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Riesbyfe Stridberg

Sent by the church to hunt evil with her big cello pilebunker. The heavy hitter character, and Melty’s obligatory “religious girl with a big weapon”. She’s slow, but each hit hurts, and although her normals tend to have some really bad hurtbox problems they cover a lot of space. Cumbersome and momentum-dependent, she requires some finesse in neutral to really shine. Low tier but of course can give almost any character a run for their money, and once she gets you in the corner her pressure and damage are some of the best.

Moon Overview

A heavy hitter with relatively weak frame data on her normals. She’s all about using her shield specials. Her 236x series can bypass projectiles and if charged, can create frame trap situations. 63214x can go through opponent’s moves and launch them away. Frame traps are decent but very weak mix-up. Her normals also have large hurtboxes on start-up, unfortunately. She doesn’t have to sacrifice damage to go for okizeme (and she gets a somewhat decent 50/50 mix-up afterwards).

The best moon for high momentum match-ups. Like C, she has large hurtboxes before active frames, so she can get hit out of her frametraps in silly ways sometimes. She has knockdown and a corner loop with 63214x, which can also reflect some projectiles. The loop builds a lot of meter and gives you a strong okizeme ender.

The most common moon and arguably the best all-purpose moon. Her normals are extremely good now and her most basic combo of 2A>5B>5C>236A nets you ~3.5k damage and sends the foe to the corner. 6C is both an overhead and your pressure reset move. She’s dependent on winning neutral, doing huge damage, and opening up the foe in the corner until they die - her pressure against cornered opponents is extremely oppressive if you can get them there. Has one of the lowest execution requirements to play competently. Extremely simple power character.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.897 0.766 0.741 0.638 15,211
Stand 1.020 0.871 0.843 0.725 13,378
Crouch 1.101 0.940 0.910 0.783 12,392
Average 13,660



22) Gilgamesh(Fate/Stay Night)

23) Saber(Fate/Stay Night)

28) Archer(Fate/Stay Night)

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