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2X , 2B , j.B , 5B , 5AAA
2X , 2B , j.B , 5B , 5AAA
'''Super Only, Corner'''
'''Super Corner'''

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Robo-Azuma? Azuma-Robo? is a robot created by Michelle, designed to mimic Azuma’s appearance. It will carry out its orders at any cost. It can be found late at night in dark alleys, capturing those who cross its path to take back to Michelle’s lair for experiments. It will fight back when in danger, using its drill with deadly force. In an emergency, it can self-destruct to keep its internal data confidential. When its synthetic skin is off, it is in combat mode, ready to use its full strength and weaponry.




Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 2 frame mid. Quite far-reaching.
2A 5 Low 2 frame low. Quite far-reaching.
j.A 15 Overhead One of the largest jumping hitboxes in the game. Active until Robo lands.
5B 10,10,20(28) Mid 3 hit bonk attack, only the last 2 hits connect on grounded opponents.
2B 20 Low One of Robo's best features, perhaps the longest-reaching low in the game.
j.B 15 Overhead Dive punch-ish. Forces some downwards movement for instant overhead.
5X 7*8(30) Mid Multi-hitting drill, lots of hits for boko, vulnerable to parry.
2X 25 Overhead JUMPANG! Can crossup. Surprisingly evasive & safe on block.
j.X 10 Mid Air cannonball attack. Travels straight then sinks.
5EX 10,20,20(44) Mid EX version of 5B. Very invulnerable attack, main reversal. Safe on block.
2EX 35 Overhead EX version of 2X, situationally useful reversal. Goes higher, larger hitbox.
j.EX 40 Mid EX version of j.X, still a single hit though.
Ultra 1 (Y) 100 Mid Normally the reason to use this character, press it once to prime the super, press it again to activate. You can cancel into the activation from any attack except throw. You only exit the explosion state when you recover from the explosion, so you can K-cancel the explosion to stay in det mode. Does huge Boko damage on block and hit.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 20*10(111) Mid Drill super, lots of hits but vunerable to parry. Unsafe on block.
Throw 45 Grab
Taunt - - 20 damage is added to your next attack, goes away regardless if your next attack is hit or blocked.

Sample Combos

2X , 2B (43)
5EX , 5B (60)
2X , 2B , 5B , Ultra 1 Prime , Ultra 1 Activate.
2X , 2B , j.B , 5B , 5AAA
Super Corner

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

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