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  • What is VSav?
Vampire Savior is a 2D fighting game released in arcades in 1997 by Capcom. It is the third game in the Vampire/Darkstalkers/Night Warriors series.
  • So there are other games?
Yes, although many people regard (the original) Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior to be the best games of the series.
  • What's with the character name changes between Japan and overseas versions?
Localization. As for the actual reason behind it, who knows.
  • Why did characters get removed?
Sadly, the arcade hardware (Capcom's CP System II) didn't have enough memory, so the roster was capped at 15. Some of the console releases did have all 19 characters though (including selectable Oboro Bishamon).
  • Is this game for me?

Do not play Vampire Savior if you...

  • Prefer a nice slow pace.
  • Have trouble with 6-attack-strength games.
  • Don't like push blocking.
  • Dislike fast mixups.e
  • Can't do piano/sliding or technical command inputs.
  • Have an issue with zombies/vampires/blood/etc.

Do play if you...

  • Like fast momentum-based rushdown and mixups.
  • Enjoy very short rounds and quick matches.
  • Like airblocking.
  • Think dead people and violence is cool!

Game Play

  • Training mode?
Refer to the Cheats section.
  • Tiers plz.
The tiers are rather subjective and tend to shift around a bit. Fortunately the game is really quite balanced (for a Capcom game) and there isn't much of a difference in strength between the top/mid/bottom tiers. There are very few 8-2 matchups and there are no 9-1 matchups. Most matchups are close to even.
  • Top- Sasquatch, Zabel, Q-Bee, Gallon, Bulleta.
  • Mid- Felicia, Bishamon, Demitri, Aulbath, Lei-Lei.
  • Low- Jedah, Lillith, Morrigan, Victor, Anakaris.
  • Matchups?
Once again these matchup charts are rather subjective. Especially since they were made by some of the best Japanese players, which means these charts assume you're able to play on their level.
  • Infinites?
Bulleta: has an infinite that works on standing or tall crouching characters that involves standing LP and either dash into neutral LP or dash into neutral MP. Because this infinite is so incredibly difficult it is not considered game-breaking, and is often referred to as the "Sako inf" because "only he can do it".
Jedah: has a character-specific infinite that works on Anakaris and Bishamon (maybe others) that involves doing dashing j.HP repeatedly. However, it's not easy to pull off and it's not gamebreaking since it only works on a couple characters and only when they are standing, plus he sucks anyway.
  • Jedah sucks?
Not really, but he's definitely low tier. A long time ago it was a very popular rumor (theory) that he was top tier, which was probably because Daigo Umehara played him frequently and made the character seem a lot better than he actually is, by beating everyone. Many other good Jedah players have also proceeded Daigo and rose to new levels of play after Daigo stopped playing, namely Oouchi(SaviorMeister). But despite having a character-specific infinite and ridiculous high/low mixups, he's technically not a very strong character due to his exceptionally slow normal moves, poor defense, and lack of consistent knockdown moves, among other reasons.
  • Unblockables?
Apart from throws there are a few unblockables in the game.
  • Bishamon's ES Fireball is unblockable at a specific range (the range you are put at after a blocked close HK).
  • Zabel's j.LK is unblockable on the last active frame.
  • Bulleta's j.HK can be blocked high or low but it causes large enough blockstop for her c.LK to become unblockable if you block the j.HK high.
  • Lei-Lei's HP Fireball hits high, and because it's very delayed she can hit you low simultaneously, causing an unblockable.
  • Gallon's 623PP allows him to create an unblockable if he pushed an opponent out of the corner with a downwards rush, the following rush will become unblockable.
  • Dizzies?
Sort of. There's no stun gauge in the game so you can't cause an opponent to dizzy from hitting them with just anything. However, certain moves cause a dizzy-state when they hit, such as some of Lei-Lei's projectiles and Aulbath's poison moves for example. In the case of Lei-Lei, only some of the things she throws can cause dizzy, and she only tosses those items with the MP or HP versions, so not every item she throws will cause a dizzy.
  • OTGs?
On The Ground moves. All characters can hit the opponent once with a Pursuit once the opponent is knocked down by normal means. There is also other character-specific moves that can hit the opponent while they are knocked down such as Victor's hop-punch and Lei-Lei's spike balls from her EX Tenraiha super.
It's important to note that you can not OTG if the opponent was burned, from moves like Bulleta's missiles and mines.
It's also important to note that all normal pursuits do no actual damage, but rather they do recoverable damage only. However most other forms of OTGs cause actual damage (like Lei-Lei's Tenraiha spike balls).
  • TK?
Tiger Knee motion. This refers to doing a special move in the air the moment you leave the ground. For example Lilith's qcf,uf,P (236,9,P) causes her to jump then throw her fireball a few pixels off the ground. This is particularly useful because you're less vulnerable to being comboed when you're in the air.
  • What's a cmd super?
"CMD" is short for "command", which refers to supers that, instead of being input by a sequence of motions, are input by a special sequence of attack buttons, such as the Raging Demon input. An example would be Morrigan and Lilith's Darkness Illusion/Lightness Illusion, which are both input by the actual Raging Demon input, and Lei-Lei's Tenraiha.
There is an important distinction between regular supers and cmd supers because cmd supers can break the chain-cancel rules. When a normal move is chained (like lp, lk, mp, mk chain) it can not be special/super canceled, but it can be cmd-super-canceled.
  • Universal Moves?
All characters have the following--
Normal chains (ground and air).
Normal throws (ground and air), except Anakaris.
Command throw(s).
ES moves.
EX moves.
Dark Force
Tech Hit (push block), except Anakaris.
Throw Tech (throw softening).
Ground Tech (ground roll).
Guard Reversal (Guard Cancel), Anakaris's is ES only.
Pursuit (OTG Stomp).


