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Full Name: Kiki Sayabashiri (キキ・サヤバシリ)
Age: 13
Profession: Ninja
Height: 135 cm
Weight: 34 kg
3 sizes: B73 W50 H72
Likes: Japanese food
Dislikes: Western food
Values: Thick Geta (Footwear)
Weapon: Sheathed Running Technique


Kiki is a mixup character, with a unique fighting style that may be hard to get used to. Her ground movement is based on her Rapid Dash original action, that allows for several followups but during which she cannot block, while her regular ground dash forces her into the air, where she has very poor normals. Playing neutral with Kiki requires a lot of patience, but once she gets in, she has access to good crossup tools to mix the opponent up.

Information on this page refers to version 0.938 of the game.


  • Good crossup tools
  • Command grab that does good damage and can be followed into her finishing skill
  • Poor reversal can become pretty scary when you have the meter to follow it with her finishing skill


  • Terrible normals, especially in the air, make neutral a real struggle
  • Very poor tools to deal with opponents in the air
  • Hard to get out of pressure due to poor normals and an unreliable reversal

Move List

Special Skill
Rapid Dash (疾駆) O.png (Direction sensitive)
Lightning Flash (電光石火) 2.png2.png+.pngO.png
Sheathed Running Technique (鞘走流体術) Kiki can cancel her Rapid Dash into a maximum of 3 consecutive followups. She cannot cancel into the same followup twice in a row. She cannot cancel her air followups into double jump or air dash.
Hien - Two (飛燕・弐式) (While on wall using Hien) O.png
Hien - Kai (飛燕・改) (In the air after Hien) 2.png2.png+.pngO.png
Hien - Three (飛燕・参式) (While on wall using Hien) 2.png2.png+.pngO.png
Rapid Fire Thrust (速射突き) (While Rapid Dashing) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngS.png
Round Moon (円月) (While in Quick Dash) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngS.png
Water Slash (水面斬り) (While Rapid Dashing) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngHS.png
Kazanagi (風薙) (While Rapid Dashing) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png
Heaven Blaze (陽炎) (While Rapid Dashing) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngK.png
Hien (飛燕) (While Rapid Dashing) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngK.png
Swift Eagle (鷲迅脚) (Air) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngS.png
Rakugo (極楽鳥) (Air) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngHS.png
Iron Hammer Drop (鉄槌落とし) (Air) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png
Third Passage (三途渡し) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngK.png
Meteor Fall (流星落) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.png
Substitution (変わり身) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngP.png
Finish Skill
Early Summer Rain Moonlit Beheading (五月雨月光斬) (After the 3rd hit of Sheathed Running Technique, or after Third Passage, Meteor Fall, or Substitution) 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngK.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game

Pressure Game



Meterless, Anywhere 2P 2K 5SS 5H 2H 5O 214S~j.214HS~j.236S

  • Basic combo that works anywhere on the screen, but does little damage. Will cause considerable hard knockdown time. You can hit the opponent off the ground afterwards with 2P 2HS 5O to add a tiny little bit more damage and go into Rapid Dash.

100% Meter, Anywhere 2P 2K 5SS 5H 2H 5O 236S~214S~j.214HS j.2146K

  • Ends with a super so it requires a full bar of meter. Works anywhere on the screen. Damage is about 35% health against Ryuza.

