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Touhou Hisouten - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody -


At this time there is much speculation as to what Touhou Hisouten - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - is. It is already confirmed to be a fighting game of some sort by Tasofro and is scheduled to be demonstrated at Reitaisei on May 20th. More information as it happens.

Touhou Suimusou - Immaterial and Missing Power -


  • Current Version: 1.11
  • Current Caster Netplay (Auto-Hack): 060514p79a (May 14, 2006)
  • Current Caster Netplay (Vanilla): 070430 (April 30, 2007 stable, Vista compatible)
  • Full Character Unlock: Here
  • The Basics: Here
  • Filedump: Here
  • Official IRC Channel:, #IaMP

Touhou Suimusou is part of the Touhou franchise developed by ZUN of Shanghai Alice, a doujinshi game circle. Unlike the rest of the series, which are vertical-scrolling shmups loosely based on Japanese culture, Touhou Suimusou is a fighting game created by Tasogare Frontier (a.k.a. Tasofro), who also created Eternal Fighter Zero and Higurashi Daybreak. This wiki will hopefully serve as a resource for players looking for information on various aspects of the game.

Note: Some of the frame data may look borked if you're running a resolution lower than 1280x1024, depending on your browser.