Eternal Fighter Zero

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Current Version: 4.02
Current Caster: EFZ.NET EX-5 aka f5s
(Note: f5s is INCOMPATIBLE with the plain EX version EFZ.NET EX)
Filedump: Here
IRC Channel:, #iamp ; efnet, #EFZ

Eternal Fighter Zero

Eternal Fighter Zero is a 2d doujin fighter developed by Tasofro, known also for works such as Immaterial and Missing Power and Higurashi Daybreak. The characters are pulled directly from the games Moon., One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e, Kanon, and Air, and the game features music arranged from the soundtracks of those games. Many of the attacks of the characters are actually references to other fighting games, which will be explained on the bottom of each character page. Hopefully, this wiki will eventually document each of the character's different playstyles and various ways to improve your game.

Eternal Fighter Zero

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