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Who's the best?

As of NSC 2.11 the balance is generally considered good enough that you can play whoever. Ray and Kudlak are generally agreed to be the best, and Cait & Sith are generally agreed to be the worst, but anyone can win.

Who Should I play?

No character in chaos code is really so hard to play that you should avoid them, so feel free to pick whoever you like for whatever reason. If you want a brief rundown of how characters play:

Balanced characters

Kai - A shoto-esc moveset with oppressive air-normals

Cerb - Good footsies and unique meter management with his bullet gauge

Celia - Unique dash types, delayed projectiles, and good meterless damage

Rui - Simple but strong moveset with a focus on close range pressure and mix-ups

Kagari - Good fireballs and a good DP with solid reset options

Power characters

Bravo - Grappler with a surprisingly well rounded set of tools

Hikaru - Shoto-style character who gets very high reward off of counterhits

MG - Strong pressure and mix-up with high stun damage and good reset potential

Ray - Unique stance pressure which gives him very high damage and unique command dodges

Vein - Big normals and really active fireballs help him limit his opponent's options

Zoning characters

Kudlak - Snipes specific spots on screen, can summon zombies to slowly approach

Cthylla - Oppressive lockdown with high reward on hit

Hermes - Trap based zoning and setplay

Tricky characters

Lupinus - Good mobility and wallcling is an extremely strong mix-up

Cait & Sith - Puppet character with lots of opportunities for setplay and strong high/lows

Catherine - Good normals and corner carry with strong okizeme setups

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