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  • What is netplay?
Netplay is when you get 2-4 players and play the game. Orange Juice has a builtin netplay function that is somewhat unstable but still playable.
  • How do I make this work?
Every time you open up 100% OJ a config menu pops up. If you see a lot of random marks and nonsense, change your locale to japan so it doesn't explode. Enter your ip in the given box and leave port as 14142. You can change ports, but all the players have to and netplay is unstable as is. All players must have that port forwarded, or use hamachi. Remember, all players must forward the same port and have it set up in the config or you will crash the person hosting.
  • Ok. IP set and forwarded ports. Whatdo?
Hit the button and start your game. Summon 1-3 players not called yourself and then you can wait for a person to host or host yourself.
  • How to host?
Netplay games are under the Free play section of the game. Hit the button and the first choice is to host a game. Select your favorite map and check whether you want the unique map effect on or off. You will then see a screen with your selected character and 3 empty slots. If you don't have 4 players ready to go and hit start the computer will automagically fill in the rest of the slots with random AI characters. On the bottom left, there is a jumble of letters. This is your ip and port scrambled by OJ magic. Give this to the other players to connect to. This code will be the same every time if you do not change your ip or port in the config. The game is completely based on the person hosting so you can have normal hosting and hamachi hosting at the same time. You will have to put your hamachi ip in the config and get that code. Players can join your code through both normal and hamachi codes at the same time, though not suggested. When all is well, hit start and start rolling dice.
  • Don't want to read that, how do I just join a game?
Kay-o. Hit the second button in the Free play and enter the hoster's magic code thing. If you see the screen with all the players connected, you're good to go. If your game hangs, you've crashed the hoster and yourself. If this happens, one of you have not port forwarded or your connection just really hates the other guy's connection, which seems to happen for a few OJ games. Sup AoSX.
  • So wait how stable is netplay?
It depends on the players...A lot. Since its a board game, it doesn't really matter how high the delay is. Players sync to the hoster, so the guy closest to everyone else should generally host. Some interesting glitches pop up, like magic teleportation to the top of the screen and such when desyncs occur. Play a few test games, and if your group keeps crashing, that's just OJ netplay failing. :(
  • Compatibility
Get the latest version or you will desync and/or crash all the clients connected.

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