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Moon Overview

Akiha Vermillion Notes borrowed from by Breadsticks and Dogysamich

The incarnation of Akiha’s inner demonic powers, brought about by Warachia. The fastest character in the game but the one with the lowest health (below even the Necos), VAkiha is the ultimate glass cannon. She has phenomenal control over the air with huge normals, an unrivalled ability to move with her airdashes and control space with her large specials, many of which are jump cancellable. FVAkiha is the real attraction, with one of Melty's few true infinite combos and some setplay that would make even Millia jealous, although C and H are respectable midtiers in their own right. Amazing normals for abare, specifically 4C.

A rather unique character that is all about knockdown. Her j.C causes hard knockdown and her 5B is a great frame trap normal. She’s all about knockdown into 22x (which drains life) and forcing the opponent to stay blocking with tk236x and detonating 22x pits. No real issues, just simply outclassed by F. You need to learn the momiji (623b) loop with her for damage and meter.

One of the fastest characters in the game. Her air speed is absurd. Her 22x pits immediately detonate and force the opponent to respect. Her basic combo is a guaranteed corner carry and her air normals are the best of C and F moon (j.B and j.C respectively). You need to learn the momiji (623b) loop with her for damage and meter. If you just really, really want to go super fast and not care about anything else, HVakiha is the character for you.

Truly savage. FVAkiha is extremely dominant in the air, with some of Melty's best movement options once she's at the top of the screen and a powerful ability to control the ground with all of her specials. Her high speed combined with j.C creates good mixup opportunities that leave the opponent guessing. Once she lands a hit, her setplay is second to none and is among the most hopeless feeling situations in Melty. Tricky confirms, but boasts one of Melty’s few infinites. [Editor's note: Actually the only infinite in the PC version. Ringwide (arcade version) has C-Kohamech infinite.] Devastating in neutral and okizeme, her only real weakness is her low health. In theory she could be considered one of the SS tiers like FHime and CRoa, but in practice her pathetic life pool, high execution requirements for optimal combos and highly demanding playstyle means that a single tiny misstep at any point results in death.


Character 100% 75% 50% 25% Estimated Health
Akiha Vermillion 1.15 1.15 1.10 1.00 ???
Average ? ? ? ? ?



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