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This is a matchup chart/tier list made by Tenryo for Chaos Code version 1.02, and doesn't include Kudlak-SIN due to him being console exclusive. The following is the closest thing you'll get to anything accurate, and it has been approved by many players. Always keep in mind that tiers aren't an absolute in a match and are in most cases exaggerated. Feel free to disagree at anytime.

Tenryo's Chaos Code Matchup Chart.png

Tenryo's Chaos Code 1.02 Ranking:

S - Cerberus, Rui, Celia II Kai

A - Cthylla, Catherine, Kagari, MG Hikaru, Hikaru

B - Vein, Bravo, Celia, Hermes, Cait & Sith

Chaos Code



BravoCait & SithCatherineCeliaCelia IICerberusCthyllaHermesHikaruKagariKudlak-SinMG HikaruRuiVeinLupinusRay