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Robo-Azuma? Azuma-Robo?




Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid
2A 5 Low
j.A 15 Overhead
5B 10,10,20(28) Mid 3 hit bonk attack, only 2 hits will hit on grounded opponents.
2B 20 Low Long range low poke.
j.B 15 Overhead Forces downwards movement for instant overhead.
5X 7*8(30) Mid Lots of hits, insane boko, vunerable to parry.
2X 25 Overhead Stomp, can crossup, is overhead.
j.X 10 Mid Air fireball attack.
5EX 10,20,20(44) Mid Very invulnerable attack, main reversal.
2EX 35 Overhead Bigger leap, situationually useful reversal.
j.EX 40 Mid Big fireball, still a single hit though.
Ultra 1 (Y) 100 Mid Normally the reason to use this character, press it once to prime the super, press it again to activate. You can cancel into the activation from any attack except throw. You can also Kyanta cancel the activation, to keep the activation state at it's current timer, but still explode. Does huge boko damage on block and hit.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 20*10(111) Mid Drill super, huge boko but vunerable to parry.
Throw 45 Grab
20 damage to your next attack, goes away regardless if your next attack is hit or blocked.

Sample Combos

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

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