypers and lets you stay safe on whiff; doing this on reaction (or just guessing) is preferable to bursting in every situation. Additionally, if the enemy is directly caught in the center of the tornado, the hitstun is long enough to usually followup with the combo or setup of your choice. Since I really don't like Mira's options post target combo I usually just throw two smokes on targets and set up bouncy knives into held shuriken damage. Abuse like no tomorrow against enemies that can easily deal with Senrin.

Hyper B: Purgatory's Smokescreen (Rengoku no Enmaku)

  • Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 0
    • Mira throws eight smokebombs around her to slow down an enemy. I don't like this hyper at all, if you position yourself correctly normal smokebombs should suffice, and anyone dashing at you would be better off (for you) eating a Tornado then this hyper.

Hyper C1: 1000 Circling Flowers (Senkai no Senrin)

  • WB + Hyper
    • Damage: 0
    • Ouroboros! Mira summons four spinning rings around her. This move is amazing and changes Mira's hypers and SP moves. Each ring has its own set of HP, if it takes enough damage it will be destroyed, diminishing the effectiveness of some of your new moves. The activation itself does no damage, but you're invulnerable like all hypers, so get to comboing into SA (Senrin) if they were foolish enough to be on you! Alternatively, do this raw full screen to threaten large swaths of space with either SA (Senrin) or the threat of SB (Senrin).

Hyper C2: 1000 Soaring Flowers (Tenshou no Senrin) ★

  • WB + Hyper [Direct Rings and Beam Red Balls]
    • Damage: Rings 50×n, Wall Rings 120, Red Balls 80
    • Mira shoots all remaining rings in a straight line away from her, so if there are four rings they will fly out in a cross formation. The rings deal multiple hits and leave trails of red bullets in their way, when they hit the wall the rings start to rotate on the edges of the stage. If you can fish SA (Senrin) into this move directly on top of their hitbox you are dealing 4K+ on proper timing. Outside of that limited use, the zoning is pretty weak and the rotating rings on the edges will never hit anyone remotely awake.

Hyper D1: Godspeed Slash (Shinsoku no Zangeki)

  • SP + Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 120+80×7+200
    • Clone melee super. Use only in combos, I generally do not use this move. Very bad if you get this instead of SP Hyper (Senrin) because your last ring died by mistake.

Hyper D2: 1000 Gated Flowers (Rasho no Senrin) ★

  • SP + Hyper [Direct Senrin and Beam Red Balls]
    • Damage: Rings 120, Red Balls 80
    • Mira throws all existing rings she has left, along with adding six new rings. The rings will explode into red orbs on contact with the opposite wall if they make it all the way. I will frequently leave a single ring on purpose after using SB three times just for this hyper. While the initial volley of rings is about as slow as a manual throw, the rings speed up in nature near the end of the hyper, meaning this is a viable full screen super in conjunction with Tornado (Tornado for side dashers, Rasho and SB (Senrin) for front back dashers.) This move will win you games with the damage.

Accel Hyper: Twin Dragon Tornado (Souryuu no Tatsumaki)

  • SP + WB + Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 110×16
    • Mira summons two tornados in a cross on the opponent's position. While Mira builds meter like crazy I generally prefer to use meter like crazy as well, this hyper just doesn't feel like it's worth it given the options you get off a Senrin activate plus threat of single tornado.


Everyone's first impulse with Mira is to cast Ouroboros immediately and then abuse her insane meter gain to continually cast Ouroboros while mashing SA or SB. Unfortunately this will only get you killed against more than half the cast. Playing Mira requires the ability to adapt and a lot of matchup knowledge. Know what characters you have to lame out, know what characters you can afford to attack head on, and know when there is an opportunity in a match to switch between the two styles for the best outcome.

Vs Suguri: You must watch out for her ungrazeable sword waves. Her missiles have way less homing than Sora's so they aren't really a threat. She can still melee rush you down fairly well, keep her out with smokes until you have meter. There is really no reason to challenge this character close.