  • Netplay?
  • Matchmaking?
You can use the lobby system on GGPO, or you can try on


  • Codes?

* Soul Copy

  • Highlight random select, press start 5 times, then any button.
The character you choose first will be selected at random, then you will automatically switch to your opponent's character after you defeat them.

* Soul Copy 2

  • Highlight character you want to use first then press Start 3 times, next go to the random select box and press Start 5 times, then any button.
Same as above, but your first character will not be selected at random.

* Shadow Gallon

  • Highlight Gallon and press start and all three punches simultaneously.
A palette swapped Gallon. The only differences are aesthetic, no gameplay differences. His appearance is dark and has a glow effect, and his EX "Dragon Cannon" has it's old sprite.

* Hidden Costumes

  • All characters have 8 costume colors. Secret color 1 is selected by pressing two punch buttons simultaneously, while Secret color 2 is selected by pressing two kicks simultaneously.

* Win Pose Selection

  • Holding an attack button after KO will cause your character to perform a specific win pose that corresponds with the button that is held, enabling you to select which winpose you want to see.
  • So what's with those "Vampire Hunter 2" and "Vampire Savior 2" games?
Vampire Savior 2 made many drastic changes--
Characters removed: Sasquatch, Gallon, Aulbath.
Characters added: Donovan, Phobos, Pyron (and a new stage and theme for them), as well as the ability to select Oboro Bishamon (hold Start when selecting Bishamon)
Old Dark Forces were made into command supers.
New Dark Forces cost two meter stocks and do not effect the character other than an increase in damage/defense/recoverable-life-regeneration.
Tech Hit input function changed to 0% until four buttons which = 100%
Unblockable glitches removed from Bishamon, Zabel, and Anakaris.
Many other miscellaneous character-specific changes.
Vampire Hunter 2 kept many of these changes, except the Savior characters have all been removed and all Hunter characters return (as well as Hunter music... but Savior stages), also Oboro Bishamon (...with his actual Savior theme).
  • Oboro Bishamon?
Costume Colors
He's an alternate "boss mode" Bishamon with a new moveset. As mentioned, he's not selectable in the original arcade version of Vampire Savior without emulation cheats, so it's not possible to play him unless you're playing Hunter 2/Savior 2 or a console version. To fight against him you must not lose a round and you must get enough EX-wins to fight your hidden challenger. If you defeat him you are rewarded with an amusing "Congratulations" cut-scene featuring Oboro Bishamon and Anita (the girl who follows Donovan around).
In the arcade version he is only selectable using emulation cheat codes, thus, for the purpose of this wiki Oboro Bishamon's data will be omitted.
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