Move Details


Rapid Fire Thrust - 236S (Rapid Dash followup)
Rapid Dash followup. Kiki moves forward quickly and does a stab. Hits mid and, like every followup, is very minus on block. May be used with a forward Rapid Dash to quickly close the distance.
Round Moon - 214S/j.214S (Rapid Dash followup, also usable as an air followup) or j.214S (in the air)
Rapid Dash followup. Upwards slash kick. Puts Kiki in the air, where she can follow with j.236HS, j.214HS or j.236S. The hitbox is nowhere near as good as the sprite makes it look, and it's very unsafe on block, but it is air-unblockable. It can also be used outside of Rapid Dash, during a jump, but it will not be air-unblockable, and will leave Kiki falling helplessly on whiff, making it a very risky move.
Water Slash - 236HS (while in Rapid Dash)
Rapid Dash followup. Similar to her 236S followup, Kiki moves forward quickly and slashes at the opponent's feet. Slightly slower but with more reach, it's good to close the distance and hits low.
Kazanagi - 214HS (while in Rapid Dash)
Rapid Dash followup. Kiki jumps forward and does a full circle slash. Despite how it looks, it hits mid and does not cross up. Will put Kiki in the air
Heaven Blaze - 236K (while in Rapid Dash)
Rapid Dash followup. Kiki quickly teleports a set distance forward. It recovers very quickly so it's very good to crossup the opponent. Cannot be cancelled into more followups.
Hien - j.214K (while in Rapid Dash)
Rapid Dash followup. Quick jump at the wall behind her. Kiki sticks to the wall for a brief moment. Holding a direction as she jumps off the wall will influence the angle. As most of her Rapid Dash followups are very unsafe on block, this is a good way to get yourself out of trouble when the opponent blocks your attacks. Cannot be cancelled into more followups.
Swift Eagle - j.236S (Rapid Dash air followup)
Rapid Dash air followup that can also be used as a regular air special. Kiki does a dive kick at an angle.
Rakugo - j.236HS (Rapid Dash air followup)
Rapid Dash air followup that can also be used as a regular air special. Very, very slow kick that wallbounces the opponent.
Iron Hammer Drop - j.214HS (Rapid Dash air followup)
Rapid Dash air followup that can also be used as a regular air special. Kiki swings her leg downwards. Will bounce the opponent on the ground, making it common in combos.
Third Passage - 236K
Kiki jumps forwards and grabs the opponent. Despite how it looks, it is not unblockable and hits mid. Very slow to come out and will whiff against airborne opponents, making this a very hard to land move. It can be used to go over lows from a distance and punish. Can be cancelled into her super on hit.
Meteor Fall - 236P
Command grab. Slow startup, but it can be cancelled into her super after smacking the opponent on the ground. If you hold left or right as Kiki jumps into the air, she will move forward or backwards a bit, which can be helpful to ensure the super will connect.
Substitution - 214P
Kiki waits for the opponent to attack and, when hit, will teleport above in the air. The closest thing to a reversal that Kiki has. Very fast to come out, but unfortunately, due to Kiki's poor air normals, she might get hit as you're trying to punish the opponent without them even realizing what you're doing. It can however be cancelled into her super upon getting hit, making it a considerable threat with meter.

Finishing Moves

Early Summer Moonlit Beheading - 2146K (after the 3rd hit of Sheathed Running Technique, or after Third Passage, Meteor Fall, or Substitution)
Kiki jumps on the wall behind her and then dives forward, slashing the opponent multiple times in front of the moon. Can only be used after the third followup of a Rapid Dash, or after Third Passage, Meteor Fall or Substitution. The arc she covers while diving is not very big, so you will need a good understanding of the situation or you might whiff this.

Command Normals

Just Break - 6HS
Universal overhead. Decent range, can be cancelled into a jump or Rapid Dash.


Standard 5P, not bad reach for how fast it is.
Very similar to 5P, but hits low.
Knee attack, with pathetic range. You won't be using this much.
A somewhat slow kick with decent range, but hits mid.
Slash with her dagger that only happens when close to the opponent. If you press S again, her f.5S will come out, so you will be using this in combos.
Kiki hops forward and kicks the opponent. Overall it covers a good distance, but it is very slow, so it's best used to punish whiffs.
Kiki slashes above her. Will not hit grounded opponents, not even at point blank, so make sure not to accidentally use this or you will whiff. Not very good as an anti-air either, but it may stop opponents trying to cross you up.
Kiki's best normal. She steps forward and slashes downwards. Better reach and also faster than 5S. Can also be used to hit opponents trying to jump away, or as a situational anti-air. Will force knockdown on an airborne opponent.
Hits low and trips the opponent. Good reach. Can be followed with Rapid Dash for combos or to extend pressure.

Air Normals

Elbow attack angled upwards. Abysmal range. You can however cancel j.K into this, for a double overhead.
Downwards-angled kick. Somewhat of a jump-in normal, but it has a very small hitbox, even smaller than what the sprite suggests. Can be cancelled into j.P for a double overhead
Upwards slash. Her best air-to-air normal, but due to so many characters having good downwards-angled air normals, it is not as useful as it looks.
Downwards-angled slash. Better than j.K, but still doesn't have much reach and cannot be cancelled into j.P. It does hit behind Kiki as well, so it can be used for crossups.
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