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Chaos Code Heads-Up Display


1 - Life Bar - Only green and yellow when you are at max life. Dark red portion indicates damage taken in the current combo.

2 - Dizzy Gauge - When it fills all the way up with pink the opponent gets dizzy. Dizzy will not build for a period after a dizzy just happened.

3 - Round Counter - Default is first to two wins.

4 - Timer - Default timer is 99 seconds.

5 - Chaos Gauge - Changes to bright blue which lets you use EX moves and Ultimate Chaos. Turns yellow which indicates you have 3 stocks of Chaos Gauge, giving you access to your Exceed and Destruction Chaos. A green bar appears that gradually depletes over time when you activate your Exceed Chaos. A jagged meter indicates run type, a straight meter indicates step type.

6 - Extra Moves - Shows the inputs for the players currently selected extra moves.

Chaos Code -New Sign of Catastrophe-



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