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When's netplay? I've been waiting like, a thousand years

As of the PS4 release FKD has added delay based netcode.

Is the console version current with arcade?

The PS4 version is based on NSC 2.11, which is the current arcade version and the standard for competitive play. The PS3 version was based on the ring wide version of the game, and then patched to NSC 1.03, neither of which are played competitively anymore.

What's changed since the original PS3 release

Since the original release there have been 2 major updates for console. The first was a patch which had balance changes for the whole cast and a lot of new animations. The second was the release of the PS4 version, which has another round of balance changes for the entire cast and 2 new characters (Ray and Lupinus) plus lots of reworked and new single player content (including unlockable boss characters for the entire cast).

These translations are pure garbage.

That's just part of the charm!


I'm pressing X and I keep ending up at the title screen! Help!

For chaos code (and most import games) O is the select button, and X is the back button in menus. If you have the English version X should be select, if you're still confused the game lists the menu inputs at the bottom of the screen.

Tactical Guard activates as normal, but misses the opponent. Why is that?

TG hitboxes are just like any other hitbox, they can be avoided with good spacing or by the properties of some moves. Hit up training mode and lab it out!

[Insert glitch here] is happening. Game is unplayable.

FKD has taken a very old school approach to balancing chaos code. Whenever some kind of glitch pops up they lean towards just leaving it in unless it's actually game breaking. Since the game has been out for around 5 years, most of these glitches are known already and are just considered part of the game.

How do I select MG Hikaru?

You should notice an arrow to the left of Hikaru's character select box. Simply highlight him and press left to select MG Hikaru.

How do I get Ending B anyway?

Finish two of the first three fights of arcade mode with super moves, and you will fight your rival after stage 3. As long as you complete arcade mode successfully beyond this point, you will get ending B. If that sounds like too much work you can always buy the ending movies in the collection menu.

What are EX options?

EX options are mostly just fun unlocks to spend points on like being able to set infinite meter or change the announcer's voice. The tournament standard for this game is the default, so you don't need to worry about grinding them out.

What's the difference between regular, EX, and boss characters?

Regular characters are normal. EX characters do less damage, but have access to all their extra moves at any given time. Boss characters are special, purposefully broken versions of the main cast. To unlock EX characters go to the bottom of the 4th page in collections and buy it for 10,000 points after clearing arcade mode twice. To buy boss characters, clear arcade mode once with the character who's boss version you want, then go to the 4th page of collections below extra colors.

What's the fastest way to grind out points for collection mode?

Survival mode will give you points based on how many stages you beat. If you complete all 30 stages you'll get 30,000 points, but you'll get much much less if you don't finish it. Mission mode gives a good amount too, but only if you haven't finished a mission before. If you don't want to go through those, simply playing offline vs matches will get you points very quickly, although you wont get any for online matches.

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