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Originally from the light novel Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Assist Usage

Pick Accelerator if you'd like to use a little girl as a human shield (which blasts the opponent across the stage), but you'd also like a poke that reaches almost max-distance, and a launcher to tack onto combos for easy confirms/Power Up Burst juggles.

Assist Moves

Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
2196 7+15 Total 30 8.25 seconds HLA

Last Order wanders onto the stage for several seconds and if she is attacked, Accelerator will appear and attack the opponent and blow him across the screen

  • The startup is slow enough that fast attacks like Kino 5S can interrupt it if the opponent is looking for it
  • The counter is not instant and can be blocked if triggered from a jump in or a low recovery move
  • If the opponent is hit while Last Order is out she will immediately leave
Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1200 17 Total 32 4.5 seconds HLA

Accelerator stomps the ground and sends a wave across the stage that bounces the opponent up and down

  • (Only in Ignition) After the second bounce, the opponent can air tech
  • Does not hit against airborne opponents


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Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax