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Yuzuriha pairs far-reaching space control with strong movement to create a dynamic zoning game. She doesn't seek to hold her ground against oncoming opponents, but instead flits from far to near and back again as suits her current situation. She engages on her own terms, seeking to force the opponent into playing her game. Good range and flexible cancel options allow Yuzuriha to convert almost any hit into consistent damage and corner carry. She can also combo off her throw for additional damage, meter, and carry. Strong burst movement and good walk/dash speed allow her to quickly close space and begin pressure if given the opportunity. Stable damage output from nearly anywhere means she's a constant threat.

Her close-quarters pressure is limited by her slow dash startup and lack of forward-moving normals, but the ability to combo off her throw for damage, meter, and corner carry means the opponent can never relax. Defense is also a weakness due to poor range vs frame data on counterpoking normals, situational option coverage, no meterless reversal, and slow/situational metered options. Systematic tools such as Veil Off and Guard Thrust can alleviate this somewhat, so careful management of resources is vital.

Yuzuriha's enters a quick-draw stance after using certain abilities. Startup and recovery on these abilities are reduced while in stance, and she can chain them with relative freedom. Each ability used will consume a stance mark, so her available options decrease with use until she exits stance. She also trades her normal movement options and ability to block for a slow walk, a teleport dash, a command jump, and a dodge. Her combination of range and frame data is unmatched in stance, giving her firm control of neutral. She has no overheads or throw in stance, but her frame traps, mobility, and ability to punish predictable opponents demand respect.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Can convert almost any hit into a combo with carry/knockdown.
  • Stable damage output from almost any hit.
  • Can end combos favorably either by knockdown or hitting the opponent away for extra space, damage, and frame advantage.
  • Comboable throw.
  • Has a 7f upper-body parry (4B) that can function as a throw OS (4B~AD).
  • 4C is a forward-moving, multihit normal that converts for high damage.
  • 5C's large vertical hitbox checks approaches from both ground and air.
  • Multiple blockstring enders with good frame advantage.
  • Excellent mobility, with good walk/dash and many burst movement options.
  • Can be visually disorienting to opponents (teleports, dodges, flips, etc.).
  • Has two 5 frame normals (5A low, 2A mid).
  • Strong air to air and air to ground control with air normals (j.B, j.2C) and stance options (j.6C, j.FF, j.236A/B, j.214A/B).
  • Overall pressure game is relatively poor. Cannot easily sustain aggression.
  • Generally weak/situational defensive options (no meterless reversal, and the metered 214C reversal has a poor hitbox).
  • Has difficulty poking out of certain strings due to short A normals and slow B normals.
  • Highly committal/situational throw OSes.
  • Zoning tools have high recovery, making her susceptible to whiff punishment.
  • Burst movement options are somewhat committal, and can be punished if used poorly.
  • Can get caught facing the wrong direction when using mobility or stance options, which can be difficult to recover from.