Vs Saki: WB and Sunshine Bell are your problems here. Her WA can clear Ouroboros spam pretty easily. If you get caught in a situation where she is going for dash ring with a Sunshine up and you are on the edge of the stage, you can try to emergency tornado hyper and cancel the recovery to escape, or you can be ballsy and try Ouroboros and SP WA out.

vs Iru: A very dynamic match here, depending on your opponent. As mentioned Mira's melee is terrible to the point that certain characters without strong melee can actually rush her down with their own. Iru is a very special case here, as her "melee" consists of mines. Traditional Irus go to sleep full screen and spam missiles, mine shields, and rifle. It actually sort of mirrors Mira's style when she is playing lame, just substitute mines for smokebombs and missiles and rifle with shurikens and bounce knives. However you have the edge in hypers because Tornado is amazing versus autopilot Iru and fullscreen Senrin toss cuts through her missile mine spam easily. The only trouble occurs when the Iru decides to rush in at you using mines to restrict your movement. This kind of Iru playstyle is honestly pretty rare, if you run into it you will need to alternate between Senrin and Tornado depending on the situation and distance of Iru to you constantly. You'll need way more smoke than usual against this kind of Iru as well.

Vs Nanako: Not fun, she can gain as much meter as you do from you throwing Ouroboros. Avoid being close to her when she is able to melee, pay attention to the "click click" sound of her bit melee, especially if you are going for Ouroboros SA fish. It is highly recommended you always sit on a single level of meter to burst her inevitable hypers.

vs Kae: You will be taking damage immediately at the start of the round as flat out Mira's melee is terrible and she is not fast enough to run away at round start from Kae mashing dash melee. You will need to get some smokebombs up immediately to stall the assault and shift the battle in your favor. Don't worry if you take an entire lifebar's worth of damage here, your main priority is the smoke wall. Once at mid to long range and behind a wall of smoke Kae can really do nothing to hurt you; as soon as you build a single hyper it's more or less the beginning of the end for our hyper heat girl. SA (Senrin) murders melee rushing Kae into little bits, alternatively you can even stall and just Tornado her to death behind your smoke wall. Barring the initial barrage of melee combos this matchup is terrible for Kae.

Vs Kyoko:

Vs Hime:

Vs Sora: With the hyper nerf this matchup plays a lot easier. Sora moving midscreen doesn't mean you losing anymore. You no longer have to save a least one meter to counter laser hyper, Mira is sort of allowed to play this in close or far away. For rushing Sora's smoke up and build meter with knives and Ouroboros, if they've expended their meter in their neutral shield melee or melee hyper fish attempts you can get a lot of SA (Senrin) hits in. Keep in mind that they can do melee hyper on reaction to you attempting to SA (Senrin) them.

Vs Alte: Kill her bit constantly. Whether it be through tornados, Senrin spam, or just shurikens and bouncy knives, Mira has enough tools to repeatedly destroy Alte's bit fairly easily. You don't even have to take her spam really seriously, just Senrin throw through it. The only threat is her bit melee charge which more or less laughs at SA (Senrin) and a lot of other things you can hit her with.

Vs Tsih:

vs Mira: Oh boy are you in for fun. Well actually not really. More or less Mira mirrors played properly turn out pretty lame because: 1. No one wants to run into smoke 2. Every time you attempt SA (Senrin) and raise your heat by 50% you are begging to be Tornado supered on reaction for way more damage. This mirror is all about meter management momentum, because the second one Mira gets a meter lead, she's not looking back. Look for someone sitting on two meter for Tornado -> Senrin activate -> half your life.

Vs Sham:

Vs Nath: Nath is the queen of low heat low movement spam, so you will have to be the aggressive one here. In Stage 1 the only things that can hurt you are gemini lasers and dash cancelled SA punch melee if she feels like trolling. Be aggressive here and use this stage to build meter and deal as much damage as you can. In Stage 2 play extremely defensively (smokes, Senrin throws, etc.) Her missiles still can't hurt you, she will likely be fishing for Nath chops or dash WA lasers. Smoke and shuriken/knife spam should really prevent any chops from connecting, and you can easily outspam lasers. In Stage 3 Nath's missiles finally become a threat. She still has homing lasers and her SA beam is very annoying as well. You will get outspammed here so you need to make a decision on when to approach Nath while Senrin is up. On approach threaten Tornado or Rasho, Tornado will do less damage but is very dependable because very few Nath's will dash at you in Stage 3. Hopefully you will have a life lead going into Stage 3, because it will be a very drawn out match once she reaches that level.

vs Starbreaker: You will need to liberally smoke cloud here to block the sticky mines she throws while dodging lasers and delayed bombs. This is a matchup you should lame out, more or less Starbreaker's options to get in on you are pretty severely limited by smoke and Tornado hyper. Don't go for SP + WA Senrin here unless she's being really stupid with her WA/SP+WA attempts, you're better off just throwing the things at her repeatedly. Always move, even if it puts you at high heat, you cannot afford to stand still in this match.

Vs Sumika

Acceleration of Suguri 2

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