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The goal of the game is to reach the max Norma level (symbolized by up to five stars to the side of your character portrait). This can be achieved by collecting a certain number of Star Bits or "Defeats" (wins in battle against NPC enemies or other players), detailed in the section below. Each player starts on Norma level 1, and they can ascend one level at a time when they land on a "signpost" square if they meet the requirements for the next Norma level. After a level up, you're given the choice between requirements for the next Norma level, either number of Star Bits or number of "Defeats". You cannot change this selection after picking it, so make sure to pick the right one for your situation, but you can select which requirement you'd like after each level.

Norma Leveling

  • Acquiring Star Bits
Most players tend to focus on selecting Star Bit collection for their Norma levels since it's generally more predictable than the outcome of a battle. Each player receives a number of star bits equal to their level (or more depending on certain cards) at the start of each Capter. There are also panels on the board that allow you to roll a die (or sometimes two dice) and multiply the result by your Norma level to either add or subtract star bits to your total.
Star bits are also acquired through battling. When you defeat NPC enemies on Battle and Boss panels you receive a certain number of Star bits from the enemy if you defeat it, or you can get half of a player's Star Bits by defeating them in battle. Beware, though, as the opposite is also true! If you lose a battle, half of your Star Bits will be transferred to the opponent (NPC or player). They can only be retrieved by defeating the opponent in question, and are up for grabs for anyone who comes across the opponent.
Several cards also give you Star Bits with varying requirements, notably Aru's and Mariepoppo's Hyper Cards.
  • Acquiring Defeats
In contrast to gathering star bits, acquiring defeats acts as a more secure method in leveling up. Unlike with star bits, defeats will not lower in number. Therefore, if at any point you reach a checkpoint and have already met with the conditions for both star bits and defeats, it would be better to choose the defeat option since it is possible one could lose star bits before landing on a checkpoint again.
A battle won against a regular player counts as 1 defeat. A battle won against an NPC adds 1+X amount of defeats, X being how many players that particular NPC has defeated. KOs outside of battle (either due to trap cards or board effects) do not count towards defeats.
Let it be known that this method of leveling does not favor well for characters like Marie Poppo or Fornett, whose main purpose is to survive battles then win them.
  • Norma/Star collection points goes as follows
2nd Norma level - 10 star bits collected/1 Defeats
3rd Norma level - 30 star bits collected/2 Defeats
4th Norma level - 60 star bits collected/5 Defeats
5th Norma level - 120 star bits collected/9 Defeats
Final Norma level - 200 star bits collected/15 Defeats


  • Encounters
A battle can occur when a player lands on an Encounter/Boss Panel or meets with another player on the same panel. When meeting with another player, the person moving will be given the option of whether or not to engage in battle. Should the player choose to fight, they will be forced to stop on the same panel as their opponent (even if they have remaining movement left).
  • Dice & Stats
In battle, six-sided dice are rolled in order to determine how much damage is dealt to a person. In addition to this, the die amount will be modified depending on a character's stats.
  • Attacking - The person to go first will start by rolling a die for attack. This roll determines how much potential damage can be done to the opponent. A character's attack (ATK) stat will determine how much this roll is modified. After the attack die is rolled, the opponent is then given the option to either defend or evade.
  • Defending - Defending reduces the damage of the attack roll by the amount rolled for defense plus the player's defense (DEF) stats. However, no matter how high the roll for defense is, the player is guaranteed to lose a minimum of 1 HP.
  • Evading - Evading gives the player the chance to avoid the attack completely, receiving no damage. In order for this to happen, the player must roll an evasion roll that is higher than the other person's attack roll. Should the evasion roll be equal to or less than their opponent's attack roll, the evader takes damage equal to the full attack roll.
  • HP - Your character's health points. Each player starts out at max HP. Damage received in battle will lower the HP count. When a player reaches 0 HP, they are forced into a downed state and won't be able to act until they revive.
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