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Name: 趙雲 子龍 (Chō'un Shiryū)
Real Name: Sei
Chinese Counterpart: Zhào Yún
Voice Actor: Matoi Emi

Wielding a spear known as Dragon Fang, she is a warrior of ability to match Kan'u and Chōhi. Revered as the Divine Spear, she cuts down her foes as if dancing gracefully, her long hair floating behind her. She has her own unique opinions concerning beauty, but her esthetics do not match those of the ordinary person. She likes bamboo shoots and wine.


Chouun is a neutral oriented character, who excels at whiff punishing, and controlling space from afar. Her reach is among the longest in the game, and without sacrifice of speed. Chouun can do distance specific combos, and even has a few tricky mixups if she is able to get in close.

Normal Moves


Chains into itself as well as 2A. You can connect up to 3 5A's in a row. Good to use after running up, because it hits high enough to catch jumps, as well as not get beaten by lower body invulnerability attacks.


c.B is nearly as fast as 2A or 5A, which makes it great for punishing unsafe things on block. Simply press c.B then cancel into a range appropriate special. cl.B can be canceled into cl.C. This can work both as a combo and a frame trap. Just be careful, because the cl.C followup is just as unsafe as Chouun's regular c.C. c.B is just barely safe on block. It becomes a little more safe if meaty. It can also be hit-confirmed into a 2A if you land a counterhit.


One of Chouun's best pokes. f.B has a lot of range and fast startup. Neutral on hit, but often unsafe on block if you are too close. f.B is great for quickly punishing small whiffs on reaction. You won't get a combo, but the counterhit should put you in a good position.


Overhead kick that causes fatal counters. After a certain amount of the startup passes, Chouun will be airborne and can go over lows and throws. So run up 6B is a hard punish for someone defensively throwing. Unsafe on block, even on hit.


Back turned palm smash. c.C is mostly used to fish for counterhits, since it causes fatal counters. It does hit behind Chouun, and come out relatively quick. Mostly for creative use, since it's unsafe on block. One idea is to try to counterhit poorly spaced crossups.


Slow, long-range poke. Eats projectiles. Very unsafe on block, but neutral on hit. You mostly want to use f.C near the max range to punish wiffs or fireballs. f.C can also punish certain attacks that are very unsafe, and give you a good chunk of damage in just 1 hit.


Forward moving face-stomp like kick, causes fatal counter. Goes over lows after a certain point similar to 6B. Moves pretty far horizontally, so you can use this move to call out obvious pokes in neutral, if you do it early enough. Unsafe on block, but it can be hard to punish or even safe, if it hits very late in it's active frames.


Chains into itself as well as 5A. You can connect up to 4 5A's in a row. Hits low. Other than being vulnerable to lower body invuln attacks, 2A is great.


Chouun's other best poke. 2B has nearly as much range as st.B, hits low, and has a bit more startup. What makes 2B really great is that it's usually safe on block outside of 2A/5A range, and it can be special canceled. Use 2B when you think there's a good chance your opponent will block in neutral, so you don't get punish for having st.B blocked at a bad range.


Anti-air kick that causes fatal counters. Not the best 3B, but it gets the job done. If your opponent has hitboxes that are beating it, switch off to 2C, or change your strategy entirely.


Anti-air stab that reached up to the top of the screen. Chouun's 2C is a great anti-air, and can also be canceled. Anti-air with 2C instead of 3B if opponents are jumping in from directly above, or against jump attacks that will beat 3B. 2C is also special cancelable, but canceling it after an anti-air hit is not useful. The cancel is mostly used for counter combos.


Sweep that can cause fatal counter. Not a lot of range, but it may be able to go under certain attacks. Can be special canceled for a combo even on non-counterhit.


Light kick that can crossup. Chouun's best crossup, so if you're going to crossup, use this instead of j.C.


Horizontal reaching jump-in and air-to-air. A great air normal to use from neutral jumps in both AtA and AtG situations. Be careful of jumping forward though, 3Bs can still beat you.


Reaches straight down to the bottom of the screen, all the way from the top. j.C can be used as an instant overhead, both from jump forward, and neutral jump. Otherwise, if you must do a direct jump-in, j.C is your button to use.

Special Moves

236 A/B/C - <special_1>

623 A/B/C - <special_2>

22 A/B/C - <special_1>


2363214D - <level_3>


236BC - <level_4>


Combo video by Unknown Games (2014):


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