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Aos2 hud.png

(1) - Lifebar

This is the character's lifebar. Life is equal to 9000, and each bar drained equals 3000.

(2) - Hyper Gauge

This shows the amount of meter you have accumulated towards the next Hyper stock.

(3) - Hyper Gauge Stock

When one level of meter is filled, one stock icon will turn a solid color. A quicker way of confirming if you have access to a Hyper or can Shield out of hitstun than looking at the meter itself.

(4) - Heat Gauge

This shows the Heat of your character. When over 100%, the character takes more damage.

(5) - Energy/Ammo Gauge

The top half of the circle is the Energy left for Weapon A, the bottom half for Weapon B.

Acceleration of Suguri 2

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