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Credits to Koozebanian Fazoob and Shtkn from Dustloop Wiki for writing the original template from which we based this version.


The goal behind MoveData is to unify normal and special movelist entries used on character pages across Mizuumi. To achieve that, this template works as a "tree trunk" with the game-specific AttackData-GameName and AttackDataHeader-GameName templates being the branches and leaves respectively.

Template Parameters

  • name: Attack name, in English when a localization is available.
  • input: Attack input, for most of the wikis in Mizuumi Wiki this will be written in Numpad Notation.
  • image: Filename of the image used to depict the attack, automatically resized to 175x250px. Use .png files when possible.
Note: Adding a parameter called "image2" will add a second image right under the first one. This is useful for multiple hit, rekka, or stance attacks. The template supports up to 10 images.
  • caption: Image caption. You may add Japanese/Romaji move names, important notes, or even a funny remark to break the monotony from reading frame data. This is entirely up to the editors.
Note: Similar to the image parameter, the caption parameter supports up to 10 captions (e.g.: caption=, caption2=, ..., caption10=).
  • data: Field where the game-specific data templates go (like Template:AttackData-KERRR or Template:AttackData-MAAB). See the source code on the example below on how it is typically used.
    • version: Most AttackData templates have a version variable which is used for air vs ground version of the same attack, EX versions, and more. This is usually defined at the beginning of the move to avoid including extra versions later!
    • header: Usually used in conjunction with the version parameter. By setting it to "no", you can hide the main header. This is useful for having multiple rows of data.

Optional Parameters

  • imageSize: Used to override the default image size. Need to specify in pixel width and pixel height (e.g.: 175x250px).
  • textonly: If set to "yes", one can get a MoveData template without frame data tables. Not really recommended but the option is there.


The attack below makes use of several concepts described in the previous section. Please look at its source code for more information.

Green Dragon Wrath
Koihime Kanu DragonWrath.png
Normal version
Koihime Kanu DragonWrathEX.png
EX version
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv on Hit Adv on Block Counter-hit Attribute
Normal 90 Low-Mid 24 3 28 +6 -12 Floor Bounce

Overhead with very obvious animation: Jumping downward lunge that moves towards opponent. Projectile invulnerable startup and punishable on standing block but guard crushes on low block for slight frame advantage. Causes Special Down on counter-hit and ground bounces during Hougeki. All versions have the same startup, but travel different distances - A is point blank, C travels the furthest.

EX 180 Low-Mid 24 2 31 +71 -14 Blow Away

EX version has fully invulnerable startup and knocks down on hit. Does NOT cause Special Down on counter-hit.