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1: Character name

2: Health bar

3: Timer

4: Rounds counter. V = victory, T = time up, P = perfect, S = super finish

5: Magic stocks/assist meter. Blue = usable, grey = recharging, red = locked

6: Super meter (burst ok)

7: Character

8: Super meter (burst spent)

9: Character specific meter (Wildcat/Yameneko bullets, Zex/Zechs stored element)

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

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Nitou Arthur (Twinblade Arthur)Iai ArthurThief ArthurArthur Blade ProtectorBisclavretZex (Zechs) SiegfriedNimueEternal FlameSnow WhiteRieszYamaneko Arthur (Wildcat Arthur)Koume SakiyamaIori Yagami