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This page is meant to help people find a character they may enjoy playing. Several characters in this game have unique mechanics that make it hard to pinpoint what they really plays like.

Each character is only given a brief introduction here: if anyone catches your attention, refer to their individual page for more information.

Character breakdowns


Ryuza is your standard shoto-like character, with the usual fireball and reversal. He has excellent movement and range, with a balanced moveset that allows him to deal with all situations. His combos are simple and damage is high, making him one of the easiest characters to play.


Versatile character that sports great zoning capability, but also good pressure and oki up close, so she can exploit most weaknesses the opponent may have. With decent movement and good range, she's a simple character to start with.


Lemius excels in neutral, due to her excellent movement and range. Her pressure and mixup isn't particularly strong, but she does have good oki. Her more optimized combos, which deal massive damage, can be quite tricky to perform. A character that's simple to pick up and play but with a lot of depth that you can enjoy in the long run.


With fast dash speed, triple jump, double air-dash, a teleport and quick normals, Aiwhen is a scary rushdown character, that can get in quickly and apply impressive pressure and unreactable mix-ups. Her health is very low. Requires good execution to deal good damage with her. If you're into rushdown, pressure and mix-up, this is the character to play.


Somewhat shoto-like, with good range and great movement and your usual fireball and reversal. Her Original Action adds depth to the character, giving her a tool to reset pressure with, oki and an install for increased damage. Fairly easy character to start with.


A zoner with several projectiles, plus a doll she can set at different distances, move and attack with, which provides her with good oki and pressure. Her movement is poor, but her S normals have good range and she does have a reversal, so she's not defenseless up close. Playing basic zoning with her is easy, but she becomes really hard once you start looking into combos and pressure involving the doll.


Lunathia's uniqueness comes from being able to change the distance her S and HS normals and specials appear at. She's a zoner/setplay character that can apply good pressure and mix-up from a distance, but with the shortest distance set, her pressure and mix-up can be effective from up close too. If the opponent gets close to you while you've set the distance at a long range, it can be a very rough situation to get out of.


Several of Orphe's attack have a guard point: if the opponent hits you during this short window, their attack will be blocked and you can perform powerful follow-ups, dealing good damage and punishing even from full-screen away. Other than that, her moveset doesn't allow for any particular playstyle, but she does have nice range. Movement is mediocre, as her ground dash cannot be jump-cancelled. Her better combos can be quite hard, but there's few of them to remember. A defensive character for patient players.


Grappler that deals very high damage off command throws or simple combos. Has no air-dash and her ground dash is a hop, but covers good distance quickly. She does not need to be close to reach the opponent, as her normals are big and she has a massive special that pulls the opponent close. By guarding right, she can recover health, increase her meter and reduce blockstun. A grappler that can suddenly gain momentum and close the round very quickly.


Alicephia is a unique, difficult character that mostly plays in the air: most of her specials are air-only, she has 4 air-dashes that act more like a glide and even her ground dash puts her in the air. In addition, her only way to gain meter is by stealing it from the opponent through her original action, which is a short-distance attack. She has impressive mix-up capability, but her damage is overall low.


A simple character with long reach and decent movement. His command grabs lead to high damage and he has excellent anti-airs. Lacks reversals and while his air-dash is quite good, he struggles against zoners, as his ground dash is slow and his projectile has long start-up. He's at his best at a mid-distance, where his range and anti-airs can control neutral, while threatening the opponent with command grabs.


Neva has enormous range and deals big damage with few hits. Most of her moves are air-unblockable, which combined with the range and angles they cover, makes it easy to control space and pressure the opponent. Her movement is mediocre, but her reversal is a quick dash attack that allows her do get past projectiles and hit the opponent. One of the easiest characters to play.