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U2 , 9j , 9j , 9j.A , j.A , j.A , j.B , j.B(170)
Ultra 2 , 9j , 9j , 9j.A , j.A , j.A , j.B , j.B(170)
j.A , j.B , j.B (38)
j.A , j.B , j.B (38)

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Kinoko is a confusing character that is missing multiple core tools of the game, but the tools they do have are fairly strong.

Recommended Types: EX/Super/Stamina/Parry/Speed
Probably the only character in the game that can leverage parry groove well due to the power of her ultra 1, being one of the most dominating presence in the game. Ultra 1 is often leveraged with EX groove in order to make her a strong battery.

Super Kinoko plays fairly unique in that she plays more fundamental, if you could call her move-set fundamental.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid
2A 5 Low
j.A 15 Overhead Bounce off the opponents head and deal damage, if you hold back while jumping off them you will jump backwards off them. Mastering this move is key to being kinoko.
5B 15/40 Mid Can be charged for a huge hitbox.
2B 20 Low Slow slide, goes under fireballs, very strong with mushroom cancel.
j.B 15/10(OTG) Overhead Buttdrop causes knockdown, also the only move that will OTG, and it will always give 10 damage.
5X 30/60 Mid Mushroom toss, can only be used when holding a mushroom. One of the few ways in the game that you can cancel into.
2X 0 N/A Mushroom pick, 4 picks to get a small, 6 for a big. Gives a full bar upon picking up mushroom.
j.X 30/60 N/A Same as 5X but in the air.
j.Y 0 N/A Float, gives you control over your air momentum and can be canceled into any attack. Very important.
5EX 0 N/A Heals you for 30/60 health depending on mushroom size, also invulnerable.
2EX 0 N/A Invunerable dig for re-positioning, hold left or right to move around underground.
2EX~EX 40 Mid EX followup to dig doing an invulnerable version of 5[B], do note since this is 2 EX's in a row this is a full bar.
j.EX 0 N/A Same as 5EX
Ultra 1 (Y) 30/999 Unblockable Rocks fall, everyone dies, including kinoko. Rocks cannot be parried or blocked, they must be avoided, red rock does 999 damage.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 120 Grab Can combo after.
Throw 40 Grab
Taunt 0 N/A We are Kinoko

Sample Combos

Ultra 2 , 9j , 9j , 9j.A , j.A , j.A , j.B , j.B(170)
j.A , j.B , j.B (38)
2B , 5X (48/78)
2B , j.B (30)

Throw , j.B (50)
2B , 5X , j.A , j.A , j.B , j.B(85/115)

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